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Does it make them look smart or stupid? The worst possible title is one that makes someone sound stupid after saying it out loud. Obviously your book goals building authority, raising your visibility, etc. If you want to build a brand out of your non-fiction book, your title options are much different than if you want to publish a memoir with a whimsical title.

The point of this whole list is simple: Know which of these goals are for your book, and make sure your title can serve those goals. For example, if your goal is to build a brand, you need to make sure your book title is your brand. The book is about selling everything around the book, not just the book itself. If your goal is authority in your field, make sure the book title will sound authoritative to who you are trying to speak to. If your goal is to get media attention and raise your visibility, make sure the book title will appeal to media and make them want to cover you.

This step is simple: Spend at least a few days writing down every single title idea you can think of. If you are unsure of this, go look on Amazon and see how often subtitles and titles use additional keywords to attract more search engine traffic. The iconic recent example of this with books is one we already mentioned, The 4-Hour Workweek. Everyone wants to know how to work 4 hours a week, except it seems impossible.

So you pick up the book to see what that guy is talking about. The iconic metaphor-based series is the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The title signals the warm, nurturing feeling that is associated in our culture with chicken soup, which is what you get when you are sick, and connects it to something else—stories that nurture your soul. Goodreads list of best book titles.

Boost your Sales. No, you cannot copyright titles. That being said, copying a popular book makes it very hard for your book to stand out and pretty much guarantees a lot of negative reviews from people who are not getting the book they expected to get. So at this point you should have a long list of title ideas. Once that is done, you can move on to the next step: testing your titles. This book is a little gem. After suffering a life threatening medical illness in , at the age of 37, it occurred to me that I suppose it would be reasonable to get a little bucket list completed.

I actually did not have one, so I started with just doing anything my body, life and circumstance would allow me. My son and I took an overseas holiday and we came back and I wrote this. I have always enjoyed writing, bits and pieces in the diary or a journal entry, the odd poem or two and once upon a time entertained a story book for older children that my son and I would write.

The plot though is tight lipped. One day he may write it. There was no big decision to write this book. It was a conversation I had with my son about how it would be great to just have a book with lines in it that could be book titles.


Scribe Guide to Writing a Perfect Book Title

We both agreed that it would be interesting. There is a lot of talk amongst people that everyone has a book in them. Why not start today? Here is your chance. I have written this book purely to entertain. It is light-hearted and a bit of fun. It is what I would read. Growing up I admit I was a less than avid novel reader. I would not be sitting still long enough. I would prefer short and sweet, something a bit punchy but also a little informative and imaginative. I hope this has some of those characteristics, maybe you will find it a bit thought provoking, witty or even charming.

It is for your information and to give you a laugh. It has been a pleasure and remember — improve today.

The 5 Attributes of a Good Book Title

Kate books friends. Steven books friends. Heather books friends. Susanna - Censored by GoodReads books friends. Nikhil P. Jan 29, PM. Oh, these are funny, thanks for the laughs! Some of these books I had to read just because of their titles! Jan 30, AM. I would love to get nearly all of these books for the titles alone. I never thought there would be so many.

How to Title a Book in 4 Simple Steps (With Free Checklist!)

Hope more turn up for the laughs alone like Alice said :D. Apr 01, PM. I've had this day. I've had this night. I try. Jun 09, PM. Aug 24, PM. Sep 16, PM. Best list in Listopia! Oct 13, PM. I was surprised at how many I had read. Good list! Oct 19, PM. Oct 29, PM. Baby Jesus and Butt plug are the most random words I've ever heard put together. Just thought it was funny Oct 30, AM. Sounds like metaphysical poetry, a "violent yoking". Oct 30, PM. Oct 17, PM. HELL : is amazing.. Jun 18, PM. May 11, AM. Jun 13, PM. The Knife of Never Letting Go. It's is such a beautifuland irresistable title. Once I heard it, I just had to read the book.

Aug 27, PM. Everything That Rises Must Converge Now I have the song by Shriekback of that title stuck in my head. Nov 23, PM. I need more than votes. Sep 02, PM. Beautiful Redemption is a the best title ever!

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Jan 09, AM. Apr 04, PM. This list needs to be weeded How are "Lamb" and "Table 21" in the top ?

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  4. The content of the book isn't important, this is about titles! Inveterate "I'm going to spam my book on every list I see" authors. ETA: This is about Table To me, anyway! Apr 05, AM. Okay, Lamb can stay. But sorry Claudia Suicide Game has to go. Feb 14, PM.

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    Aug 16, PM. These are some pretty lame, phoned-in titles if you ask me Dec 15, PM. Jun 24, AM. Wah great book i saw this Book 2 day's before now just see all book. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

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