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  1. Ashley Abad is laid to rest; family wants justice
  2. Public Justice Center | Staff

The number of unsolved crimes that haunts our community is unacceptable and we realize that true healing can only begin once we deal with the drug problem that plagues in our country.


Ashley Abad is laid to rest; family wants justice

We are requesting a new investigative team for the Ashley Heavy Loring case because we feel the investigation has lacked any productivity whatsoever. Thank you for your signatures we will forward this petition to our Senators, Governors and FBI headquarters.

Ashley Balius

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Public Justice Center | Staff

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Ravenel during this time. I have been contacted by the Charleston Police Department and I have answered all questions given to me regarding the alleged victim in the new sexual assault charges truthfully. Within the course of weeks, she contacted me numerous times and presented me with her allegations regarding Mr. Coming forth on twitter in the past month regarding my mother and her allegations, I have always spoken the truth in hope that Bravo and Haymaker Productions would remove Thomas from the show.

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In my opinion, Thomas Ravenel is no longer an asset to Southern Charm and his demeaning and misogynistic attitude towards women is not acceptable. Bravo and Haymaker Productions have an obligation to remove Thomas from Southern Charm and offer apologies for allowing Mr. Ravenel to remain on a show where he has consistently demonstrated a pattern of zero respect for women.

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As much as I may personally dislike Thomas Ravenel, I still believe he deserves to be presumed innocent until it is proven otherwise. Personally, I pray that the results of this investigation provide each individual with the justice that they deserve. As I have said from day one, the truth always prevails and I will hold onto this with faith in the system.