Digitale Hardware/Software-Systeme: Spezifikation und Verifikation ( (German Edition)

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  3. Following are the highlights from our verification & validation (V&V) services:
  4. Testing ECUs and Networks with CANoe
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You can view this page in:. Are you looking for support or purchase information? Contact us. Unlocking the true value of smart sensing devices through digitalization. Our offering. Browse by measurement type.

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German Books - Buy German Books Online at Best Prices In India |

Browse by heritage brand. Products in. Product Description Category hide all show all. Product Category hide all show all. Bailey Controls. Los Gatos Research. Service support by product. Business On-line. Looking for service documentation for a specific product? Click on a product line below. Literature and downloads. Overview and industry brochures. Applying over years of DP flow expertise to industrial processes English - pdf - Brochure Brochure - Endura combustion gas analyzers More stability. Less worry. Process gas chromatographs.

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Following are the highlights from our verification & validation (V&V) services:

As a development service provider with expertise in overall vehicle development, we are prepared to support you with your individual plans. We advise you, develop, and implement your individual concept all the way to production-readiness. Our portfolio includes. Are you new or inexperienced in the automotive environment but want to verify and improve up your products, services or offerings for this new industry? Are you planning to make a new app, a service or a product accessible to the automotive industry? Then we are your reliable partner, working with you in creating the concept, managing the suppliers and support your development throughout the entire development cycle!

Testing ECUs and Networks with CANoe

Talk to us early so that the milestones and guidelines for successful implementation can be set in the planning stage. The automotive ecosystem has lots of branches and plays by its own rules. Without extensive knowledge of the system and the individual components, implementation can quickly become a never-ending task.

Thanks to the extensive benchmarking database and close contact with suppliers and OEMs in the automotive industry, FEV ensures that its individual solutions are future-oriented and compatible and can be safely and reliably integrated. The cyber security aspect deserves particular attention here, since vehicle and traffic safety can never be ignored. The insurance industry has been familiar with products based on telematics for close to a decade. Classic applications have often been associated primarily with pricing in auto insurance.

Recently, technology advancements allow to cover additional fields such as risk selection, positioning at the customer interface, and cost optimization. Cities and local communities are also subjected to ever-increasing demands for digitizing—whether it's making new transportation possible to minimize and guide traffic volume or to implement new technologies—such as with car2x communication.

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We are happy to assist our customers in many areas such as:. Even before development, we support market and technology studies, set up classical and digital business models and create concepts that we put on the street and test as demonstrator vehicles. When clients hire us to do so, we develop hardware components and control software and perform extensive and standardized testing and validation tasks. In doing this, our engineers and advisors have a view of the entire eco system, consisting of the vehicle, the propulsion system and the environment , and are in a position to implement the development process from idea to concept, all the way to production-readiness.

Standardized methods and tools are important elements for ensuring rapid development results and a large degree of validation. Even in verifying and validating driver assistance and telematics systems, we use methods that are most common, for example in powertrain and vehicle development. In addition, we develop customized test systems for our clients.

These include, for example, HMI, telematics and cyber security test benches that can be used for automated validation of the human-machine interface or data exchange between the vehicle and its environment such as cellular communications or GPS. Modular, real-time simulation models for vehicles, drivers, connectivity and environment are used for this purpose and can be quickly tailored to the project application in question. In addition to the testing systems, the FEV Embedded Systems Test Center develops test strategies and methods to adjust testing efforts to quality goals and to optimize them.

To do that, our test managers oversee not only compliance with the testing strategy, but also follow up on quality defects and evaluate current software quality using selected key performance indicators. The experienced team at FEV Consulting is a source of new and fresh ways of thinking. The consultants can assist with creating new ideas and devising new business models. They prepare market and technology studies, potential analyses, technology and product strategies, and detailed concepts. Automated driving, connectivity and innovative, needs-based electrification lead to new mobility concepts and will deeply affect future vehicle concepts: As the former vehicle driver becomes less involved in the driving process, he will be able to redesign his journey time.

Thus, especially the comfort needs, including infotainment, thermal comfort, NVH, but also design of vehicle space as well as ergonomics, gain more importance. Also the powertrain can make an important contribution to that by enabling smooth acceleration and gear changes. The vehicle interior changes within the scope of automation and connectivity from the classic passenger cabin to the full-fledged lounge that enables working, teleconferences or leisure activities.

Our design teams know the resulting design specifications and realize them esthetically and functionally. In addition, the Human Machine Interface HMI offers new possibilities with regards to design and usability while demanding for an intuitive operating concept. The electrification of the powertrain also impacts the vehicle architecture as these powertrains, especially with large battery solutions, are becoming an integral part of the body in white. In addition, it is important to compensate the weight of the additional components without affecting NVH, safety or the spacing: Efficient lightweight structures for large and small scale production series, an innovative material mix as well as sophisticated packaging are necessary to meet these requirements.

It was designed for use especially in suburban and inner-city conditions. The body structure of the 2. Instead of a conventional trunk lid, an innovative drawer design was chosen which not only makes the loading easier, but can also be used as bike rack. Only 8 buttons are needed to operate all main functions. During the ride, the driver barely has to take his eyes off the road as he is supplied with all relevant driving information via the front screen which is similar to a head-up display. Card data or infotainment is assumed by a centrally arranged touch display.

Information and communication systems in the vehicle, communication between vehicles car2car communication or with the environment car2x communication : Today's vehicles, and especially tomorrow's, are increasingly connected and are increasingly making car manufacturers into mobility service providers. Validation Projects for Chrysler uConnect FEV was contracted to be responsible for the integration and validation of the end-to-end connected vehicle system.

As part of the project, FEV managed seven 7 outside suppliers and was responsible to make sure that the components and deliverables of these suppliers are working properly together and are integrated seamlessly into the uConnect architecture. Automated Cyber Security Testing FEV was responsible to use its test automation platform to create an automated cyber security test system. The test system created, simulates numerous signals wired and wireless that the device under test is normally receiving in a vehicle in order to be able to create various scenarios that the test system is then able to automatically execute.

The test system is a very powerful and flexible platform to create and execute tests that stress the device under test but also assure that tests can be consistently repeated numerous times using the exact same conditions. Testing of new cyber security solutions as well as extensive regression testing is now possible for the customer to be executed in a very short period of time.

FEV was responsible for:. From the development point of view, the increasing connectivity of vehicles means that countless new functions, suppliers and development tasks rise up.

Invited Speakers

Besides the interaction of the many new elements, a significant challenge is that authentic, vehicle-specific functions are no longer being implemented and that their sphere of influence is no longer limited to only the vehicles. Instead, external features and functions also affect the highly-sensitive areas of safety, security, and reliability. To master the numerous resulting interactions within and outside the vehicle, it is essential to consider the entire ecosystem in every step of development.

Thanks to our extensive specialized knowledge in all involved automotive and the non-automotive areas, FEV as a development service provider combines these aspects and thus makes development run seamlessly — from planning to realization and validation of the processes all the way to implementation and validation of the solutions. Proven tools and methods are used for all of the above. Decades of experience and the targeted expansion of skills allow FEV to act as a total system supplier in the development of connected vehicles.

We stay with our customers from consulting and preparation of the requirement specifications through the design, integration and validation phases all the way to production-readiness. As part of various research and development projects, FEV makes use of the advantages of cloud services — such as for range computations for electric vehicles: real-time data on the vehicle, battery status and driver behavior as well as information about the traffic situation, local topography and ambient temperature can be combined with stored driving profiles and data to come up with a range estimate.

This yields a reliable prediction of the expected battery range. Additional functions through apps, optimized dealership services and range predictions for electric vehicles: FEV and leading research and development partners have pursued these and other goals within the OSCAR Open Service Cloud for the Smart Car joint project. Using vehicles provided by FEV and StreetScooter as a basis, modular structures for information and communications technology were developed to integrate the vehicle into a cloud service. Drivers and fleet operators thus have access to important planning data and additional functions.

FEV focuses its cyber security offerings on performing threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments for its customers. We also design cyber security specific hardware and software for control modules such as Cyber Security Gateways. Besides consulting and development in this space, FEV also offers test services penetration testing, code analysis, etc. Our Smart Vehicle Demonstrator Fleet could be of interest to you, too. Already today, a number of driver assistance systems, including the lane-keeping assistant, distance warning and emergency braking assistance, are available as mass-produced products for driver support.

In the future, the degree of automation in vehicles will increase even more, eventually allowing highly or fully-automated driving. To do that, it is not only necessary to integrate various sensors and to process lots of gigabytes of data per second; a corresponding legal framework must be achieved as well — both in this country and internationally. In practice, we already have a Smart Vehicle Demonstrator Fleet in operation. With the increasing capabilities of advanced driver assistance systems ADAS , various types of environmental sensors are making their way into vehicles.

In addition to ultrasound and radar, lidar and camera systems must be integrated and thus require additional expertise in integration, controls and validation. The predictive hybrid operational strategy and predictive HVAC not only decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emission, but also improve drivability of the vehicle.

This is an important step towards autonomous driving which offers instant customer benefits which make a broad acceptance of the concept probable. DENSO and FEV are currently developing a predictive operating strategy including an electronic horizon that not only achieves additional fuel consumption savings in the real driving scenarios, but also increases the drivability of the vehicle.

Utilizing this data, an optimized operating strategy for the powertrain as well as for the HVAC system is determined for a specific period of time. Further Information. Partial or complete electrification of the powertrain is no longer something of the future. Already today, governments throughout the world are promoting the development and sale of hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. Thanks to extensive experience, worldwide resources and interdisciplinary project teams, we support our customers from the initial concept to being ready for mass production.

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Whether you need an individual component, a complete powertrain solution including matching transmission solution, an integration concept or an extensive vehicle concept, FEV is your engineering partner. Our experience covers all these areas as well as all degrees of electrification — from mild hybrid to electric battery-powered powertrains. We do not restrict ourselves to passenger cars; we also offer solutions for commercial vehicles. FEV, your Turnkey development partner with:. Within the functional safety framework of ISO , all of the required steps are taken from the technical specifications through scheduling, completion and documentation of validation activities as well as the review of safety-relevant parts from suppliers.