The Tiny Dragons And The Big Surprise

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We have a big surprise coming!

Along with the delightful announcement was a photo of "Dragon Ball Super" showing what seemed to be a game face battle between Universe 7 and Universe 6. Although it might be just mere photo in general, it could also be the hint to the forthcoming arc. What are the chances that the current story arc is wrapping up anytime soon? The possibilities are endless.

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Even so, this remains a speculation as there is no official confirmation from the developer yet. Hence, this information has to be taken with a pinch of salt. The latest title FUNimation will be dubbing is the television franchise of "Drifters. Latest updates and spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" reveal that Android 18 will be going against Frost. Meanwhile, it seems like the angels are scheming something behind the Tournament of Power.

The latest preview of "Dragon Ball Super" reveals that the Tournament of Power gets more intense as Goku reveals a new mysterious power. New official updates for "Dragon Ball Super" reveals that things are going to get more interesting in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga. The latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" anime series has released a preview of the upcoming episode and it looks like the tournament is heading to an all-out war.

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