Hope and Healing from Emotional Abuse

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  1. Hope and Healing from Emotional Abuse
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Set appropriate boundaries. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, explain how and when to set appropriate, biblical boundaries. However appropriate, set boundaries with caution; it may escalate the abuse. Experts recommend seeking professional help to guide and encourage you. Find and maintain healthy relationships. It is critical to seek support from friends, family, and, ideally, your church.


Hope and Healing from Emotional Abuse

Support groups led by a trained professional are wonderful sources of healing and comfort. Work to build healthy, biblical friendships and relationships. Research has shown that healthy social connections contribute to better overall health. Soak in God's presence and truth. God invites us into his presence and transforms us by renewing our mind Romans Spend time in God's Word, prayer, worship, and fellowship. It's possible that because you are damaged emotionally, you are unable to spend long periods of time in prayer or study.

Hope and Healing from Emotional Abuse > CLC Philippines

That's all right. Do what you can and trust God with the rest. Forgiveness is not denying or excusing the damage caused by abuse. We forgive because God forgave us. When we forgive, we allow God to heal us. Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. Forgive your abuser and yourself, if necessary. God will deal with everything else.

With professional help—and by following these principles, you can break the cycle of abuse in your life and begin your healing journey. As you reach out to God and others, you can experience God's redemptive purposes in your life and become a channel of healing in the lives of others. Make Jeremiah your mantra: "'I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'. In this helpful guide, Dr.

ISBN 13: 9780800788315

Jantz reveals how those who have been abused by a spouse, parent, employer, or minister can overcome the past and rebuild their self-image. How should I respond to my spouse's insensitive words, manipulative mind games, and cruel put-downs? This has been a problem for the greater part of our marriage.

I have never been physically harmed in any way, but the constant verbal and emotional abuse have made my life miserable. Some of my friends say I should pursue a divorce, but others have suggested that I don't have biblical grounds. A few folks in this second group have even told me that my only concern is to "submit" and continue loving my spouse in spite of the mistreatment.

What do you think I should I do? Here are four things you can do to counteract violence while keeping yourself and your kids as S. Similar to a serious physical wound or infection, these emotional wounds do not just go away if ignored. It is not uncommon for victims of abuse not to recognize that what occurred to them was abusive, yet they may still develop unhealthy behaviors and painful emotions.

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Hannah name has been changed experienced sexual abuse early in her childhood. Like other victims, she grew up feeling like she was a terrible person who had no worth. In her relationships, she feared that if anyone truly knew her, they would think she was as awful as she believed she was. She experienced an intense fear of rejection that led to being afraid of trying new things in life or doing simple tasks like calling someone on the phone. She was blessed with a talent for artwork but gave up on it for fear of not being able to handle criticism.

For over 50 years her feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, fear, anger, confusion, shame, loneliness, and isolation guided her daily decisions. While He is not here physically, His Spirit can be with us, and He has provided a way for us to be healed, to feel peace, and to forgive. For many who have been hurt, the idea that the pain they carry could be replaced with peace is almost impossible to believe.

One Hour Class - How to Heal from Emotional Abuse

Often the wounds of the abused go unnoticed and unrecognized by others for years. The hurt is masked by smiling faces, a willingness to help others, and living life as if nothing was wrong, yet the pain is constantly there. Suppose that when you were young, you broke your leg.

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  5. Rather than going to the doctor to get it set, you hobbled along until the deep pain was gone, but there is always a slight pain with each step you take. Years later you want the pain to go away, so you go to a doctor. The doctor must reset the bone, clean away any buildup that has grown, cast it, and send you to physical therapy to strengthen your leg. The process of healing from abuse is similar in that the victim must first recognize that the pain is real and that something can be done about it.

    Understanding the Hurt

    The process includes acknowledging what happened and allowing the feelings of being hurt, scared, and sad to be felt, acknowledged, and validated. Often it is helpful to work with a professional experienced in this healing process. Whether or not the victim has access to professional help, it is best to pray, study the life of the Savior and His Atonement, and visit regularly with a priesthood leader. He can help ease the burdens and receive inspiration to help the victim understand their divine worth and relationship with Father in Heaven and the Savior.

    As Sister Carole M.


    As you learn to communicate openly, set appropriate boundaries and perhaps seek professional counseling. Maintaining spiritual health throughout the process is vital! For Hannah, her life had become so uncomfortable that she sought help. She knew from her testimony that she could feel peace and contentment in life but did not feel them on a consistent basis.

    Helping the Victim

    Through prayer and talking with her bishop, she was guided to counseling, where she was able to gain the tools she needed to bring the truth out of darkness and share the awful burden she had been carrying alone. In doing so, she was able to release the pain and find the peace promised by the Savior see John Along with this peace and comfort came the desire and ability to forgive. The idea of forgiving is often difficult for victims of abuse to hear and is often misunderstood.

    The need for justice and the right to restitution can be turned over to the Lord so He can replace our hurt with peace. Hannah eventually found that she could turn the need for justice over to the Savior and in return find a feeling of peace in her life as she had never before experienced.