A Pocket Full of Lies

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Technically I think the release date for the book is January 29, so more places should be getting it soon. Just finished the Prologue. Pretty good so far! I just noticed, but the spine has the fiftieth anniversary logo at the bottom, which, as far as I can remember and see there was no official logo for the 40th, but the 30th was pretty nice just pulled out my copy of "Flashback" and it's got the 30th Star Trek Generations logo on the back.

I think I like the 30th logo better than the 50th, but the 50th, being on the spine, will look interesting on my shelf. Awaiting my download Ronald Held , Jan 16, I'm up to Chapter 8, and in regards to what the cover copy says, I never expected this book to be based on this one episode. So this book is throwing a few curve balls. The episode this book is based off of is "Shattered" from Season 7, plus there are references to the events and races mentioned or seen in "Year Of Hell".

Joined: Dec 29, Location: In the future's past. Was perusing through my local Chapters and saw this on the shelf.

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I was pretty surprised, as it's two weeks early! I'll have to put aside DRG3's Ascendance for a few days. Paris , Jan 16, Joined: Jun 10, Location: Los Angeles. I can't believe we're off and running this early.

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I thought it would be at least another week before anyone had this in their hands. Ah well Best, KMFB. Kirsten Beyer , Jan 18, Jinn , Man of Steel and Kilana2 like this. Kirsten, before everyone gets too deep into talking about A Pocket Full of Lies, I had a question about Atonement that never got answered in the previous thread which I hope you can shed some light on. Someone else in the discussion about Atonement mentioned where they visualized the Confederacy being geographically in the Delta Quadrant.

It didn't match were I had in my head during the time spent reading the trilogy. I assumed it was quite a bit "off the beaten track" in the "southern" third and "eastern" third of the quadrant. Basically between Borg space and the farther reaches of the Beta Quadrant. Did you have a particular location In the quadrant in mind when describing distances between the Confederacy and New Talax for example?

Thanks as always for being a part of this community! DEWLine likes this.

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Paris , Jan 18, I've got a copy in the post, so it's time for: Re-read of Volumes Then plowing through the rest - which will be new! Jedi Ben , Jan 18, Joined: Jan 14, Location: other space. All have different life agendas and perspectives when it comes to children. In a completely unrelated note, another aspect I thoroughly enjoyed is the use of oft maligned Voyager episodes to tie together the larger universe. So much so that it became almost self-referential in later seasons. I enjoy the bottled episode structure of syndicated television but that era is long past.

Thankfully, Beyer has a strong knack for taking these stories and weaving them into a larger tapestry. Post Traumatic Syndrome. These are all real.

BOOK REVIEW -- Star Trek: Voyager Atonement & A Pocket Full of Lies // kazzified29

These are all bad. Tuvok and Conlon each experience their effects in one shape or another. Conlon is suffering from her own trauma. Tuvok is able to overcome his through venting and acknowledging his anger. Both of these are respectful treatments of severe mental issues.

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  • REVIEW: Voyager — “A Pocket Full of Lies”.

They are 3-dimensional representations of people who are suffering. That Conlon is not magically fixed is refreshing and makes me relate to her, given my own history with depression and manic periods. Yes, it is a focus in A Pocket Full of Lies. Riker is still captain of the Titan and Voyagers mission has only just begun.

REVIEW: Voyager — “A Pocket Full of Lies”

Beyer studiously avoids the trap that many other connected universes fall into. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Tags a pocket full of lies , full circle , kristin beyer , star trek relaunch series , star trek voyager , star trek voyager books , star trek voyager relaunch.

In case anyone missed it. Juxtapose these events with Admiral Janeway and Command Torres. Back to the depressing.