Arztbriefe im Gesundheitssystem (German Edition)

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  1. Background
  2. Modular Architecture of Value-Added Applications for German Healthcare Telematics
  3. Healthcare in Germany – digital first? | Digital Society Institute Monitor
  4. Healthcare in Germany – digital first?

The world is becoming digital — internet of things, artificial intelligence, social networking, and the rapid rise of technology have fundamentally changed our private and professional life. But has the German healthcare system successfully found its way into the digital era yet? The topic of health has never been as vital to Germans as it is today, and digital innovations offer a wide range of possibilities.


Health apps, wearables, and special fitness trackers are part of our modern digital world. Founded in the s, the German healthcare system — with its doctors, specialists, and facilities — is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. According to surveys, many people would be willing to use digital applications in medical care and to provide their own data for this purpose.

Due to the Lipobay scandal the legislature decided to introduce the electronic health insurance card elektronische Gesundheitskarte, eGK [2].

Modular Architecture of Value-Added Applications for German Healthcare Telematics

An electronic medication plan stored on the eGK was supposed to prevent harmful interactions of medications in the future. This application should be usable by mid In the E-Health Law implemented concrete deadlines and responsibilities for the introduction of these applications. The radiological telekonsil, which is based on the E-Health Law, and the video consultation are of marginal importance and only apply if a doctor has already been in contact with the patient before.

You should have experience in solubility analysis in the lab. You should have experience from thermodynamic modelling using advanced engineering principles of non-ideal electrolyte chemistry; You will need to show that you have contributed to publications; You will be responsible for self-management of your time and you are expected to be flexibility and self-motivation.

Healthcare in Germany – digital first? | Digital Society Institute Monitor

Duration: 2 y Duties: We are looking to recruit an expert structural biologist, bioinformatician or cheminformatician to join the PDBe curation team. High-quality curation of new depositions is essential for PDB and EMDB to remain the authoritative global sources of biomacromolecular structure information. The work will also involve analysis of structure data and enriching PDBe tools and services.

Communication with depositors is an essential part of the job. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as excellent knowledge of English are therefore required. This Leverhulme Trust funded position is available working on the development of new synthetic organic methodology.

Product details

The project aims to develop efficient routes for the synthesis of complex functionalised organic molecules from readily available propargylic alcohols. The postholder will be required to design new synthetic reaction sequences and novel transition-metal catalyzed transformations.

Healthcare in Germany – digital first?

The project will make extensive use of modern synthetic approaches as well as a variety of modern spectroscopic techniques Minimum Requirements: The successful candidate will have a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry or be about to be awarded a PhD , and possess experience in the following areas: organic synthesis, compound purification and characterisation.

This involves the isolation and analysis of embryos and organs from genetically altered mice. For molecular analysis, advanced genome-wide research tools such as transcriptome, epigenetic and chromatin analysis are combined with cell biology and molecular embryology. The working language is English; however, knowledge of German is an advantage.

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Sie suchen die Herausforderung in einem medizinisch-wissenschaftlichen Umfeld. Results At the interface of inpatient to outpatient care, several problems regarding discharge management, intersectoral communication and cooperation as well as in the management of medication were found. Concerning the interface between general practitioners and outpatient specialist care, problems were particularly marked with regard to free choice of doctors, appointment management, medical decision-making process, medication management as well as the use of the electronic health card.

Das deutsche Gesundheitssystem in 4 Minuten erklärt (2012)

Regardless of the interfaces, the lack of communication could be worked out as a central challenge. Conclusion There are several problems with all adjacent interfaces. What is striking here is the lack of communication and cooperation between all parties involved.