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  1. "reap" in American English
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  3. US reaps more than $1.4 billion from steel and aluminum tariffs, report finds
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  5. Reap the whirlwind (phrase)

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"reap" in American English

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US reaps more than $1.4 billion from steel and aluminum tariffs, report finds

But the Turkish reform movement of seemed to promise a revival of Ottoman power, which might in time have enabled the Turks to demand the promised evacuation, and thus to reap all the ultimate benefits of the Austrian administration. At that time the Transvaal government - which had been the first to reap the benefit of Great Britain's defeat of the Zulu by acquiring the " New Republic " - was endeavouring to obtain the territories of Zambaan and Umtegiza, hoping also to secure a route through Tongaland to Kosi Bay.

Forced against his will into interference in Spain by Mathieu de Montmorency and Chateaubriand, he contrived to reap some credit for the monarchy from the successful campaign of Though mainly indebted for its commercial prosperity to its position on the river, the town did not begin to reap the full advantages of its situation till the opening of the railways between and Rent arises as soon as the land of a country has all become private property; "the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce.

He is perhaps scarcely consistent in ap proving the concession of temporary monopolies to joint-stock companies undertaking risky enterprises "of which the public is afterwards to reap the benefit. The Norman and Angevin kings were fully alive to the advantages which accrued to the people through borrowing at usury from the Jews, but they were also alive to the advantages which they themselves were able to reap by extorting from the Jews the wealth which the latter had acquired from the people. Precisely as to-day inventions are guarded by patents, and literary and artistic creations by the law of copyright, so, at that period, the papal bull and the protection of the Roman Church were an effective means for ensuring that a country should reap where she had sown and should maintain the territory she had discovered and conquered by arduous efforts; while other claimants, with predatory designs, were warned back by the ecclesiastical censorship.

In the Vatican the memory of Alexander VI. After the battle of Legnano, in , although the Lombard cities failed to reap the fruit of their united action, and fell to mutual jealousy once more, Milan internally began to grow in material prosperity. When the abbess Ethelburga of Fladbury Worcestershire found her projected pilgrimage impracticable, Alcuin wrote to her, saying that it was no great loss, and that God had better designs for her: "Expend the sum thou hast gathered for the journey on the support of the poor; and if thou givest as thou canst, thou shalt reap as thou wilt" Ep.

The two sentences, "as a man soweth, so must he reap ," and "as he reap s so also he must have sown," give comprehensive expression to the idea of Karmic activity. But, be this as it may," the doctrine of karma is certainly one of the firmest beliefs of all classes of Hindus, and the fear that a man shall reap as he has sown is an appreciable element in the average morality.

Robert Lee , minister of Old Greyfriars and professor of Biblical criticism in Edinburgh University, fought a long battle for the liberty and the improvement of worship, of which the churches generally now reap the advantage. The Baptist cause in New England that had profited so largely from the Great Awakening failed to reap a like harvest from the War of Independence. Taking advantage of the weakness of his ancient enemy in the days of the poor voluptuary Mahommed III.

Possibly he was embittered at the time by the fact that, owing to the strong personal dislike of the king, caused chiefly by the contemptuous tone in which he had spoken of Hanover, he did not by obtaining a place in the new ministry reap the fruits of the victory to which he had so largely contributed. Unfortunately Madame Kovalevsky did not live to reap the full reward of her labours, for she died just as she had attained the height of her fame and had won recognition even in her own country by election to membership of the St Petersburg Academy of Science.

REAPS AGM - Event Calendar - Prince George

To meet this difficulty, a farmer with more crops than he can reap unaided will summon his neighbours to his assistance, supplying them with food, but no money, and binding himself to repay the service in kind. We have then developed the cogen approach for offline specialisation, reaping the benefits of self-application without having to write a self-applicable specialiser. There is to be ultimate advantage reaped in more prosperous, happier married life. The networks and narratives constructed by chiefs and employees not only reaped profits of power and wealth, but helped to mitigate the volatility of colonial policy and personnel.

The social and financial burden of recent immigrants is disproportionately borne by the local government while advantages to receiving immigrants are reaped at the federal level. The logical implication is that the national government reaps the blame or credit for provincial fiscal performance, creating incentives for opposition governors to abandon fiscal responsibility.

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Reap the whirlwind (phrase)

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