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A similar tradition regarding the descendants of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad peace be upon him and his family , has appeared in Sahih Muslim. The Islamic Post Blog. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Bab El Shaareya Sq.

Ahli Bait Hanon

Opera Sq. Mohamed Kamel Hussein St. Off Nabil El Waqqad St. Off Salah Salem Rd. Off El Merghany St. Off El Maqrizy St. Kasr El Tahraa Sq. Intersection Of El Nasr St.

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Off El Nasr Rd. Off Abbas El Akkad St. Intersection Of Zaker Hussein St. El Khalafawy Sq. El Mohafza Sq. Off El Qady St. Ali and Fatima fasted the following day, and when time for breaking the fast was due, once more a knock on the door was heard. This time someone claiming to be an orphan was asking for help. He too was offered the available food, and with thanks, he took the food then left. On the third day, both Ali and Fatima were once again fasting, and when time for breaking the fast was due they were weak, shaky, and dizzy for lack of nourishment, even difficult to hold themselves steady.

Once more at this time a knock was heard! This time a destitute man was in need of food.

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Ali and Fatima couldn't help but again offer him their food. Thus Ali and Fatima underwent three days of fasting, hardly having anything to eat. This was done as a duty, since this was for the love of the Almighty; they would rather help the others than themselves. For this occasion a remarkable Revelation [of 18 verses] was sent down to Muhammad in honor of these two, Fatima and Ali. And the revelations continued to describe their lofty station with Allah —in the Garden of Bliss [Paradise].

O' Men of Faith! Safeguard yourselves against evil [be Muttaqi] and associates yourselves with the Truthful Ones. The authentic books concur in reporting that this verse refers to Ahlul Bayt. Thus we are enjoined to associate ourselves with their cause.

You reap as you sow, for those who believe and do good to please Allah are blessed in this life and especially in the Hereafter. This verse commands the Muslims to love Ahlul Bayt if they want to repay the Prophet pbuh for his toils of Prophethood, thus the Ayah commands and indirectly demands from us to follow Ahlul Bayt in word and deed:. History shows that from the beginning to the end of their lives, every member of the Ahlul Bayt had presented an ideal Islamic pattern of life, not equaled by any among the followers of the Prophet pbuh , therefore love and devotion to them was commanded by the Quran to provide the highest form of guidance to mankind.

Love implies sincere attachment which must manifest in every thought and deed. The recompense is in the interest of the believers themselves, not in any way profitable to the Prophet pbuh in his personal life. Qurba nearness has been used to show that not only relationship but also nearness in character and accomplishment is taken into consideration as the important quality. So, on the basis of this verse, love of the Ahlul Bayt has become an obligatory function of the faith, a fundamental condition for the devotion to Allah and good deeds. Certainly Allah knows all.

And the foremost in faith will be foremost [in receiving Allah's rewards]. They will be brought nearest [to Allah]: in gardens of bliss; they are a multitude from the early people [in Islam], and a few from the later ones [in Islam]. As the foremost in faith, the first male to embrace Islam was the 10 year old Ali, who had never bowed to an idol. The very first to embrace Islam was a woman, the beloved wife of the Prophet pbuh , Khadija. Therefore, Ali and Khadija were the initial first of Saabiqeen. Any other who claims this title [other than I] is in falsity. There are many other Saabiqeen, and in accordance to their degree they are handsomely rewarded by the Almighty, but Ali stands out, since he was the foremost.

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Verily, thus We recompense those who do good. Allah sends salutation to Aali Yassin. In the Sadaqah alms being forbidden for them. Verily Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet. O you who believe!


Gaza Sporting Club vs Al-Ahli Bait Hanoun livescore, results,livescore18

The believers are also commanded to invoke Allah to send His blessings on him too. Bukhari, Vol. When asked, the Prophet replied,.

In Conclusion. Oh loving you Ahlul Bayt is such. That it is a duty the Quran had established. Suffice it that so privileged your distinction is.

Al-Ahli Bait Hanoun livescore

That Salat becomes invalid if Salawaat is not invoked for you. Also Tha'labi in Tafseer Kabir. Also Ibn Hanbal's Mus'nad, Vol. Also Ibn Marduwayh in his Mus'nad.