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  1. Nice Room At the End of The Green Görlitzer Park In Berlin - WG Berlin-Treptow
  2. Archiv – vergangene Screenings
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Wed—Fri: 11am—6pm, Sat: 11am—4pm and by appointment Galerie Max Hetzler I. Galerie Max Hetzler II. House of Egorn. Sticky: Like a Summer Night. Galerie Michael Janssen. Galerie Judin. Kicken Berlin. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. William N.

Nice Room At the End of The Green Görlitzer Park In Berlin - WG Berlin-Treptow

Galerie Noah Klink. Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann. Klosterfelde Edition. Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler. Tanya Leighton. Loock Galerie. Daniel Marzona. Meyer Riegger. Galerie Nagel Draxler. Galerie Neu. Galerie Nordenhake. Peres Projects. Gallery Taik Persons. Galeria Plan B. A Tale of Apparitions. Gregor Podnar. Aurel Scheibler. Esther Schipper. Galerie Thomas Schulte. Andrea Robbins and Max Becher. Sweetwater, Berlin.

Galerie Barbara Thumm. Galerie Tanja Wagner. Galerie Barbara Weiss. Weiss Berlin. Copines — Copains - Berlin. Barbara Wien. Zilberman Gallery. Zwinger Galerie. Berlinische Galerie. Deep Sounding — History as Multiple Narratives. Daimler Contemporary. Gropius Bau. Hamburger Bahnhof. Die Sammlungen. The Collections. Les Collections.

Eine deutsche Legende. Mostly Happy - Finnish Art today. Haus am Waldsee. Lynn Chadwick — Biester der Zeit. Haus der Kulturen der Welt. KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Three Boys from Pasadena. Arbeitsgruppe Kunst.

Berliner Feuerwehr - Feuer Bootswerft - Spandau - Scharfe Lanke - 27.03.2014

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Summer of Love. Schinkel Pavillon. Straying from the line. Archivio Conz. Sammlung Boros. T: Tel.

Archiv – vergangene Screenings

Sammlung Hoffmann. Kienzle Art Foundation. Miettinen Collection Salon Dahlmann. Museum Frieder Burda Salon Berlin. Arndt Art Agency A3. Between Bridges. Matthew Billings, Amanda Wasielewski. Diskurs Berlin. Edition Block. Galerie im Turm. Georg Kolbe Museum. Grzegorzki Shows. Kleine Humboldt Galerie. Klosterruine Berlin. Kunstverein am Rosa—Luxemburg—Platz. Palast der Republik Satellit. Michel Majerus Estate. The Performance Agency. Schwartzsche Villa. Stiftung Brandenburger Tor. Stiftung Reinbeckhallen. Die Ostdeutschen. Fotografien aus drei Jahrzehnten DDR. Galerie TZB. Berlin Art Prize. Collection Night Berlin.

Forecast Forum. HAU Hebbel am Ufer. HAU1: Stresemannstr. Kunstfenster im BDI. Tanz im August. Texte zur Kunst. Videoart at Midnight. Closed due to relocation, please contact for further information. Summer break. BQ Weydingerstr. Galerie Buchholz Fasanenstr. Buchmann Galerie Charlottenstr. A Tribute to Lawrence Carroll. Open by appointment only. Carlier Gebauer Markgrafenstr.

Bernhard Martin Disconnected Truths. West Lake: Breaking Open. Katie Armstrong 6—9pm. A Mental Masquerade. Ry David Bradley. Galerie Michael Haas Niebuhrstr. Summer group show. Boxx, episode 1 Dir. Joy Gharoro- Akpojotor, UK, , 8mins, english Boxx is a web series drama following two Black, trans, London-based artists as they make a documentary about their lives.

This engaging show references Cheryl Dunye, with its mix of narrative and talking heads that seems to go in and out of character. Manspreading Dir. Netkix and Chips Dir. Helen Wright, Scotland, , 6mins, english A sweet, hilarious drama written and produced in 48 hours. Working in a chip shop, Tammy begins to notice that her job is starting to impact on her dating experiences.

Tonight, however, she has a date lined up. So what could possibly go wrong? Vivek Shraya, Canada, , 18 mins, english 34 beautiful Queers. One big question. Swipe Dir. Jay Gash, USA, , Maybe the answer lies closer to home. A sweet film, which promotes self-care and spending time with yourself while negotiating the superficial world of internet dating.

I am a Woman Co Dirs. Madeline Lim, USA, , 35 mins, engl. The powerful story of a woman who used color, paintbrush, and canvas to speak from her heart. From her art studio in North Beach, to her groundbreaking community work and her later life in rural northern California, Bing chose not to follow the trends of the day and created art on her own terms. San Alland, UK, , 9min, engl.

Musician and visual artist Maki Yamazaki discusses visible and invisible disabilities, barriers to access for disabled and trans artists, and the intersection of race, gender and ability. San Alland, UK, , 15min, engl.

Liz tackles difficult subjects including suicide, self-harm, depression and hospitalisation — but also has us rolling in the aisles with her unique brand of humour. Alle Kurzfilme auf Englisch einige mit Untertiteln. All films in English — some have german subtitles. Do not miss! She wants to break up. An impassioned monologue in a dungeon with our heroine in wrist cuffs quickly becomes an emotionally messy ending in flames.

It shoots directly to the point with poetry and images that evoke controversy in one mind set and passion in another. Anhedonia shocks people into opening their eyes to thesource of the illness in the Aboriginal community. Spliced in between her monologues are the binary codes of all the psychiatric drugs she has taken. But requiring blood for sustenance brings a host of problems to the relationship. Paralleling the experience of Blindness with Mental Illness, Cuthand deftly elucidates that any of us could lose any of our abilities at any time.

This experience involved a six month period of her life during which she went by the name Sarain, which she would have been called had she been born a boy, and asking to be called by male pronouns. Complicated by mental health crises, Cuthand found themselves in a mental health group home for women, having to hide their gender dysphoria.

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After a considerable amount of thought and discussion, Cuthand changed her mind and decided to remain a Butch Lesbian. Explaining her decision, she touches on the desire to maintain a connection to the Lesbian community, as well as the sexy genderfucking that happens when one is a masculine woman. Shot partially on location in Hamburg, Germany, riding back and forth on the UBahn is a metaphor for her eventual acceptance of fluctuating between a masculine and a feminine gender. In a nod to her two spirited ancestors, she mentions that she would have been able to make up her own gender had colonization not happened.

We have just the service for you! Call now and for only We also provide monthly gifts for subscribers, call now and we can hook you up with this beaded whisk! Perfect for DIY spankings and pancakes the morning after your first snag! Welche Leben werden geehrt und betrauert und welche vergessen? Whose lifes and deaths are honored and mourned, whose forgotten? Who defines street-names, internet-chat-rooms and backyards?

These short films show interventions in powerful spacial and commemorative culture, a reappropriation of space and narratives. Vigil 5. Diese erinnert an die Leben vermisster und ermordeter First-Nation Frauen, die von den Strassen Vancouvers verschwunden sind. Ist eine Name, so wie es ausgesprochen wird, oder so wie du es aussprichst? Patty Berne, USA, , 33 mins, engl. Subtitles engl. Untertiteln Sins Invalid witnesses a performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralising artists of colour and queer and gender-variant artists.

Since , its performances have explored themes of sexuality, beauty, and the disabled body, impacting thousands through live performance. Qianbi goes missing on Malaysian Airlines flight MH Aishah Shahidah Simmons is an award-winning Black feminist lesbian documentary filmmaker, writer, international lecturer and activist based in Philadelphia, PA. An incest and rape survivor, Aishah spent eleven years, seven of which were full time, to make NO!. From the home fires of India on the plains around the Ganges dal puri travelled with indentured workers to southern Caribbean colonies of the British and Dutch Empires, to Trinidad, though to the USA changing ingredients and identity along the way.

A testament to the power of sound, smell and taste to evoke memories…. This is the screening of an exchange. More infos about filmouflage: click here and on facebook: click. This is a short documentary which celebrates the proudness and the feeling of belonging to the therritoty from the obligor tradition. This innocent but naughty kid with delusions of an adult man will be responsible for changing the lives of people from his small village without them noticing it. She accidentally wins a Polaroid camera at a raffle and when she returns home she asks her husband to take pictures of their lives and themselves.

Es domingo de mercado campesino y la abuela Paulina quiere prepararle gallina criolla a su esposo, pero el dinero no le alcanza. The sensational experience of the overwhelming wildness of nature. Abelianas es un tractatus de violencia, catastrofe y movimiento, de contraste de trazos y color.

La abrumadora experiencia de sensaciones de la naturaleza salvaje. During her confession she blames herself for the death of her son, but the religious rite takes another course as she relives a past that the priest has buried years ago. As roles are reversed they fight around thedichotomy between faith and emotions.

Cecilia va a la iglesia. This documentary shows the different results and impact the film had on the lives of the actors as well as in the community. It reveals how much they got paid and explores their current jobs, among other topics. Acting in favelas and prisons, supporting families of victims and victims of white supremacy. One magical full moon night, Tara and her mother must flee Iran through the desert, in search of freedom, and with hope for a more liberated life but first, they must let go, unite and let the knowledge of their ancestors guide them.

This experimental animation introduces the audience to two queer characters struggling with the aftermath of apocalyptic disaster. Set to an experimental sound track, this film is a meditation on aging and mortality. What histories do we inherit, and what do we need to create? This film is an unfinished question, an obsession. Black Salt embodies cultural and contemporary narratives. Black Salt calls on ancestral and embodied knowledge with the intention of creating a vibrant future in which complex identities can coexist.

Music by Mother Popcorn and Jeepneys. Jeepneys and Low Leaf, cosmic parrot sisters of the infinince, forever frolicking upon the nebular fields of the many dimensions we inhabit, intersect heartminds and find a universe of creatures. Together they dance joyfully between the folds of space and time. As she climbs the palm tree of divine destiny she meets Jeepneys on the other side. Jeepneys, the alien bird mestiza, whose laughter creates stars across a void.

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Eyeing each other through the pyramid of palms, they see that they have been together since before the beginning of time. With the filmmaker present Entrance by donation. For many parents, finding out that their kid is gay usually presents a major tragedy, with the big majority utterly unable to accept the homosexuality of their son or daughter.

During recent years a fresh rainbow wind has been blowing over the Chinese mainland: a pioneer generation of Chinese parents has been stepping up and speaking out on their love for their gay kids. This documentary features 6 mothers from all over China, who talk openly and freely about their experiences with their homosexual children.

With their love, they are giving a whole new definition to Chinese-style family bonds. A reflection on the relation to oneself and the relation to others. Crossing the Lines Natalie Migenda, Switzerland, , , no dialogue This video is an encouragement to be feminist and a plea for free choice what being a woman means. It delves into personal stories behind the flashy costumes, glamorous accessories, dazzling stage sets, and sensual dancing.

Director Fan follows four performers over a span of three years to depict a touching and realistic perspective beyond the glamour, giving insights into their lifestyles as well as their hopes, joy, and pain. This unconventional narration interwaves history, present and future. It blurrs the lines between documentary and fiction. Through this short film the filmmakers aim to make a femmage to the poem and the poet itself.

Shy is quickly distracted by Valentine Harry Dodge , a deliriously expressive, wise-acre adoptee on a misguided search for their birthmother. Shy and Valentine live in and around this world with the intimacy of insiders, as well as the wariness of those who have been relegated to the outside. With acutely unique stories and styles, this film deftly circumvents stereotype and posturing and rises to the task of portraying gorgeous human intricacy, with incisive, self-reflective wit and generosity. Till Egen, Berlin, , English, 4min Right now there is an undeniable urgency in recognising the worsening situation for Refugees around Europe, especially in Berlin.

Throughout the struggles the Freeugee Movement came together as a form of musical resistance. Their experiences are often not talked about in wider society and in this film, they are reclaiming space and speaking up. This film shows the living situations of female migrants in the german camp system. Entrance by donation. Soli to support the refugee struggles in Berlin. An evening with five short films from filmmakers, based in Berlin. A film about a woman, a sex worker and an almost ordinary working day. We follow Jenny, a transgender college student who recently underwent surgery.

Film description from film makers. This program has been realised with the support of entzaubert diy filmfestival. Natalie Migenda and Rike Salow, english, 2min Lilly is a young woman that wears a blue raincoat and lives in a street with no end. Thirza Cuthand, , Canada, english, After a long period in life identifying as a Butch Lesbian, Cuthand considers transitioning to male. Shot partially on location in Hamburg, Germany, riding back and forth on the subway is a metaphor for her eventual acceptance of fluctuating between a masculine and a feminine gender.

SHIFT is constructed of over 10, photographs taken over a year and a half. The piece is very D. Rike Salow, english, 3 min One day Rufus noticed a monster floating below the ceiling. The editing is divided in five different parts, each one for the five states of hysteria that Jean-Martin Charcot invented: Appeal, Threat, Supplication, Erotism and Ecstasy.

Thirza Cuthand, Canada, , , english A meditation on the connections between blindness and mental health and the fragility of ability in us all. They wonder: Is everything pointless or is life in its temporariness splendorous? A 10 min explosion of stop- motion galore! Rike Salow, 3 min, english One day Lilly got mail.

It was a postcard from her uncle Matti. She was enthused about it. Never in her life had she gone on such a far journey…. Discussion after the film with one of the directors Door opens at pm. Please come in time, as we only have limited space.