The Ghost of Ben Hargrove: A Short Story (Kindle Single)

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The Ghost of Ben Hargrove: A Short Story (Kindle Single) [Read] Full Ebook

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The Ghost of Ben Hargrove

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The writing was so strong, within a couple of chapters I was hassling everyone I knew to check out the book. I was about half-way through the story when the London Book Fair started, and spent most of my time running around like a crazed loon demanding that everyone read it.

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If it were possible, I would have given this book eleventeen stars, but you can read my five star review here. Another Broken Wizard seems like the kind of novel — on reading the blurb — that advances fairly typical literary fiction tropes: an MC on the cusp of his 30s, trying to figure out his life, who returns to the town where he grew up to take care of his now-divorced father, in advance of life-threatening heart surgery.

Read this book! What have you read lately that had you accosting randomers in the street, and sending links to everyone you know? Which stories got your blood pumping? Both of these books just happen to be self-published literary fiction, but you can recommend anything, published by anyone. Anyway, let me know your picks in the comments and give me a couple of quick lines on the book esp.

Speak from the gut! Also, out of interest, tell me where and how you discovered the book, and what made you pick it up. Those of you with multiple pen-names, behave. I know this rule is just begging to be broken, but contain yourselves! I will zap anything with the slightest whiff of horse-trading. Please only recommend books by strangers I have no connection with either of the above authors. Strictly no shilling. I may or may not be around to rescue your post.

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You may have multiple posts, but let others have their say first. Flag the genre up top for people scanning the list, follow that with the title and author, put in a few sentences about why you love the book, then put the link at the bottom. Like this:. So… have you read a good book lately? There are still tickets available, both one-day and two-day passes. Great stuff. I devoured it in a day. Unfortunately, the books are hard to find and expensive in hardback, but I hunted them down shame on Ace Books — I recommend buying them used.

While all the world is agog over the Game of Thrones series on HBO, many of the gems that Martin wrote over his forty year career are being ignored…lying there, just waiting to be picked up. But, more importantly, Martin interrupts every 3 or 4 stories with a short, interstitial autobiographical snippet—charting his life from comic-obsessed kid growing up in Bayonne, NJ to Hugo and Nebula-award winning author.

Wish I was allowed to mention the second one as well. A super-fun gem of a modern fantasy that crosses chick lit with fantasy, but is more traditional fantasy than most urban fantasies. Great books for reading by the pool! Violent, sadistic, and takes place in the desert I miss Tucson. Plus, it was free! Non-Fiction Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz This is a mind-blowing book that challenges your assumptions about everything you think you know.

She writes with authority and a delightful wit. I heard her do a brief presentation about her research on T. Talks and was thoroughly enchanted with her. The book is just life having her all to myself. No sparkling allowed. It was a OnceWasPaper. The Habsburg empire during WW1 is depicted as an odd and byzantine place, with the main character getting into some strange situations. I first discovered it in the late s, when a friend loaned me a hardback copy. I looked for my own copy for years, and finally managed to buy a copy for my Kindle. And anyway, someone here is going to recommend this for sure — it might as well be me!

I only wish the author was my friend! Just once. I was no. Now I know why…. The prime suspect? The mystery of who she is and what her real motives are kept me turning the pages. The story takes place in a flooded 15th century Holland — the three undesirable MCs being a mentally deranged thug, a thoroughly creepy con and a peasant girl with a potty mouth and a mostly ruthless nature. How Bullington manages to make the reader care what happens to these three detestable characters is pure genius. And there will probably be lots of blood.

I have managed to easily either ignore or accept the constant grotesqueness which comes in droves page after page, and delight in the masterful way the story is told. Highly recommend. Not for the faint of heart. He knows I like pirates. I plan to give it away before he asks to borrow it! Just let me know. For a start, the use of language is certainly superior to many writers currently working in the field. Second-person narration is notoriously difficult to get right but Ayres absolutely nails it here.

Excellent stuff! I like the sound of Another Broken Wizard simply because of the title and the cover! I may check it out. He weaves a grim Nigerian storyline into a well characterised police procedural crime fiction book with brilliant prose and an acute insight into human nature, greed and love. Just brilliant. If you like crime fiction you really must read. The story was about two lonely middle-aged people who find themselves going through a lonely-hearts column in a paper in an effort to find love.

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She has a real gift for telling a story in a clever manner. Chacun son gout! This post-apocalyptic story is not typical, IMO. A few seemingly small plot twists surprised me, but the authour made them make sense. He expressed well deep thinking by some of the characters; the condition of the world is thought provoking. As I was reading, I kept thinking it would be an amazing film for the right director, and looks like Ridley Scott may do it. It starts off seemingly heretical a former Catholic school girl, I feared for my mortal soul for reading it in the first couple of chapters!

This was one of the first books I found on kindle, and it was really beautiful. I read it with a smile on my face. This is a beautiful book. It tells the story of an English girl, Angela, who comes to live in a remote Spanish village some years after the war. But it is not just her story, it is the story of the village itself, and all the people in it. Angela comes from a cold English city where she knows almost no-one; here, in the heat of the Spanish countryside, she comes to know everyone. Each person in the village has a story: some funny, many moving, some shockingly tragic.

As she learns more about the people around her, she gradually becomes part of the village herself. The book is written in a clear, simple, delightful style. It is wonderfully easy to read; many times, in the first half, I found myself smiling with simple pleasure. There is a lot of comic fun in the cultural misunderstandings between an English city girl and the Spanish peasants; and much pathos, later, as Angela learns about the tragic history of the village in the civil war. The book is full of moving human stories, lightened with a touch of fairy tale.

Well written and researched, this book paints a vivid picture of the time and its hero. It also shows that Ann was a much more substantial person than her famous husband.