Libertad en llamas (Spanish Edition)

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¡Libérate! / Free Yourself! by Alejandra Llamas | Books

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Libertad En Llamas - Gloria Guardia

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In spite of that, both Democratic Union and Christian Democrat party members voted in favor, declaring they were acting according to conscience. Hivos and Oxfam UK jointly manage the Conexion fund.

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Conexion provides grants to public and private organizations in Bolivia that stimulate changes in gender relations and have a clear focus on emancipation and economic and social empowerment. The fund is an initiative of the Dutch and Canadian bilateral aid programs in the country; the present phase will continue until For many years, Hivos has been working on issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights SRHR , with a strong focus on LGBT Rights, bodily self-determination, freedom of choice and pleasure.

In itself, SRHR constitutes a sensitive issue in most countries.