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  2. Flyboard Air creator bought by US counter explosives company
  3. Report, Atalanta to offer Zapata new deal to ward off Napoli interest
  4. Cristián Zapata - Wikipedia

Please contact us for more information. Can we demonstrate indoors? Yes, we can demonstrate indoors depending on the size of the place and event. Can anyone else demonstrate the Flyboard Air?

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At this present time, only Franky Zapata can pilot the Flyboard Air. However, we have another machine, called the EZ-Fly, that we may allow customers to fly, with training. Follow us on Facebook, or register on this site, and we will alert you when or if this program becomes available. What is the price of a demonstration? The price of the demonstration will depend on your exact needs.

Logistical costs such as fuel, hotel and transportation for the team generally 4 people will be charged to the organizer. To inquire about scheduling a demonstration and receive a quote please contact us. Do we need specific authorization for demonstrations? The authorization depends on the country where we will be demonstrating and on the type of event.

If you want us to demonstrate at an Airshow, you must apply for authorization at the aviation department of your country. We are used to these requests so we can help you! The only exception is for France, indeed we already applied and can demonstrate in Airshows as long as we take-off and land from an airfield. Are the flights authorized everywhere? The authorization depends on the aviation department of your country? But so far we always managed to have the required authorization!

How much fuel does it use per flight? It uses about 5 gallons per flight. How do you know the altitude? How do you know the airspeed? Navigation tools? We can install a wide variety of off-the-shelf and customized navigation equipment. Can it fly in bad weather? Yes, it does not have wind limitations like a helicopter or long visual range needs like a fixed wing aircraft.

Can it fly at night? We have conducted night flights and plan to conduct tests with Night Vision devices. What is the radar signature or cross-section? Other than it's small size, this configuration is not purposefully stealthy. Future configurations could include RF signature management techniques as well as reduction in optical, IR, and acoustic signatures. Any airworthiness certifications? Currently it can be flown in the United States as an ultralight aircraft. Can it carry a passenger? The current version can only carry the operator. We have some preliminary plans for up-scaled versions for litter carriers or passengers.

Can it be armed? It is possible. We do not have any current customers that have asked for this integration. Can you fire a weapon while flying it?

Flyboard Air creator bought by US counter explosives company

It is possible and is part of some of our customers' development strategy. It was programmed by my engineers, so I can see the time, the speed, the altitude. Then, to make this device available to everybody in the world, the way it is today, is impossible. The device recently won him a Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by hoverboard. Euronews is no longer accessible on Internet Explorer. This browser is not updated by Microsoft and does not support the last technical evolutions. Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase.

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FLYRIDE® , Zapata's new invention !

Texas, now known as the Republic of Texas, has seceded, just like it did in , though for different reasons this time. She loves her young son, Luke, but she almost died giving birth to him. That means Rebecca has a problem.

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Because in New Zapata, birth control and abortion are illegal. So is divorce. And Chad thinks sex is his husbandly right. These ladies remember a time when things were different, when women did have choices.

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    Report, Atalanta to offer Zapata new deal to ward off Napoli interest

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