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Also formerly with a verb form, Old English greatian , Middle English greaten "to become larger, increase, grow; become visibly pregnant," which became archaic after 17c. In addition to the idioms beginning with great.


That's great! British Informal.

World Rugby U20 Championship 12222 hailed as ‘one of the greats’

We just missed the last train home. Make America Great Again Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions.

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Idioms great with child , being in the late stages of pregnancy. Great, big, large refer to size, extent, and degree. In reference to the size and extent of concrete objects, big is the most general and most colloquial word, large is somewhat more formal, and great is highly formal and even poetic, suggesting also that the object is notable or imposing: a big tree; a large tree; a great oak; a big field; a large field; great plains.

Study The Lives of The Greats

When the reference is to degree or a quality, great is the usual word: great beauty; great mistake; great surprise; although big sometimes alternates with it in colloquial style: a big mistake; a big surprise; large is not used in reference to degree, but may be used in a quantitative reference: a large number great number.

Examples from the Web for greats Food, in large part, is what is currently putting this city up there with the greats. The U. The Monster S. Where the World is Quiet Henry Kuttner. Adrienne Toner Anne Douglas Sedgwick.

Designer Spotlight: Game Changing Sneakers Greats Answer To Female Fan Base

The Story of Ab Stanley Waterloo. Diligently study them—today and tomorrow and forever—and then, when you find yourself in the position to do so down the road, pass the lessons down to the next generation.

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  • Whichever version of Plutarch you pick up, know that you are following a great tradition when you do so. Includes an introduction to Stoicism, best books to start with, Stoic exercises and much more! Check out all the bonuses or sign up below. Skip to content It would be this Sunday that in the year , General William Henry Harrison sent three volumes of an ancient book to his 15 year old son, John.

    Men's Sneakers | GREATS

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