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  2. Seven weeks before we leave the EU has anyone seen David Cameron? | Politics | The Guardian
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  4. Derailed-Memoirs of a Botched Hysterectomy: A Story of Undiagnosed Endometriosis

But for Conservatives who view austerity as having been painful but necessary to balance the books, the critique is different.

Art Lizza - Ghostwriter

He was insistent there was no such thing as Cameronism, that what mattered was what worked. Back in , Cameron was lagging behind David Davis, the initial frontrunner in the leadership race, when he gave a Daily Telegraph interview promising two things that sounded strangely at odds with his modernising agenda. Opinion was sharply divided when Cameron began thinking aloud, halfway through his first parliament, about an in-out referendum to settle the Europe question. At a kitchen cabinet meeting to discuss options, Osborne warned that losing would be catastrophic.

But Mitchell, by then chief whip, raised a different concern. The charge of putting the whole country through the mill to solve an internal Tory psychodrama has been made ever since. Why did Cameron ignore the warnings? In his memoirs he is likely to defend it as democracy in action, giving the people the final say. But it was also surely driven by arithmetic. The splitting of the rightwing vote, with disgruntled Tories defecting to Ukip, had long hampered Conservative leaders but coalition turned a festering problem into an urgent one.

Leftwing votes had also been split between two parties but were now consolidating, as Liberal Democrat voters swung to Labour in protest at their party entering coalition. His own backbenchers were jittery, threatening to oust him. If Cameron wanted more than one term in office, he needed those Ukip voters back. Boles is convinced that without promising a referendum in , Cameron would have lost the general election. It had been building for so long and the Ukip situation was very real.

**CAUGHT ON CAMERA** Train Derails In Front Of Ambulance

Yet, in seeking to ward off what he saw as the socialist threat from Ed Miliband, he unleashed a chain of events that may yet make Jeremy Corbyn prime minister. Cameron appears to have seen the referendum primarily as a safety valve, a means of releasing pent-up rightwing urges relatively harmlessly before getting on with what he regarded as the real business of the second term: returning to the themes that originally won him the Tory leadership.

Seven weeks before we leave the EU has anyone seen David Cameron? | Politics | The Guardian

Having already decided to quit before the election to spend more time with Samantha and their three surviving children, Cameron wanted to focus in his final years on becoming the social reformer he had always intended. The dream was to go out on a high having lanced the Europe boil, belatedly balanced the national books and returned to the sunlit uplands of his early vision. Christian Guy was brought into Downing Street to work on the life chances programme from the Centre for Social Justice, a thinktank set up by Iain Duncan Smith that, in opposition, had taken Cameron on tours of the kind of deprived neighbourhoods Tory leaders rarely visited.

Europe was something he just wanted to get out of the way so he could do these social reforms. But the fact that he was already in a tight corner may have helped convince Cameron he had nothing to lose from a referendum. As Guy points out, his instinct was usually to confront an argument head on. He had that ability — in party conference, in cabinet, in places where they frankly wanted to string him up — to lead. Others take a less flattering view.

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So it was pencilled in for , leaving far too little time to overturn decades of British governments portraying Brussels as an enemy requiring handbagging into submission. The referendum itself was bitterly fought, but voters largely understood what they were being asked and what might happen next. He failed to grasp how many Labour voters would see the referendum as a chance to hit back at the man who inflicted austerity on them.

And he made far too few contingency plans for losing, leaving Whitehall exposed to a crisis for which it was woefully underprepared. On 24 June, the man who defined himself in opposition to the ideological wing of his party was duly beaten by it. Cameron was criticised for not staying on to help clean up the mess, but the consensus inside Downing Street was that it would be counter-productive. At the time of writing, it looks as if he may be disappointed there too.

Cameron always was a gifted communicator. But if his memoirs are to shift that verdict, he may need to be a better writer than he was a politician. Another thing Taylor did well was pace this story well and keeping reader interest very high at least for me. However, this story really needed some editing - there were phrases that were grammatically incorrect and the prose stumbles a bit.

The fact that she owns the company that published this book points to the fact that there was no editor involved. All of that taken into account, I'm still glad that I read this book. It gave me a view of what can go wrong with a routine hysterectomy and also gave me a birds-eye view of a patient's perspective. Jan 08, Cynthia rated it it was ok. Assuming the details are thorough, accurate and true, what happened to her should have never happened - yet it does every day all over the country to other women.

She is to be commended for raising awareness through her narrative experience and for her courageous journey. However, the book is not without significant issues and flaws, which cannot be ignored. First, she owns the company that published the book. While this is not an issue or conflict of interest, it does mean that her book passed through to publication without being vetted for facts and accuracy.

First and most glaring is the way she reprints copious amounts of pages from the internet Endo Association website, etc. It is not clear if she obtained permission to use these extensive copies and they are certainly not cited correctly MLA, APA, any format would be better than what she used - which was nothing.

Second, she is quoting outdated and downright false information about endometriosis to support her claims that the disease would have 'killed her in 6 more mons.

  1. Seven weeks before we leave the EU ... has anyone seen David Cameron?.
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Endometriosis is significantly life altering all on its own and does not need to be compared to cancer to be considered valid. While it does have some similarities to certain cancers and there are elevated risks of certain cancer in those with the disease according to current, authoritative, peer-reviewed academic data , it is not a benign cancer, nor does it 'eat away organs' like some form of ulcerative colitis. True enough it can strangle or torse organs and bind them together or otherwise render them dysfunctional, but the notion that endometriosis is some kind of fatal wildfire pouring throughout the body from the bloodstream is just completely inaccurate and absurd.

No doubt the author has had her life altered by advanced stage disease and the complications she experienced at the hands of medical incompetents is unforgivable - and unfortunately very typical of endometriosis - but scientific accuracy and truth about the disease would have lent far more validity to her story. She could have also simply left out any information on the disease, pointing instead to valid resources for readers to learn on their own, and shared her narrative alone.

Instead, she tried to be a source of information as well as a narrator and it simply does not work in this format. That's shady.

The author also takes a certain smug overtone, whether real or perceived. Extraneous mention of her glamorous apartment, trips to Panama, wonderful job with understanding bosses, etc. Again, however, this is a narrative and should be construed as such - but the author falls very short of, and is almost irresponsible in, her depiction of the disease. All in all, if you want to read a woman's story about how the medical establishment failed her, then this is a good book for that.

Derailed-Memoirs of a Botched Hysterectomy: A Story of Undiagnosed Endometriosis

The author comes through her ordeal courageously and should be commended for sharing her story, albeit via her own company. Jun 29, Sam rated it really liked it. Every woman should read this book. It will put the fear of god in you and make you wonder how some of these doctors actually became doctors. I won this from LibraryThing. Jun 14, Traci rated it it was ok Shelves: nonfiction , ebook , reads. The horrible thing about endometriosis is that millions of women are affected by the condition, yet doctors still don't seem to know much about it. So consequently there is little literature on the subject.

I applaud the author on her attempt to relay a very scary situation.

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I kind of wish I could figure out The horrible thing about endometriosis is that millions of women are affected by the condition, yet doctors still don't seem to know much about it. I found this a quick read because the content and overall story were both fascinating and horrifying.

However, the book lost me with the multiple errors strewn throughout my e-copy I received this from NetGalley. This could very well be an uncorrected proof as they're trying to digitize a former print copy, but there are spelling errors throughout. At one point I started highlighting specific words and I found 5 errors in a short page length span.

In addition, the many of footnotes cited dot com websites like Wikipedia, etc. Also, and this might be an Amazon thing, but the image of the book cover on that site says that the book is "a novel. There is a big difference between the two and readers deserve to know if this is fiction or not. Finally, I really think the book could have benefited from a ghost writer or at the very least, an editor. The dialogue throughout the book is stilted, and I feel like stuff was added that was not important to the overall story.

A ghost writer might be able to distinguish the details that readers would want to see in a narrative nonfiction work. I think this would reach a wider audience if some of these issues are corrected. There are many women who are aware that they have the condition and might benefit from this cautionary tale as they prepare for the inevitable. And I do think this story needs to be told and more stories like it , and with a little more help, this book could gain a larger readership.

Aug 04, Virginia rated it liked it. What follows is a disastrous case of undiagnosed Endometriosis that had spread outside the uterus to the author's bladder and ended up requiring FOUR surgeries and several years of recuperation. The inept doctors she encounters would make even the staunchest supporters of the medical profession cringe. Through it all, she is able to keep a mostly upbeat attitude and pushes herself to recover in order to "escape" the hospital she has come to view almost as a prison.

I enjoyed the book overall; however, there were a few points I found distracting. While I applaud the author for doing her own research on her different conditions, medications, procedures, etc. I believe if these notes had been available in an "endnotes" section in an appendix or something similar , the author could have accomplished the same thing without taking away from her story.