Letters of Love, Light and Laughter

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  1. I Love You. (Last Night Was Unforgettable!)
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I love you so much and I hope you know that I will always be here for you. I am yours now and forever, body and soul. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, my love for you goes on forever and forever; like the great redwoods that reach toward the sky, my love for you grows and grows--higher, stronger, deeper.

I can't imagine my life without you anymore. I've never loved anyone as I have loved you--I know now I never will. You're everything to me. Is the world still spinning? Since last night when you and I ceased to be individuals but became "us," I have felt that I was residing on a world where time did not exist.

Is it night or day? I don't know anymore. I no longer need food; sleep is impossible. I have no interest in world events or market prices. All that matters is you. If the sun rises, it rises because of you. If the moon courses across the sky and bathes the world in yellow light, it does so because you exist. Is this the love they write about in romance novels? What else could it be? What else could compare to this feeling?

Surely life would have no meaning for me without you. And other girls? A vague memory.


I Love You. (Last Night Was Unforgettable!)

They were only schoolboy romances, puppy love, meaningless flirtations. I can honestly say that nothing I thought I felt could ever compare with the profound love I feel for you now. I am finally alive! What does the poet say? I must see you again. This afternoon is not soon enough.

Tonight is too late. Now I know there could be no other woman in my life but you. Please tell me when I can see you. You have been constantly on my mind since our last date. I'm more convinced than ever of my feelings for you. I love you, Jane. I only want you in my life, and no longer want to see anyone else.

Sadhguru: The Time For Love, Light And Laughter Has Come. Is It A Prophecy?

I've never felt like I do now. I can't compare the depth of my emotions to anything I've ever experienced before. I feel like I'm finally breathing fresh air! I don't know how I made it home last night. Did I drive, walk, fly? Aug 08, PM. Jenni 37 books view quotes. Aug 03, AM. Jessica 0 books view quotes.

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Cheese Dippers

Leah 16 books view quotes. Oct 10, AM. Porsha 27, books view quotes. Sep 29, PM. Emma 1 book view quotes. Christine books view quotes. Sep 15, AM. Holly 1 book view quotes. Sep 05, PM. Kabelo 14 books view quotes. Sep 04, PM. Julie books view quotes. Aug 20, PM. Dwina 11 books view quotes. Aug 11, PM. Ed books view quotes.

Aug 10, PM. Liz books view quotes. Jul 20, AM. Diana 2 books view quotes. Jul 12, AM. Their assignment, covering Monday through Thursday evenings, was not always easy. Working in an outdoor setting presents considerable challenges: blazing sunshine, wind, grit, rain, and a host of random distractions. Folks who attend during the week also tend to be in a less festive mood than their weekend counterparts.

Visitors often arrive at the show tired from a long drive, or a long day at the office. Laughing Bird faithfully and enthusiastically brought relaxed smiles to a sea of faces each evening. According to our statistics, more than 60 percent of our audience is made up of people 55 years of age and older. Another sizable chunk of our spectators is comprised of families with young children.

Letter from the Editor: It's good to laugh

The lively music, wholesome humor and thought-provoking lyrics delivered by Laughing Bird offered something for every age and taste. Haunting melodies, proficiency on a wide array of unusual instruments, and an open approach that encouraged audience participation made Janey and Tupe favorites with our visitors.

I highly recommend Laughing Bird. Their professionalism and personal approach are a perfect balance to their brilliant musical style. Their knowledge of music and ability to play a wide variety of instruments help the attention of our tired travelers and improved their moods. I would highly recommend Laughing Bird in performance and on recordings. Sincerely, Patty A. It is with pleasure that I recommend Tupe and Janey Kenyon. Their vast talent as performers and savvy business people is a great asset to the success of the program. They were just wonderful. Very good at what they do and were able to get the crowd involved.

I enjoyed the show tremendously. This was my first show and it was wonderful. Their performance is a nice balance of music and story telling. I am very happy with the results and would like to schedule the performance for next year. It has been an honor to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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Marie Ruzicka. The writer is the President of the Lakeside Little Theatre, which is considered to be the largest English speaking theatre in Mexico. Several months ago, I met Tupe and Janey Laughing Bird and after hearing one of their CDs and speaking with them, I hired them to do a concert to honor some of our theatre greats.