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Conscious Uncoupling | Jeanne Byrd | Healthy Love Coaching

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In Free Byrd , readers see how Paul's life was changed through the lessons he was taught, and how he discovered a freedom he never imagined through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. And, most importantly, he invites everyone to experience the same transformation. ChuRChill downs and a damaged left testiCle. Beating Randy Johnson and the tRouBle with david. Sometimes people do decide to stay together as a result of taking this course.

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Regardless of whether you decide to separate or get back together, the old relationship was not very healthy or stable so you want to clean up unhealthy ways of relating before embarking on a new adventure together. How is coaching different from just reading the book? And while reading the book alone can be a highly transformative experience, nothing can replace the feeling of safety and comfort you get from having a highly trained coach expertly guide you through the process.

Relationship rupture, however, is closer to breaking a bone. My ex is not interested in working with me toward a conscious completion. Will the course still help me if I do it alone?

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  • Free Byrd: The Power of the Liberated Life.

The Conscious Uncoupling process works with or without the participation or support of your ex. The course is focused on you and your emotional freedom. And while it is great if both parties choose to do it together, the truth is most people do it alone. Success Stories Jeanne was always so positive and encouraging, even when I experienced set backs in my work.

Thanks to her encouragement plus the honesty and wisdom of the book, I felt like I was in good hands.


Jeanne and the CU process helped me dive into painful past experience with a critical eye. I was able to embrace my pain and begin to heal wounds I had buried deep within myself. After my work with Jeanne, I feel more grounded and with a different perspective on love and my past relationships.

I often recommend we go through the Conscious Uncoupling work first so that they truly and maybe for the first time ever in their lives feel light, liberated and unafraid to boldly claim who they are and what they want in their love life. So if you are visiting this page out of curiosity but are really more interested in attracting a new relationship, I invite you to consider beginning our partnership with Conscious Uncoupling work. It will hold you in good stead as you continue on the path of calling in a delicious, sexy, soulful partner. I appreciated her ability to frequently connect with me — since I live in Europe — and also I appreciated her ability to speak the truth with great joy!

Because of the work Jeanne and I did, I am now able to navigate issues, as well as enjoy a profound field of trust, delight and security with my beloved. Her personal experience transforming her own body with healthy choices and supplements as well as having a happy, healthy marriage make her an extraordinary leader when it comes to coaching men and women to achieve the breakthroughs necessary to have their deepest desires met in love and life!

Over the last 6 months, I have with her loving coaching been able to truly fall in love with myself.

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I now feel he is on his way to the authentic me. I am forever grateful to my mentor, Jeanne. She has shown me that I can meet my Beloved just by being my authentic self, and he will love me for that. We were able to move rapidly through any resistance or blocks each session, leaving me in a place of clarity and excitement at all the possibilities that lay ahead. She brings the most beautiful, loving energy coupled with deep care and warmth to every session. Thanks to her coaching I am healing emotional wounds that have been festering since childhood. Her humor has helped me laugh at situations, and at myself, in ways that are not self-negating or self-judging, rather that bring compassion and gentle awareness of my ego.

She helped me to relax my mind and bring fluidity and possibility back into the conversation. Words cannot express how much I appreciated your loving, skillful guidance during our sessions together.

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I am moving forward with the feeling of optimism, uplift, strength and confidence. I now know that my deepest yearnings can be achieved and I have everything I need to become the One who will find her One! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your time and your utter commitment to use becoming our truest, deepest, most competent and authentic selves.

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It is life changing. Thank you Jeanne. I am reminded by your graceful attention. Feeling witnessed and held in this endeavor together.