Las Vegas Bandits 2: Winds of Change

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Those items often cost more than 10, tickets and sometimes are upwards of 20, tickets. A book return terminal can be seen behind the wall of the prize redemption area if using tcl console command. While usable, it serves no purpose and has only junk items. Below are the average tickets you'll receive from a minute of play at each machine, if played perfectly. This means hitting the red menace at least once each time it pops up, making at least sixty hoops in a game of hoop shoot, finishing atomic rollers quickly with a perfect score of , not missing any targets in an average game of bandit roundup and winning nuka-zapper as quickly as possible.

Bandit Roundup gives the most tickets for your time and Whac-A-Commie gives the least. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Nuka-Cade here boasted dozens of exciting games of skill for the whole family to enjoy.

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Contents [ show ]. Star core. Fallout 4 locations.

A Wind Of Change

Greater Boston Neighborhoods - West. Greater Boston Neighborhoods - East. Player Settlements. The Commonwealth individual locations. Category : Nuka-World locations. Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs.


Paddle ball string. Souvenir drinking glass. Souvenir magnet flower.

Nuka-Cola Orange. Nuka-Cola Wild. Nuka-Cola Quartz. Nuka-Cola Victory. Nuka-Cola Dark. Combat shotgun. Pack stuffed chest piece. Operators chest piece. Steadfast Assault rifle. Major faction locations. Brotherhood of Steel. The Railroad. Commonwealth Minutemen.

Diamond City. Beacon Hill.


The U. Louis just miles before Lindbergh is set to land in Paris and complete the first solo transatlantic flight in history. Nothing much changes, though -- Lindbergh's fame is delayed by a few weeks after the crash, but he still shows up to claim his fame and fortune. And he still becomes a vocal Nazi sympathizer, despite Lucy's best efforts to convince him Nazis are not so good. Al Capone never goes to prison With a careful bit of evidence destruction, Flynn prevents Eliot Ness and the Untouchables from making their tax evasion case against Capone.

Winds of change - Scorpions Las Vegas May 2016

Ness winds up murdered more than 20 years too early. Still, the Time Team still manages to bring down Capone without much additional bloodshed, so not much goes differently. It's mostly just awkward, and then Lucy doesn't talk to him for the rest of the season. Until, that is, he's expedient for plot purposes in the finale. Flynn saves his half-brother from bees Flynn and pals attempted to sabotage the Apollo 11 moon landing from Mission Control, but were stopped along the way by the Time Team. In the meantime, Flynn slipped off, found his own mother, and saved his half-brother he'd never met from dying of anaphylactic shock as a child.

This one doesn't have many ripples, but it does show that Flynn is sometimes a good dude. Wyatt's wife Jessica wasn't killed The big trauma in Wyatt's life is that he had a fight with his wife, Jessica, and let her get out of their car on the side of the road. That was the last time he ever saw her -- until a random change to the timeline brought her back.

Las Vegas Bandits 2

Wyatt's been trying to make the marriage work despite almost starting a relationship with Lucy, so Jessica's arrival has had a big impact on the time team, at least. Someone else records Robert Johnson's album Rittenhouse did their best to put a stop to the creation of rock and roll by killing blues musician Robert Johnson. The Time Team saved him, but not his producer, leading billionaire industrialist and Johnson superfan Connor Mason to record the historic album instead.

Alice Paul dies before her big speech Alice Paul was a key figure in the Women's Suffrage movement, but Rittenhouse managed to assassinate her.

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  • With Lucy's help, Grace Humiston stepped into the suffragette role and managed to get the attention of President Woodrow Wilson to support the 19th Amendment. History survived Paul's death without much changing. Bonnie and Clyde die at a cabin and not in their car After accidentally interfering with a Barrow Gang bank robbery, Lucy and Wyatt hang out with Bonnie and Clyde for a bit.

    The time traveler interference changes how the pair meet their grisly end, with a posse of police descending on them in their cabin, rather than ambushing them on the road.

    Las Vegas Bandits 2: Winds of Change

    The change robbed Whiskey Pete's Casino in Nevada of the famous bullet-riddled car the bandits originally died in. Lucy rewrites Texas history Flynn rewrites history by killing Lt. Lucy takes up the task of penning a document key to Texas history and, basically, makes it up as she goes along. Everyone, including Davy Crockett and James Bowie, still dies at the Alamo and Texas is still a thing, so the overall effect is minimal.

    The Time Team stops the additional murders, and Flynn only succeeds in being the guy who offs Lincoln instead of Booth. Benedict Arnold dies in America With the Time Team helping, Flynn grabs Benedict Arnold, a founding member of the evil Rittenhouse organization, and uses him to try to assassinate the other founders. Arnold gets shot and dies, getting some traitor comeuppance.