The Whisper of Promise

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  1. Whisper of A Promise
  2. Snapchat Hack Exposes More Than 260,000 Users
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  4. Ch. Sunsong Whisper A Promise

Snapchat says it plans to release a public API for developers but until then, "any application that isn't ours but claims to offer Snapchat services violates our terms of use and can't be trusted. Cloud-based leaks and hacks are mounting, and Snapchat should do more to slow the trend. The hacked Snapsaved app amassed almost 13GB of photos, including images from users who never used the app but unknowingly sent photos to others who had.

Users sometimes expect more privacy than Snapchat could ever realistically provide.


Whisper of A Promise

While it wouldn't do the company much good to admit this fact, it could at least come clean about how it exaggerated the promise of privacy in the past. Telling users to stop using third-party apps just doesn't cut it. The dust had barely settled around Snapchat when things took a more damning turn for one of it competitors.

Whisper, an app that promises user anonymity and promotes itself as a safe haven for open and intimate communications, was hit with serious accusations from The Guardian. During meetings about a potential partnership, the newspaper discovered that Whisper was tracking the location of its users, monitoring the activity of users deemed potentially newsworthy and storing that data indefinitely. Whisper's trove of data has a full history of every message posted using the app, including messages that were previously deleted, according to The Guardian.

Users who opt out of geolocation services were reportedly still tracked via IP data, which can be used to determine location within meters.

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A war of words erupted, including a point-by-point rebuttal from The Guardian after one Whisper executive dismissed the reports, on Twitter, as "lousy with falsehoods" and a "pack of vicious lies. Much more to come. The split response highlighted a gap in the pair's response to some of The Guardian 's most alarming claims. Zimmerman quickly dismissed a series of unattributed quotes as fabrication and "outright lies," while Heyward said the company was still investigating the matter.

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Heyward says Whisper collects IP addresses and deletes them after seven days, collects the GPS location only of users who opt in, and does not collect any personally identifiable information, such as names, email addresses or phone numbers. The Whisper CEO also says the company does not actively track users, but his comments suggest some employees particularly those who spoke to The Guardian about tracking users may be doing just that. An investigation into the matter is ongoing, and the company is withholding further comment until it learns more.

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Snapchat Hack Exposes More Than 260,000 Users

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. Identifying the broken promise that led to the erosion of trust helps with energy healing and the realignment of core vibrational frequencies. Energy balancing can heal the wounded heart. As the heart feels safe to experience more trust, the door opens wider to receiving love.

Ch. Sunsong Whisper A Promise |

Without the painful memories of the past creating an energetic burden or block, one finds the strength and courage to be more present. Karmic connections to broken promises and the suffering that follows create a magnetic attraction. When one breaks their promise, they can begin to experience that from others.

Negative repeating patterns can serve to perpetuate the harsh lessons. Finding the blessings in the life experience, acting out of service, engaging in forgiveness, and getting closer to the divine help balance the energy of the emotional residue created by a broken promise. Presence connects to the truth and enables clarity regarding current personal commitments. Honoring commitments and refusing to break any type of promise can result in the upward movement of spirit known as enlightenment. Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!

Blessings, Russell.

Ch. Sunsong Whisper A Promise

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