2! Signs and Coincidences from God

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  2. How to Tell the Difference Between a Sign and a Coincidence
  3. Signs from god
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But wherever you fall in the belief continuum says more about you than it does about the actual truth. The good news is that no matter which side you choose, there are theories, doctrines and research to back up each side. Both camps have passionate supporters who have worked hard to validate their beliefs.

Signs from god

Synchronicities are merely reminders that the larger plan for our life is unfolding. This thought process can veer towards the supernatural, occults and the paranormal. Research shows that people who pay attention to coincidences are more likely to believe in the occult. According to statisticians, coincidental events are not random or meaningfully related and they happen all the time. In his book, The Improbability Principle , David Hand says that extremely improbable events are commonplace.

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Our drive to make meaning and spot patterns can lead us to make irrational associations and connections. A need to feel significant and to believe that their life has purpose leads people to fabricate fairly egocentric explanations about coincidences that comfort them. Research has shown that there are certain personality types that tend to experience coincidences more often than others. This group includes people who see themselves as being religious or spiritual, high meaning-seeking, and who tend to relate information from the outside world to themselves.

Cynicism and skepticism will only create barriers around us and leave us feeling weak. I think that coincidences are real and denying their existence stops inquiry and prevents us from expressing our power as a creative force. Regardless of what you choose to believe in, try to develop a perspective that makes your life an adventure of discovery so that you can explore your capabilities. Allow the magic of synchronicities activate a sense of awe.

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  • Coincidences and the Meaning of Life.
  • Here are some suggestions on how you can develop your own interpretations about the coincidences that occur in your life:. Define what a coincidence means to you: There are different ways to interpret coincidental occurrences. Or is your reality based on facts and science? The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong way of perceiving coincidences. No one can really prove mysterious happenings, so whatever you choose to believe is largely based on how you choose to see things and not on a gospel truth. In other words, you define your reality based on your personal values and where you see yourself within the grand scheme of things.

    Examine past coincidences in your life: Taking time out to reflect on all the coincidences that have occurred in your life thus far will enable you to gain perspective on this phenomenon and how it has impacted your life. List down all the major coincidences and synchronicities that stand out in your memories.

    Focus on the ones that left you feeling awestruck and filled you a sense of wonder and write down your responses to these journal prompts: Describe the circumstances in detail and how they made you feel. What was significant about that particular coincidence and how was it relevant to whatever you were going through at that particular stage in your life? What did you learn from this experience and how did it influence your decisions and your relationship with a Higher Power or the Universe?

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    Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Connecting with Coincidence. He finds support for his belief in many stories from the Bible. After reading Dr.

    How to Tell the Difference Between a Sign and a Coincidence

    Bernard D. Naomi was eager to find a new home for Ruth who had recently been widowed, so that she would be taken care of after Naomi had died. She predicted Boaz would react positively and want her for himself. Ruth 3 And that is exactly what happened.

    Signs from god

    Was it also just coincidence that Ruth went to live with the older Naomi and take good care of her which was what endeared Boaz to her? Mary was pregnant with child. The prophet Micah in the Old Testament had predicted in Micah that a ruler would be born in Bethlehem. Joseph happened to be a descendent of David, and thus had to go to the town of David, which was Bethlehem to be enumerated and taxed at the precise time Jesus was to be born?

    And while Micah predicts the birth of simply a ruler in Bethlehem, the reference is clearly to a Lord as later in chapter , he talks about someone who will bring the ultimate salvation to Israel. Abraham also predicted that this wife would come from among his own distant relatives. The servant prayed to God that the sign for knowing who that woman was to be would be that when she was asked for water by the servant, she would also offer to water his camels and there were many of them since he had a party of his own people with him.

    He was sold by his brothers to merchants on their way to Egypt Genesis He had gone to take food to his brothers tending flocks at the same time these merchants were passed through and willing to buy him and sell him as a slave, in Egypt. Ultimately, he became second in command to the Pharaoh and saved his own people from starvation This was predicted in the earlier part of Genesis when Joseph had two dreams and shared them with brothers and father.

    Because of who he was and the Jewish rules, he was unsuccessful in gaining access to the temple. But he was persistent and wanted to learn more about Him. So, he finds and purchases a scroll of a portion of the Old Testament to read on his return trip, by chariot, to Ethiopia. It happened to be a copy of the book of Isaiah. Then Philip, the Evangelist, who was nearby, approaches his chariot and simply asked if the Eunuch understood what he was reading, ultimately helping him convert to Christianity and get baptized.

    For his part, the Eunuch had not given up after not being able to enter the temple to worship, but instead got himself a scroll to read. And interestingly, the scroll was indeed Isaiah which elsewhere Isaiah 56 tells us that Eunuchs can also find salvation?

    What a confirmation for this man.

    Are Coincidences Signs From God

    Indeed, independent circumstances are sometimes aligned beautifully. But to anyone who believes in a Divine Supreme Being that sincerely cares for the welfare of His creations, such occurrences are more than mere coincidences.

    Why Coincidences Happen and What They Mean - The Atlantic

    I tend to favor the former. The implications for the fulfillment of history are significant. Believers accept that what appears as coincidence is indeed orchestrated by a sovereign God Who cares about the little sparrow and the hairs we have on our heads Matthew As Gotquestions. But just because we are taken by surprise does not mean that God is. When there is an explanation for a coincidence, there are no coincidences.