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While he has everything needed to move the audience—the beauty of his timbre, his radiant physical appearance, his projection—we regret to see him so underused by a director who does not realize how lucky he is [to have him] We have to say it is a hard opera to mount due to the technical difficulties required from the three main characters, constantly carried to the limits of the tessitura. This fact requires great voices and precise vocal technique. On this evening, these expectations were more than exceeded.

André Chénier

Vocally, he dominated from first note to last and his characterization of the poet was totally natural. His voice filled the auditorium to the last row because of its very peculiar timbre; his tessitura is deep and velvety with brilliant high notes. The title, returning to the program after 22 years, fulfilled only half the expectations created by a stellar casting, the musical direction of Pinchas Steinberg and the promise of a novel staging by Philippe Artaud.

The ovations for the singers and the chorus collided with some booing [aimed at] Artaud and to a lesser extent at Steinberg. The score forces the actors to accept significant vocal and dramatic demands. And the first part vocals worked, despite an initial constraint that translated into a certain coldness, but not quite the drama with a stiff Cura playing against a more visceral Dessi. Vienna with Birthday Celebration. Vienna State Opera. It is a love story based on the life of a real historical character, the poet Andrea Chenier. He was initially an ardent supporter of the revolution but subsequently became a victim of the Reign of Terror and was guillotined.

A great tenor, soprano and baritone are required for a successful performance of this work. The Vienna State Opera provided the goods. Argentinean tenor Jose Cura proved to be a passionate Andre Chenier although his voice has lost some of its sheen We are loading two this week just to see if they work.

The Beloved Tarentina

They might not. Curtain Call Video 1. Curtain Call Video 2. Stockholm January 5, Describe the character and what you like about doing the part. However, because an honest intellectual does not fight one side in benefit of an other, but fights injustice, whichever side it comes, and Chenier realizes that the ones he sang praises to were as bad as the ones he fought, se he denounced them, getting killed by the same people he first favored.

One of the most important phrases in the whole opera, a turning point for the character, remains awkwardly buried in the music. Giordano, who was a good composer, was not a genius. Do you have a favorite character or role in an opera? If yes, which one and why? My favorite characters, you have guessed by the above, are those whose personalities allow me to convey a deep message and not just beautiful music for the sake of it. This phrase, intended to be an attack when read in context, has become my favorite quote when I need to remember my mission, my obligation, as an artist to keep things fresh, to take risks, to surprise.

Personally, I think conformism is cowardice. If yes, which ones and why? I am very much looking forward to my first Tannhauser and my first Peter Grimes in …. You are also a conductor and a director, how do you find the time to do both?

Andrea Chénier - Wikipedia

All is possible if you organize yourself with time an efficacy. There are moments for the singer, moments for the conductor and moments for the director. There are also moments in which I combine them, like when I sing in an opera I am directing Samson in Germany , Cavalleria and Pagliacci in Belgium , Otello in Buenos Aires last July , or when I conduct and opera I direct, which is my favorite combination La rondine in Nancy It is like dancing.

André CHÉNIER – Un poète dans la Terreur (France Inter, 2015)

If you dance with a good dancer, you are happy to let the other one lead, you enjoy the freedom of not being in charge, but if you dance with a bad one, you complain each time he steps on your toes…. And while the Liceu has assembled a remarkable trio of singers, it did not end up being a remarkable evening.

Come un bel di di maggio.

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Royal Festival Hall, London In-theater recording. Versimo CD. Vienna Staatsoper In-theater recording different supporting casts. Teatro Communale, Bologna Off-air recording.

Andrea Chenier

Concert, Rijeka Off-air recording. Vienna Staatsoper In-theater recording.

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But happiness is the best university. Stonelower, Mount Tabor Ltd. That pronouncement has little if any relation to the story to be unfolded now, a family chronicle, the first part of which is, perhaps, closer to another Tolstoy work, Detstvo i Otrochestvo Childhood and Fatherland, Pontius Press, Site overview.

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