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While we are constantly building recipes the search box will help us see what recipes you are looking for. Thank you so much for visiting the Instacooks Cookbook. Have a good look around. I will be adding new recipes weekly and bringing some of the recipes from Instagram. Give us a shout to have a recipe featured.


Astrance : a cook's book

A broad selection of yummy simple bites, We have added some warming soups too. Here you will find the full meals and those yummy side dishes to go with. The Main course is something that is served up every day in kitchens all over the country. Welcome to the Sweet Treats section.

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So we all love a good sweet yummy dessert right? Here is the selection of desserts that have been featured on Instagram. From yummy no prove Donuts to the ultimate cast iron cookies. If you are looking for sweet then you are at the right place.

Welcome to Book a Cook - Book a Cook

This section is a tidy little place if you need some information around everything Instagram. If you are stuck with something let us help. Spending so much time on the social network I am always happy to share some of the tips and ticks I have learnt along the way.

Cast Iron Skillet cooking is one of my favourite ways to cook. From their, recipes books are great for pictures and inspirations. Even reading a Chef's bibliography is great. You can really put your feet in their shoes and understand their trials and their triumphs.

I do have one quick rant to make about some recipe books I have some issues with Chef recipe books. Often times, they are unfair to the end-reader. Try doing anything from Alinea's cook book with no training or proper equipment. Yeah, it isn't fun! It's like most Chefs slap together a book, and expect the layman to be able to follow it. It is like having a UI that requires an instruction manual to operate it. It just doesn't make sense. Even with companies like Joule coming along and trying to make home Sous Vide machines.

Bad celebrity chef cook books - Gordon Ramsay

It really doesn't seem sustainable. Instead, focus on teaching home cooks how to do your basics. Then show them something cool. I think creating tiered cook books would be better. With levels..

The Good Cook's Book of Tomatoes

I have a book like that somewhere. I just can't find it the moment. All that aside, the books below are great for anyone. Whether you are planning to be a Chef, or maybe you are just a home cook.

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Either way, these books will help you grow your skills. Some of them will teach you more about food and what makes it tick. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features.

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New Releases. Notify me. Description Master classic dishes and perfect all the cooking techniques you need for success every time with the world's top chefs, including Marcus Wareing, Shaun Hill, Ken Hom, Atul Kochhar, and Peter Gordon.

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This new edition of The Cook's Book, winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, is an essential ingredient for every kitchen with all the know-how you need to become a skilled chef. Learn how to make mouth-watering sauces and how to cook rice to perfection, and discover the secret to making good bread and how to rescue homemade mayonnaise.

With easy-to-achieve cooking techniques and over delicious recipes, you can create perfection on a plate in your own kitchen, no matter your level of culinary skill.