Inflammation (How to Keep Your Body Healthy)

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  1. Inflammation, Explained: What It Is and How It Affects Your Health
  2. How Change in Diet Can Reduce Your Chronic Inflammation
  3. Want to feel happier and healthier?
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Our gut is affected with bad diet and lack of good bacteria.


A great way to start healing your gut is by taking daily probiotic or probiotic-rich food — like kefir, fermented foods, kombucha, yogurt, miso. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by toxins. Pesticides, heavy metals, air pollution, toxic chemicals in beauty products and home cleaning products, mold, etc. Exposure to these toxins have a huge impact on chronic inflammation. Keeping our body well hydrated is one of the key strategies to make sure the body is able to effectively detox itself from toxins.

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Also, your cells require adequate hydration to function properly. In general, the more hydrated you are, the less inflammation will be present in your body. So keep your glasses full and your body well hydrated. Remember — water is the best! Emotional health and stress play a big role in inflammation too. When we are stressed out our body produces the hormone cortisol which is like inflammation BFF.

So lowering your anxiety and avoiding stuff that stresses you out is a great way to reduce inflammation. Try yoga, meditation , long walks, short walks — any walks.

Inflammation, Explained: What It Is and How It Affects Your Health

Do less technology and socialize more with people you love. Most doctors recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep deprivation ruins your immune system and fires up inflammation. The human body is designed for motion. This applies to just about every organ in our body — the bowels, urinary tract, circulation, muscles. Keeping our body in motion is what keeps the body healthy. When we become stagnant, totally couch-bound, then problems arise and we often get tons of inflammation. Obesity is another cause of inflammation.

So losing weight and adding exercise to your daily routine is not only important for overall health but also it helps to fight that nasty inflammation.

How Change in Diet Can Reduce Your Chronic Inflammation

We all should thrive for health and wellness — meaning we all should choose to eat healthy every day, exercise more, relax and unwind. This is the key to healthy life. Even though inflammation and all the diseases associated with chronic inflammation sound scary, remember you can influence inflammation by following these simple strategies. You just have to decide that is time to take better care of your health. How do you keep your body free from inflammation? What are your favorite anti-inflammatory foods? Let me know in comments below.

Find me on — Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. Natalie is healthy lifestyle advocate passionate about healthy food and helping others to live healthier and happier lives. As a holistic nutrition specialist and health coach, Natalie hopes to inspire people to get in the kitchen and cook with wholesome ingredients. Well, of course you do! Please know that I only link products that I recommend. Great tips! I am slowly learning to put myself first, and take care of ME. I am doing all of these tips, and even added in a monthly massage for more stress-relief!

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Want to feel happier and healthier?

A study found that participants following this diet had lower markers of inflammation. This adds to the health benefits found in other studies surrounding the Mediterranean diet. Interested in trying it out? Read more about inflammatory foods. Chronic inflammation increases your risk of several serious diseases. Your doctor can diagnose inflammation using blood tests. Medication, supplements, and eating an anti-inflammation diet can help you reduce your risk of inflammation. Avoiding smoking and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy body weight can also help lower your risk, along with reducing your stress levels.

Identifying your triggers can take some time and self-reflection. In the meantime, there are things you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety….

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