Und der Stern zeigte ihnen den Weg (German Edition)

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  4. Die TIC TAC-tik von Timothy Omer im Hacken von Diabetes
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Die Geschwindigkeit der Entwicklung geht nicht zusammen mit der der Krankenkassen. Die Zeit bis etwas genehmigt wird ist nicht reell. Es ist wie in der Mobiltelefon-Industrie die Dir stets die neuesten Features verkaufen will anstatt das was funktioniert besser zu machen. Der Fokus der Industrie ist es Geld zu verdienen. Der des National Health Service in den U. Also kommen in all jenen Bereichen PatientInnen an zweiter Stelle. Dann sind wir dazu gezwungen die Batterien selbst auszutauschen, weil dieser Weg darauf angelegt ist von unserer Krankheit zu profitieren. Timothy Omer: Da sagst Du etwas Richtiges!

Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben. Wie gehen die Hersteller von intelligenten Produkte mit Kundendaten um? Credit: Timothy Omer Als ich las dass nur ca. Be off, beggar! To heroes alone, to menials never, does my kingdom open! My pride will spare you the complaining; ever again to appear before you would degrade me! He who parts from you today, oh goddess, will never return to you again! You will never return? What have I said?

What has he said? Never to return to me! What am I to think? Now understand it? My beloved leave me for ever? Zieh hin! Flieh, ich geb dich frei Zieh hin! Suche dein Heil, suche dein Heil, - und find' es nie! Dann leuchte dein Schande, der hellen Schmach wird dann ihr Spott! Gebannt, verflucht, ha!

Um Mitleid fleht er bettelnd, nicht um Liebe!

Independence never an inevitability

Entweich, Bettler! Mein Stolz soll dir den Jammer sparen, mich entehrt je dir nah zu sehn! Wie es erfassen! Mein Geliebter ewig mich fliehn? How incurred such censure, as would rob me of the pleasure of forgiving my dear one? To the queen of love, to the goddess of all grace, alone, should offering her friend comfort be denied? Smiling through tears, how once I listened to you, yearning to hear the proud song that has been silent around me for so long! Oh say, how could you ever suppose I might remain unmoved if, some time, your soul's sighing were to urge me, if I were to hear your cry?

That in your arms supreme comfort I have found, oh, for that, do not let me suffer. Do not you one day scorn my solace! If you do not return to me, a curse, then, upon the whole wide world, and may that from which the goddess withdraws be for ever waste! Oh, come, come back again!

Trust my favour, my love! Oh, if you could understand it, goddess! Hence, to the death I seek! I am drawn to death! Trau meiner Huld, meiner Liebe! Come again to me, if, some time, you should seek your salvation! Oh, not in you shall I find peace and repose! My salvation lies in Mary! Venus vanishes. Mein Heil liegt in Maria! Venus verschwindet. Blue sky, bright sun.

In the foreground is a shrine to the Virgin. A Shepherd Boy is blowing his pipe and singing. Sleep bells tinkle. Blauer Himmel, heitere Sonnenbeleuchtung. There I dreamt many a sweet dream, and my eyes had scarcely opened when there the sun shone warm. May, May had come! Now I gaily play my pipe. May is here, the lovely May! Praise be to thee, Virgin sweet and pure. Grant that our pilgrimage may prove propitious! Nun spiel ich lustig die Schalmei, der Mai ist da, der liebe Mai!

I can endure it no longer; I will know neither sleep nor rest therefore and gladly choose toil and vexation. At the sublime feast of clemency and grace I will atone for my sins in humility; blessed is he who truly belives: he shall be saved through penitence and repentance. God speed to Rome!

Pray for my poor soul! Great are the marvels of Thy grace. Betet fur meine arme Seele! Gross sind die Wunder deiner Gnade! Do I see aright? Have you returned to the circle you forsook in haughty arrogance? Or does it betoken renewed strife? Seh' ich recht? Is this the bearing of arrogance? We greet you! Tell us - where have you tarried so long? Do not ask! I did not come hither to contend with you. Be reconciled with me and let me go on further! You have become one of us once more.

Ist dies des Hochmuts Miene? Sag' an, wo weiltest du so lang? Fragt nicht! Der unsre bist du neu geworden. Delay avails me naught, and never can I stop to rest! My way bids me only hasten onward, and never may I cast a backward glance! You shall tarry with us, we will not let you go from us! Mir frommet kein Verweilen; und nimmer kann ich rastend stehn! Bei uns sollst du verweilen, wir lassen dich nicht von uns gehn! Du suchtest uns, warum enteilen?

Nach solchem kurzen Wiedersehn? WOLFRAM When you strove with us in blithe song, sometimes victorious against our lays, anon defeated through our art, one prze there was that you alone succided in winning. Was it by magic or by oure might that you achieved the miracle or captivating the most virtuous of maids by your singing filled with joy and sorrow?

For, when, in haughtiness, you left us, her heart closed to our song; we saw her cheeks grow pale, she ever shunned our circle. Oh, return, you valiant Singer, let not your song be far from ours. Let her no longer be absent from our festivals, let her star shine on us once more! Have one with dissension and strife!

Let our lays ring out in unison, and brothers let us call ourselves from henceforth. Oh, return! Have done with dissension and strife! To her! Ha, how I recognize it again, the lovely world that I renounced! The heavens look down upon me, the meadows sparkle, richly-decked!

The spring, the spring with a thousand lovely sounds has entered into my soul, rejoicing! In sweet impetuous urgency my heart cries aloud: To her, to her! Lead me to her! War's Zauber, war es reine Macht, durch die solch Wunder du vollbracht, an deinen Sang voll Wonn' und Leid gebannt die tugendreichste Maid?

Denn ach! Zweitracht und Streit sei abgetan! Zu ihr! A miracle has brought him hither! Glory be to the sweet power that has charmed his arrogance away! Now may the high-born lady's ear once more harken to our lays! In joyous animated tones the song goes up from every breast! The whole valley fills with huntsmen The Landgrave sounds his horn and is answered by loud blasts from every side.

Ein Wunder hat ihn hergebracht! In thee his lays awake and waken me from gloomy dreams. When he departed from thee, how desolate thou didst appear to me! Peace forsook me, joy took leave of thee. How strongly now my heart is leaping; to me now thou dost appear exalted and sublime. He who thus revives both me and thee, tarries afar no more. I greet thee! Thou precious hall, receive my greeting! Aus mir entfloh der Frieden, die Freude zog aus dir!

Wie jetzt mein Busen hoch sich hebet, so scheinst du jetzt mir stolz und hehr, der mich und dich so neu belebet, nicht weilt er ferne mehr! Leave me! I may not see you here! Oh, stay and let me remain at your feet! You shall not kneel here, for this hall is your kingdom. Oh, rise! Receive my thanks for your return!

Where did you tarry so long? Deep forgetfulness has descended betwixt today and yesterday. All my remembrance has vanished in a trice, and one thing only must I recall, that I never more hoped to greet you, nor ever raise my eyes to you. Stehet auf! Lasst mich! Nicht darf ich Euch hier sehn! O stehet auf!

Wo weiltet Ihr so lange? Forgive me if I do not know what I am about. I am in a dream, and foolish as a child, surrendered, powerless, into the power of the miracle. I scarcely know myself more; oh, help me unravel my heart's enigma! To the Singers' skilful lays I used to listen often with great pleasure.


ENGLISH VERSION: Headshot for a kidney

Their singing and their praise seemed to me a pleasant show. But what a strange new life your song conjured up in my breast! Now it would thrill through me like pain, now penetrate me like sudden joy. Emotions I had never experienced! Longings I had never known! That which once was dear to me vanished before a bliss nameless heretofore! And when you left us then, peace and joy were gone from me. The melodies the Singers sang appeared insipid to me, melancholy their temper.

Dreaming, I experienced heavy sorrow, my waking hours became a troubled delusion, joy fled from my heart - Henry!

Vanessa Mai - Ich sterb für dich

What had you done to me? Encompassed about with radiant bliss, sunshine smiles upon me; awakened to new life, I call happiness mine! Fast kenn ich mich nicht mehr Doch welch ein seltsam neues Leben rief Euer Lied mir in die Brust! Was sonst mir lieblich, war verschwunden vor Wonnen, die noch nie genannt! Was tatet Ihr mir an? Von Wonneglanz umgeben, lacht mir der Sonne Schein; erwacht zu neuem Leben, nenn ich die Freude mein!

To the newly-perceived life I may bravely turn; aquiver with joy, I call its fairest wonder mine! Does a festival of singing of our preparing attracct you then at last?

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Oh my kindest of fathers! I cannot speak! So be it! That which his song so marvellously awoke and stimulated, he shall reveal today and crown with fulfilment. Now the gracious art will come to fruition! Trumpets are heared from the background as if from the courtyard of the castle The nobles of my land whom I have invited here to a rare festival are approaching now; they come more numerous than of wont, for they have heard you are to be the festival's queen.

Sprechen kann ich nicht. So sei's! SCENE FOUR The Landgrave and Elisabeth ascend the balcony to watch the arrival of the guests; they are announced by the four noble pages, who receive from the Landgrave directions as to their reception The Knights and Counts enter, one by one, with their ladies and their retinue. The assembled guests have now all taken their seats.

The Conversation

The Landgrave and Elisabeth occupy seats of honour under a canopy, in the foreground The Singers step forward and greet the assembly with dignified bows. Vier Edelknaben treten auf und melden an. If our swords in battles grim and bloody did battle for the majesty of the German realm, if we withstood the furious Guelphs and averted ruinous dissention, then no less a prize was carried off by you.

By your art you won for grace and gracious custom, for virtue and true belief, wholly sublime, magnificent and glorious victory. Then, prepare for us today a festival - today when the valiant Singer, whom we have grievously missed for so long, has returned to us. That which brought him back again among us, appears to me a wondrous mystery; through the art of song you shall reveal it to us.

Therefore I put the question to you now: Could you fathom the true essence of love for me? To the man who can do it, to him who celebrates it most worthily in song, let Elisabeth present the prize, let him claim it, exalted and bold as he will - I will see she shall bestow it.

Up, beloved Singers! Pluck the strings!

Die TIC TAC-tik von Timothy Omer im Hacken von Diabetes

The task is set! Compete for the prize and receive in advance all our thanks. Hail to Thuringia's Prince! Hail to the protector of the gracious art! All sit down The four noble pages come forward and collect from each Singer, in a golden bowl, a small roll of paper bearing his name; they present the bowl to Elisabeth, who takes out one of the papers and hands it back to the pages.

Wolfram rises. Greifet in die Saiten! Wolfram erhebt sich. So many heroes, valiant, upright and judicious, a forest of proud oaks, magnificent, fresh and green. And ladies I behold, charming and virtuous, a richly-perfumed garland of lovely blooms. My glance becomes enraptured at the sight, my song mute in face of such radiant loveliness.

I lift my eyes up yonder to one star which stands fast in the firmament and dazzles me: my spirit draws comfort from that distance, my soul devoutly sinks in prayer. And behold! Before me a miraculous spring appears, which my spirit glimpses, filled with wonder! From it, it draws bliss, rich in grace, through which, ineffably, it revives my heart. And never would I sully this fount, nor taint the spring in wanton mood: I would practise myself in devotion, sacrificing, gladly shed my heart's last drop of blood. You noble ones may gather from these words how I do apprehend love's purest essence to be!

Tis so! Praised be your song! He stares fixedly at nothing. A slight trembling of the hand - which has unconsciously sought the strings of the harp - and an uneasy smile indicate that a strange magic has taken possession of him. If you languish so fearfully, the world would come to an end, forsooth!

To praise God in the sublime and lofty distance, raise your eyes to heaven, look up to His stars! Worship is due to such marvels, for one should not aspire to touch them! But that which inclines to touch, lies near the heart and senses, that which, conceived of the selfsame stuff in weaker mould, nestles to one - I do boldly approach that fount of delight with which no fear is ever mixed, for the fount is inexhaustible, as my longing is unquenchable!

These three elements, ambivalent social and political support, a state explicitly hostile to any attempt at separation and a complete absence of international support, have led to the almost complete defeat for Catalan independence. The capture and imprisonment of Puigdemont symbolically closes this phase.

Deutsch Bible-Based Coloring Pages for Kids • Kid Explorers • jiwopumo.tk

Between and , the Catalan movement for independence displayed extraordinary capacity for mobilisation, managing to bring a million people onto the streets of Barcelona almost every year. The movement was peaceful, optimistic and celebratory, confident that separation from Spain was eminently achievable and imminent. However, this relentlessly upbeat outlook seemed to prevent recognition of hard political reality. In spite of public statements from a range of international leaders, including the European Union, supporting the continued unity of Spain, the movement told itself that when the time came, recognition for Catalonia was inevitable.

While arguably it had little choice, the EU has backed Spain in the Catalan dispute. One consequence has been a eurosceptic turn within the Catalan independence movement over perceived betrayal by Brussels. The Catalan movement for independence, as well as a number of internal and strategic errors, seriously misjudged the interest and willingness of the EU to countenance the break up of Spain. Yet, the EU is an alliance of states. The EU has been through repeated crises since and it seems astonishing that the leaders of Catalan independence thought the bloc might be supportive of further disruption.

While accommodation might have been made for Scotland, this was because the British state was prepared to accept the separation of 5m Scots from a Britain of almost 65m should they vote for it in a referendum.