Computers and Problem Solving: A Workshop for Educators

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  1. Computer Science Professional Development Workshop for Educators
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What's the relationship among computational thinking, maths, coding and Computer-Based Maths?

What Crisis?

Conrad Wolfram's blog on the why, what and how. Click here for more information about the free webinar we ran on January 11, including video footage showcasing two of our CBM modules and demoing how these can be applied in your classrooms or homes, plus details of future planned events. Computers liberated real-world maths from hand calculating to go far further and faster than anyone could have imagined.

Now it's vital that educational maths stands on this automation too. Conrad Wolfram Founder computerbasedmath. Now we want to lead the world in rethinking education in the technology-driven world.

Computer Science Professional Development Workshop for Educators

A conversation with CBM founder Conrad Wolfram about maths, historical pedagogical approaches and a challenging standstill across the education ecosystem. CBM founder Conrad Wolfram believes "today's educational math is the wrong subject". This article discusses Conrad's vision for maths and how today's subject is the wrong one. This article covers how technology and fresh ideas are helping pupils to learn and touches on how Conrad Wolfram and CBM are at the cutting edge. Grades: Educators: 5-day summer workshop full course or 2-day weekend workshop unit integration Learn more about the curriculum.

Google's CS First is a free, easy-to-use computer science curriculum that is designed to engage a diverse student population in grades ages Teachers use modular videos to teach kids foundational computer science concepts and coding basics with Scratch, a block-based coding tool.

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Implementation: Can be taught as a single lesson sample activities , as a unit with classes to cover a single theme, or as a class with multiple themes. Grades: Educators: 3-hour or 6-hour introductory workshop. Visit the link below for training dates and locations.

Teaching CS Fundamentals: Teaching Problem Solving

Personalized guidance and support for school, district, or organization leaders to plan, build, or scale their inclusive CS programs. Topics include best practices for student selection into a computer science course, how to support a computer science course in your school with wraparound supports for students and staff, and pathways to careers in computer science.

Workshops and consultation meetings are scheduled by request only. Part of our training time is dedicated to developing actionable lessons to deliver to students.

A suite of possibilities

Requests made after 60 days cannot be honored. Educators are encouraged to preview the Museum and familiarize themselves with our exhibitions and educational resources.

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Free admission for educators is provided upon presentation of valid faculty or staff identification; advance notice is appreciated. Contact Sarah Bormann for a consultation.

EduHPC-16: Workshop on Education for High-Performance Computing

All changes to your group reservation must be received at least five days in advance, including changes to your group size. Docent-led tours and workshops require a minimum of 10 students. If your group size decreases to less than 10, please let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss possible options. Groups with fewer than 10 students are still welcome to visit the Museum on a self-guided basis.

Individual cars may park in our front lot.

EDUCATOR TRAININGS : Code/Interactive (C/I)

If no space is available, buses should park on the access road in areas that are not painted red. K—12 School Groups CHM is a rich resource for K—12 students, educators, and youth groups to learn about the technological innovations that have shaped our modern world. Reserving Your Visit Decide how your group will experience the Museum. Self-Guided Visits All exhibitions and demonstrations are open to self-guided groups.

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Self-guided visits are available for groups of 10 to Groups must be accompanied by adult chaperones over the age of 18, with a minimum of two chaperones per 15 students. Self-guided visits must be reserved at least two weeks in advance. We cannot guarantee admission to groups without confirmed reservations, due to space restrictions in the Museum.