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This drink, which is basically a red wine punch, has a stronger resonance for the Spanish audience. It is usually drunk at friends' reunions in summer time and therefore Spaniards regard it as a key element in the gathering of friends and of holidays. Thus, the cultural values embedded in it are able to transfer the original idea of ''mojito'', as well as to ''Spanishise'' the text.

One of the effects of globalization has been the discovery of gastronomic difference Chiaro, , p. Stereotypes can be defined as images or verbal expressions that somehow attach to a person or a social group without being filtered through logical reasoning Calefato, , pp. Sometimes difference can result in exoticism depending on the country of origin of the culinary dish.

This is the case of example 14 , where the exoticism conveyed by chimichanga is stressed by the use of a South—American accent. The foreign flavour of the term chimichanga is also reinforced in the dubbed version thanks to the use of a South— American accent that becomes an innuendo about the Mexican origin of this deep—fried burrito and to the use of the translation technique of loan.

Furthermore, no additional explanation about the term is required. The image of the cook setting up a fast food stand in the middle of the battlefield and saying that it would be for after the battle is more than enough for both the English and the Spanish audiences to understand what the cook is talking about when he refers to chimichanga. Among the uses of culinary terms employed to define the stereotypical images of characters, there is an interesting example in Brave , a film that tells the story of Merida, a rebellious princess who lives surrounded by Celtic myths and who defies tradition when she does not want to get married.

When the clans of Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall arrive to compete in the Highland Games for her hand, Merida, who plays with bows and arrows, decides to compete for her freedom. This Disney production is full of allusions that reinforce preconceived national stereotypes and an example of this is the reference to the Scottish national dish ''haggis''.

This typical dish of lamb viscera has strong Scottish roots and is eaten on special occasions like Burn's night. However, many people and especially those who do not share the same culture may find the ingredients of this dish disgusting. In the film, Merida transmits this feeling of repulsion, by refusing to eat it. She refuses haggis in the same way she refuses the traditions of her country. Her defiant attitude towards the dish and Scottish traditions contrasts with her mother's.

Her mother, Elinor, is portrayed as the guardian of Scottish culture and in her attempt to preserve traditions she tries to justify that haggis is not so bad going against the generally accepted opinion that haggis is repellent. The translator's choice to use a loan for this Scottish dish in the TT is justified by the aim of the film to foster Scottish culture and traditions and to contribute to the dissemination of the Scottish culture. Cuisine can also form the cornerstone in the contextualisation of a scene.

An interesting example of this can be found in Tiara and the frog where the continuous references to Cajun and Creole cuisine become the thread of the action. The film takes place in the mid—'s in the French colony of New Orleans during the celebration of Mardi Gras. This North American celebration, which arrived as a French Catholic tradition in the late 17 th century Mardi Gras, s.

The translation technique of loan applied for ''gumbo'', which is considered the official cuisine of Lousiana Nobles, , p. The non—translation of these references reinforces the foreign flavour transmitted in the film. However, some cultural connotations could be lost in the TT were it not for the visual aid provided in the texts. Gumbo is associated with the socio—economic class of the protagonist, Tiara.

The economical nature of the dish may not go unnoticed by the target audience thanks to the visual image of Tiara and her working class neighbours gathered around a gumbo pot and the fact that references to gumbo are always made by or related to members of the working class.

Thus, gumbo is an example of how culinary references are able to connote extra cultural values, thereby becoming complex signs of meaning. This paper has attempted to analyse the different uses of culinary references in six animated films from two prominent studios, as well as the role of translation in the transmission of these references from the ST in English to the TT dubbed in Spanish. In order to do so, the Shrek saga, Tiara and the frog and Brave have been studied with particular attention paid to the different roles that the allusions to foodstuffs play in these productions.

Taking the role of the culinary references into consideration, four main functions have been distinguished in these films: 1 being a discursive element, 2 a comical resource, 3 a way of stereotyping, and 4 a contextualising motif. After the analysis, the following results have been observed see figure 2. Regarding the techniques applied for the translation of culinary references in discourse, the translators have preferred SL—oriented techniques in The preference of loan instead of calque is revealing, as it can support the idea of living in a global village where cultures become merged.

Whereas calque clearly shows the foreign nature of the reference, loan looks as if the term has been adopted by the target culture while still keeping foreign nuances. As far as TL—oriented techniques are is concerned, the preference for transposition in the analysed films seems to respond to the intention of bringing the films closer to the Spanish audience, Spanishing the texts with references so typical of the Spanish culture, like churro s that make the films look as if they were Spanish.

By contrast, in the case of the translation of culinary references with a humorous purpose there is a tendency towards TL—oriented techniques This seems to be justified by the functional approach taken in which the original function of the reference in the text prevails see figure 2. A wider variety of techniques is observed in the case of the TL—oriented, the creativity of the translators being crucial to achieve the initial aim see figure 5.

Finally, a predisposition towards SL—oriented techniques is found in culinary references whose aim is to stereotype and contextualise the scene figure 2. With regard to stereotyping, this may be justified by the need to provide characters with a national identity that distinguishes them from the others, calque being the technique used as it is the one that more clearly points to the foreign essence of the character figure 7. Besides, the domestication in culinary references, and especially the preference for transposition in these cases figure 8 , seems to be aligned to the preference for domesticating techniques observed in the translation of the numerous other cultural references in the case of the Shrek saga.

This general tendency makes the text more accessible to the Spanish audience and results in the Spanishisation of the Shrek saga. Likewise, the choice of SL—oriented techniques for contextualising also responds to the need to maintain the relationship between the term and its connotations figure 2.

The change of the culinary reference set against that background would imply the loss of all the meaning imbued by it. The examples that serve this function belong to The princess and the frog , where the scene takes place in New Orleans and all references revolve around it. The use of loan for the translation of ''beignet'' can be explained by the existence of the same product and connotations in the target culture.


CroisiEurope Loire Princesse Cruise Reviews

In order to conclude, if one considers the techniques applied for the translation of culinary references without considering their purpose in the text, a tendency towards SL—oriented techniques This preference can be explained as a side effect of globalisation, since over recent years, countries like Spain have been undergoing a continuous process of foreignisation by means of food. The increasing number of restaurants which offer typical dishes from other countries has contributed to the spreading of these foreign cultures, particularly, as food is regarded as one of the most significant and effective ways of getting to know other cultures.

However, the similar percentage Thus, it can be seen how the argument in most debates on linguistic translation is generally reduced to domestication vs. As Chiaro suggests, this is not only related to the so—called process of globalization, but also to the function these references perform in the text , p. Agost, R. Barcelona: Ariel. Calefato, P. Bari: Garphis. Castro Paniagua, F. English—Spanish translation, through a cross—cultural interpretation approach. New York: University Press of America.

Chaume, F. La pretendida oralidad de los textos audiovisuales. Chaume eds. Chiaro, D. Translational and marketing communication: A comparison of print and web advertising of Italian agro—food products. The Translator , 10 2 , — A taste of otherness eating and thinking globally. European Journal of English Studies , 12 2 , — Cronin, M. Translation in our time: Local voices, global movements'.

Keynote lecture. University of Bologna at Forli, 11—12 May. Delabastita, D. Delabastita ed. The Translator. Studies in Intercultural Communication 2 2 , Special issue: Wordplay and translation pp. Manchester: St Jerome. Di Giovanni, E. Disney films: reflections of the other and the self. Audiovisual translation: Subtitling. Culture—specific items in translation. Vidal eds. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Gonzalez—Vera, P.

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The translation of recent digital animated movies. The translation of linguistic stereotypes in animated films: a case study of DreamWorks' Shrek and Shark Tale. The visit to Saumur consisted only of seeing the town hall and the castle, fairly briefly, from the outside, before moving on to the riding school.

There we were ushered directly into the arena to take up our seats.

Margaret of Valois

I have to say that I feel that we have seen better horse displays and it was disappointing that, although the audience was clearly an international one, commentary was solely in French. Angers - The castle was interesting but we felt that far too much time was taken up in explaining almost every individual panel of the Apocalypse Tapestry. Again, a lot of people seemed to be getting bored and wandering off.

An option here to either stay with the guide or for some free time to explore other aspects of the castle and meet up later would have been welcomed. The short walk through Angers and look in the Cathedral after the castle visit was interesting. Castles of the Loire - A very full and quite tiring full day excursion, basically at least 10 hours away from the boat. The two castles and one garden visited, though, were all delightful.

Corniche Angevine - We felt that there really was not much substance to this excursion, other than the visit to Domaine FL and the wine tasting there, which took up a large part of the excursion time, although the scenery was pleasant enough and there were a number of short stops to see specific things. For us, a wine tasting that early in the morning did not seem ideal.

Unfortunately, we were not alone in feeling that the wines offered for tasting were not very palatable, judging by the amount that was being tipped away by everybody, rather than being drunk! Finally, so as not to finish on a negative note, I would just reiterate that we had a really lovely time, but we hope that, perhaps, improvements might be made in the excursions, and particularly for English speakers, as a result of the detailed comments that we have made.

We have already seen that Croisi are commissioning a number of new boats over the next couple of years, so we will be looking at their itineraries in due course, with great interest. Read Less. Lovely Loire.

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This river cruise exceeded our expectation. We participated in all the "optional" excursions which added greatly to our enjoyment. It would not have been the same trip without them.

The Elephant Princess S1 E1: Coming of Age

All were interesting and for the most part All were interesting and for the most part unique except for the "cruise" on the Erdre River which we found to be beautiful but not any more beautiful than other rivers of its ilk. Furthermore, the outing scheduled at 9 p.

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It grew quite dark and it was not possible to see the chateaus and villa alongside the river as the night wore on. The Loire Princesse is lovely--new, quiet, and well-maintained. The food, of course, is wonderful, although the breakfast cook did not fry eggs to American tastes! It was fun that the villagers, old and young, along the river came down to the banks to see us sail by and wave, the Princesse being the ONLY boat on the lower Loire. We appreciated the efforts of the staff to include non-French-speakers in all announcements.

Two separate buses were provided for excursions; one with a French-speaking guide, one with an English-speaking guide, and a dedicated guide for those who only spoke Spanish. It was a positive experience in every way, even including transportation from the airport before boarding and to the train station at the termination of the cruise. Sail Date: June We had a wonderful time. Pros: Very new vessel — Pros: Very new vessel — very well designed and extremely clean — plenty of room Rooms with balconies are especially nice for viewing the scenery during the cruise The top deck is great to have a drink and watch the world go by Shower in bath is full size — great water pressure Convenient plugs be sure you have a converter Food is great — 3 courses at lunch and dinner — including duck, venison, lamb, chicken, veal.

Buffet breakfast. All of the staff was great. Feel free to ask for information about this or any of our other series! If this page is not displaying correctly, please copy this URL into the navigation pane of your browser:. He creates the Order of Chaos, whose mission shall be to watch over the stability of world events by influencing those who direct them. Sidetracked by a heavy snow storm, a car goes into a tunnel, carrying a famous neurologist, his wife and his brother.

Not far behind them is a police inspector from the narcotics squad, following a pair of dangerous criminals who have apparently fled into the same tunnel. Without knowing it they are all moving toward a terrible trap, an unending tunnel leading to their worst nightmares, in which the dead come back to life. He is forced to watch helplessly as his friends are massacred, but is rescued at the last minute by the barbarian chief. However the dark spirit which possessed her did not die with her, it has moved into the body of Professor Tempes. Ever since Montana killed Nonac, the master of the spirits, all life has disappeared from this world -- plants, animals, human beings.

Everything has disintegrated, except for those who came from outside. Travis, Alanna, Julian, Laura and Montana have survived, for the moment at least. Some of them think they need a new master of spirits, and the others want to attempt a return to the real world. We are in Baikonur, a penitentiary town under Russian jurisdiction.

Tension is mounting, aggravated by the rise of Islamism and the effects of multiple politico-religious conflicts, and the town seems ready to explode. The very air seems to sizzle. To make things worse a prisoner manages to escape from the high security section of the town, somehow involving an ordinary young man named Yerzhan, a pacifist, who will then become the detonator for events to come. She is the unsettling, charming wife of a paralyzed political opponent. Warmongers are spreading death and destruction, but in the rebel camp a rumble of discord can be heard. Some are advocating a radicalisation of the violence.

Not a chance!

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Their predilection for transgression and outright buccaneering leads them into committing a series of burglaries and other crimes in Paris, during the Nazi occupation. But after they cross the Danube, they must face the Roman Army. And in three days, the Eternal City falls, for the first time in eight hundred years! And it is now, in the twilight of Ancient History that a boy named Wotila is born. He is now galloping toward the village of Aryens, where he is hoping to find his beloved Nita.

Pierrot - Wikipedia

He has been haunted by the images of a repeating nightmare, and is trying to get there as fast as possible. Unfortunately he is attacked by three soldiers and wounded badly by an arrow. In the end he is saved by a shepherdess and finally makes it to Aryens, but everyone he meets there flees him as though he had the plague Criminals have stolen million francs from the Banque de France.