The Hidden Thoughts of Dracula: A Bloody Pocket-book

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  2. The Threat of Otherness in Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Bush was president. Cartoon Network had just been launched. Side note: I feel ancient. Stylish and Capital-D dramatic in a Hot Topic goth sort of way, Bram Stoker's Dracula gave us Gary Oldman gnawing on scenery and Keanu Reeves—bless him—turning in one of the worst accents in the history of film. Oh, and capes. Naturally, with the 25th anniversary approaching, we at SYFY Fangrrls thought it only right to give the movie a proper—and snarky—revisit. We open the movie in , as a human Dracula sets off to do battle against the Turks.

Three more from Bram Stoker

I appreciate that the clergymen of Transylvania get some sweet-ass gilded robes, but does the seminary not have a conditioner budget? I renounce God! I shall rise from my own death to avenge hers with all the power of darkness! Playing Renfield, we have the legendary Tom Waits, who has apparently attended the Bishop Anthony Hopkins school of not combing your damn hair.

Everyone in this movie is extremely Extra. I think she and Keanu entered a sort of actorly suicide pact. And the World Market lantern is a nice touch. Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman are in completely different movies. You can tell Lucy. I get that these women are gorgeous, but I am not humping anyone in a room that needs a Swiffer this badly. Or they can turn into wolves. And have power over wolves.

Who Was Dracula?: Bram Stoker's Trail of Blood

Is this cultural appropriation? A young, shirtless Dracula pops out of his travel coffin like a demented jack-in-the-box screaming " Eat me, Edward Cullen! He is so high maintenance, and also he might kill you. You want to get with a guy with a tiny soul patch like that? Sort order. If the Vampiric Impaller Dracula would really exist, he would think in the same funny and clever manner as the author did. Stunningly enertaining read about the art of vampirism! Keep them coming please! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About George Asztalos.

The Threat of Otherness in Bram Stoker's Dracula

George Asztalos. George G.

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Asztalos is a infrarealistic writer, based in Tg. Books by George Asztalos. Trivia About The Hidden Though No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back.

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In his belongings, Ellen finds an encoded message, which she takes, unbeknownst to Lazlo. She calls Phillips to tell him the painting is authentic, and he tells her Vambery's assistant has discovered Vambery added an uncatalogued sixteenth painting to the collection, but no one knows what it is. As such, he sends her to Vambery's residence in Whitby to see if she can find out anything about it. As Ellen explores the manor, she discovers a secret surveillance room in which she listens to an audio recording where Vambery talks of a portrait by an artist known as Kaneyek.

Vambery is greatly disturbed by the portrait, which was handed down to him by his father, but although he fears it, he is unable to destroy it, and so he decides to ship it with the collection for New York without telling anyone. He reasons that putting the painting in a museum on the other side of the world will give him peace, and speculates that "he won't think to look for it there. In the Vambery family tomb next to the house, Ellen finds a hidden vault in which she discovers a bust of Vlad Tepes.

In a chest she finds garlic , a stake, silver bullets and a crucifix. This leads her to speculate the missing painting could be a portrait of Dracula.

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She also finds a wax cylinder , recorded by Herman van Bergen in Fr. Arno Moriani also listens to this cylinder in Path of the Dragon. Van Bergen was Vambery's grandfather and made the recording after returning from the village of Vladoviste in Transylvania , where he had gone with his friend Ioan Hartner. Dracula had fallen in love with Hartner's wife, Luciana, and had initiated her onto "the Path of the Dragon.

Dracula, however, eluded them. After listening to the recording, Ellen asks Stoker if he knows what the Path of the Dragon is, and Stoker tells her it is thought by some to be an initiation rite one must follow if one wants to become a vampire , although he himself doesn't believe in vampires. Using a scytale , Ellen decodes Friedlen's note and finds the name and address of a painter called Yanek in Istanbul. She contacts Phillips, who informs her the modern form of Kaneyek is Yanek. As such, she is sent to Istanbul to find Yanek. When she arrives, he denies knowing Friedlen or having any paintings by Kaneyek.

Countess Dracula (1971)

After he leaves his home, Ellen breaks in and finds two paintings from the Vambery collection. In the attic, she finds a body and a sealed case containing a painting. She takes the case and returns to her apartment, where she opens it. It is a portrait of Adam. As she looks at the picture, it suddenly comes to life, as Adam grows fangs and lunges at Ellen. Addressing why the game featured a contemporary story rather than one set directly after Path of the Dragon which began in , and ended in , writer Marianne Tostivint explained, "At the beginning, we had several possibilities.

We could either relocate the plot in Harker 's Victorian England , continue Father Moriani's story or explore a new idea. We chose the third option because it offered more liberty to create a brand new story and introduce new characters. It really is an original story that is more based on the legends that have inspired Bram Stoker than Bram Stoker's book itself. Consequently, I chose to compose a theme with saturated electric guitars that create a shady, dark atmosphere that keeps the players in suspense.

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  6. I use the vampire 's noxious presence, that players can feel, rather than the character of Dracula as we know it. Shadow of the Dragon did not receive as much attention in the mainstream gaming press as any of the previous Dracula games, garnering very limited coverage from professional critics.

    What reviews it did receive were negative, with the PC version holding an aggregate score of 32 out of on Metacritic. Adventure Gamers ' Rob Franklin scored the game 1. He was also critical of the health system, which he called "desperately redundant. In fact, your only reward for completing this game is a teaser for Dracula 5. Adventure Classic Gaming 's Mervyn Graham scored it 2 out of 5, finding many of the same faults as Franklin. He criticised the health system as "superfluous and irrelevant," and found the character animations "abysmal," although he praised the sound and music.