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  2. Neil Gaiman Says No to Adapting His Own Books—Except This Time
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Smashwords – Men's Erotica — bestsellers first

You're browsing a category that your current erotica controls excludes. To view these titles, please change your settings. Exclude erotica Blocks erotica books from appearing on the home page and in search results. Include mainstream erotica Mainstream erotica is carried by most major ebook stores. Excludes 'taboo' erotica. Include all erotica Allow all erotica, including books with 'taboo' themes.

Neil Gaiman Says No to Adapting His Own Books—Except This Time

Update About Erotica Types. Bestiality - Sexual relations between humans and real-world animals sex with Big Foot, dinosaurs, shape shifters and other imaginary creatures is not bestiality. Dubious Consent dubcon - A common and popular theme in mainstream fiction. Dubcon explores the gray area between consent and non-consent. Not clear if the receiver of the sexual act was fully on board or not at the time of the act. Most major retailers carry dubcon erotica.

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  • The GQ Guide to Watch Bracelets.
  • Kaiserwalzer Op. 437 - Piano.

Interested in queering things up a bit? Sugar Butch Chronicles is written by Sinclair Sexsmith.

Erotic Hypnosis - I will make you cum - Hands Free Orgasm [ Very Intimate and Sensual ]

Sex, Life, and Everything is a blog run by a real life couple who opened up their relationship after years of monogamy. The site follows their adventures with a combination of smutty stories, sex toy reviews, and some sexy photos thrown into the mix. Bree Guildford is both a mom and a wife to a woman who writes about sexy stuff. Her site features set characters who she writes stories about , with a focus on girl-on-girl, polyamory, and pregnancy. Into hot wifing? Everything is separated into classes. Wealthy, poor, and those in between. The law is absolute and the justice system is cruel.

The only ones who live without fear are those with privilege At first, she was only thinking of the beauty of Barcelona.


Somewhere warm and sunny, far away from Lars. She just needed a break. Her first book did pretty well. My name is Rachel, and I belong to the prestigious Weston family. From the day I could walk, my mother was training me In fact, the worst mistake I ever made was with one.

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His name was Rob, and he was my everything Everything was perfect. I like to make smart decisions.

Mills & Bone: A Short Story About Sex (For Men)

The story begins with Cassie, who has brought home a man that she had managed to seduce to her apartment for a night of hopefully good sex with a handsome stranger. After being disappointed a number of times before, her hopes are high Cheswick Ludwig Fontaine IV was tired. Groomed to be a successful business from birth, he'd studied and worked hard his entire life.

He'd even turned the millions left him by both sets of grandparents into his first billion while still in college My name is Greer Karas, and I should never be allowed near another bottle of booze again.