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Denis forges out of the theories of class - based rage and sisterly obsession a razor-sided tuning fork that rings with cultural , sexual and social discord. The verdict : Two bodies and hardly a laugh between them. It 's a shame the marvelous first minutes have to be combined with the misconceived final 5. It 's a lovely , eerie film that casts an odd , rapt spell. As plain and pedestrian as catsup -- 0. A wild , endearing , masterful documentary. The complex , politically charged tapestry of contemporary Chinese life this exciting new filmmaker has brought to the screen is like nothing we Westerners have seen before.

Yes , it 's as good as you remember. An erotic thriller that 's neither too erotic nor very thrilling , either. Unfunny comedy with a lot of static set ups , not much camera movement , and most of the scenes take place indoors in formal settings with motionless characters. Max pokes , provokes , takes expressionistic license and hits a nerve While it 's nothing we have n't seen before from Murphy , I Spy is still fun and enjoyable and so aggressively silly that it 's more than a worthwhile effort.

When you think you 've figured out Bielinsky 's great game , that 's when you 're in the most trouble : He 's the con , and you 're just the mark. The whole thing comes off like a particularly amateurish episode of Bewitched that takes place during Spring Break. Breheny 's lensing of the New Zealand and Cook Island locations captures both the beauty of the land and the people. Full of flatulence jokes and mild sexual references , Kung Pow! There are some fairly unsettling scenes , but they never succeed in really rattling the viewer.

Easily one of the best and most exciting movies of the year. The movie certainly has its share of clever moments and biting dialogue , but there 's just not much lurking below its abstract surface. Patchy combination of soap opera , low-tech magic realism and , at times , ploddingly sociological commentary. One feels the dimming of a certain ambition , but in its place a sweetness , clarity and emotional openness that recalls the classics of early Italian neorealism.

The story has its redundancies , and the young actors , not very experienced , are sometimes inexpressive. You can taste it , but there 's no fizz. The performances are so overstated , the effect comes off as self-parody. There is a general air of exuberance in All About The Benjamins that 's hard to resist.

Buy is an accomplished actress , and this is a big , juicy role. Avary 's film never quite emerges from the shadow of Ellis ' book. Rarely has sex on screen been so aggressively anti-erotic. On the Granger Movie Gauge of 1 to 10 , The Powerpuff Girls is a fast , frenetic , funny , even punny 6 -- aimed specifically at a grade-school audience.

More vaudeville show than well-constructed narrative , but on those terms it 's inoffensive and actually rather sweet. Laced with liberal doses of dark humor , gorgeous exterior photography , and a stable-full of solid performances , No Such Thing is a fascinating little tale. There are enough throwaway references to faith and rainbows to plant smile-button faces on that segment of the populace that made A Walk to Remember a niche hit.

bunny in the house has an eye exam and learns his letters Manual

It has the right approach and the right opening premise , but it lacks the zest and it goes for a plot twist instead of trusting the material. There is no denying the power of Polanski 's film Those who are n't put off by the film 's austerity will find it more than capable of rewarding them. It 's not too racy and it 's not too offensive. Vividly demonstrates that the director of such Hollywood blockbusters as Patriot Games can still turn out a small , personal film with an emotional wallop. Festers in just such a dungpile that you 'd swear you were watching monkeys flinging their feces at you.

Equlibrium could pass for a thirteen-year-old 's book report on the totalitarian themes of and Farenheit The film runs on a little longer than it needs to -- Muccino either does n't notice when his story ends or just ca n't tear himself away from the characters -- but it 's smooth and professional. Arteta paints a picture of lives lived in a state of quiet desperation.

T he script is n't up to the level of the direction , nor are the uneven performances by the cast members , who seem bound and determined to duplicate Bela Lugosi 's now-cliched vampire accent. Charly comes off as emotionally manipulative and sadly imitative of innumerable past Love Story derisions.

The movie is loaded with good intentions , but in his zeal to squeeze the action and our emotions into the all-too-familiar dramatic arc of the Holocaust escape story , Minac drains his movie of all individuality. Gives everyone something to shout about. The production design , score and choreography are simply intoxicating.

It 's impossible to indulge the fanciful daydreams of Janice Beard Eileen Walsh when her real-life persona is so charmless and vacant. The messy emotions raging throughout this three-hour effort are instantly recognizable , allowing the film to paradoxically feel familiar and foreign at the same time. Colorful and deceptively buoyant until it suddenly pulls the rug out from under you , Burkinabe filmmaker Dani Kouyate 's reworking of a folk story whose roots go back to 7th-century oral traditions is also a pointed political allegory.

This is an extraordinary film , not least because it is Japanese and yet feels universal. Screenwriter Chris ver Weil 's directing debut is good-natured and never dull , but its virtues are small and easily overshadowed by its predictability. There 's nothing remotely topical or sexy here. Has an unmistakable , easy joie de vivre. Australian filmmaker David Flatman uses the huge-screen format to make an old-fashioned nature film that educates viewers with words and pictures while entertaining them.

Not only is it hokey , manipulative and as bland as Wonder Bread dipped in milk , but it also does the absolute last thing we need Hollywood doing to us : It preaches. This dreadfully earnest inversion of the Concubine love triangle eschews the previous film 's historical panorama and roiling pathos for bug-eyed mugging and gay-niche condescension.

Writing Insights Part Three: The Revision Process

Instead of making his own style , director Marcus Adams just copies from various sources -- good sources , bad mixture 0. Rouge is less about a superficial midlife crisis than it is about the need to stay in touch with your own skin , at 18 or Examines its explosive subject matter as nonjudgmentally as Wiseman 's previous studies of inner-city high schools , hospitals , courts and welfare centers.

The dramatic crisis does n't always succeed in its quest to be taken seriously , but Huppert 's volatile performance makes for a riveting movie experience. What it lacks in originality it makes up for in effective if cheap moments of fright and dread. Since Lee is a sentimentalist , the film is more worshipful than your random E! Surprisingly , the film is a hilarious adventure and I shamelessly enjoyed it. Less worrying about covering all the drama in Frida 's life and more time spent exploring her process of turning pain into art would have made this a superior movie.

Guy gets girl , guy loses girl , audience falls asleep. Scooby Doo is surely everything its fans are hoping it will be , and in that sense is a movie that deserves recommendation. While puerile men dominate the story , the women shine. Functions as both a revealing look at the collaborative process and a timely , tongue-in-cheek profile of the corporate circus that is the recording industry in the current climate of mergers and downsizing. He watches them as they float within the seas of their personalities.

The skills of a calculus major at M. High Crimes is a cinematic misdemeanor , a routine crime thriller remarkable only for its lack of logic and misuse of two fine actors , Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. A hugely rewarding experience that 's every bit as enlightening , insightful and entertaining as Grant 's two best films -- Four Weddings and a Funeral and Bridget Jones 's Diary.

The film is so bad it does n't improve upon the experience of staring at a blank screen. It follows the basic plot trajectory of nearly every Schwarzenegger film : Someone crosses Arnie. In the new release of Cinema Paradiso , the tale has turned from sweet to bittersweet , and when the tears come during that final , beautiful scene , they finally feel absolutely earned. Holofcener rejects patent solutions to dramatize life 's messiness from inside out , in all its strange quirks. If you 're as happy listening to movies as you are watching them , and the slow parade of human frailty fascinates you , then you 're at the right film.

Gooding and Coburn are both Oscar winners , a fact which , as you watch them clumsily mugging their way through Snow Dogs , seems inconceivable. Take Care is nicely performed by a quintet of actresses , but nonetheless it drags during its minute length. As tricky and satisfying as any of David Mamet 's airless cinematic shell games. Each of these stories has the potential for Touched by an Angel simplicity and sappiness , but Thirteen Conversations About One Thing , for all its generosity and optimism , never resorts to easy feel-good sentiments. Looks more like a travel-agency video targeted at people who like to ride bikes topless and roll in the mud than a worthwhile glimpse of independent-community guiding lights.

Antwone Fisher certainly does the trick of making us care about its protagonist and celebrate his victories but , with few exceptions , it rarely stoops to cheap manipulation or corny conventions to do it. There are n't many conclusive answers in the film , but there is an interesting story of pointed personalities , courage , tragedy and the little guys vs. You 'll get the enjoyable basic minimum. Remember back when thrillers actually thrilled? An engrossing story that combines psychological drama , sociological reflection , and high-octane thriller.

A moving and weighty depiction of one family 's attempts to heal after the death of a child. Who knows , but it works under the direction of Kevin Reynolds. Austin Powers in Goldmember is a cinematic car wreck , a catastrophic collision of tastelessness and gall that nevertheless will leave fans clamoring for another ride. This is rote drivel aimed at Mom and Dad 's wallet. Kirshner wins , but it 's close. Dripping with cliche and bypassing no opportunity to trivialize the material. More intellectually scary than dramatically involving. Despite these annoyances , the capable Clayburgh and Tambor really do a great job of anchoring the characters in the emotional realities of middle age.

Cold and scattered , Minority Report commands interest almost solely as an exercise in gorgeous visuals. This film is so different from The Apple and so striking that it can only encourage us to see Samira Makhmalbaf as a very distinctive sensibility , working to develop her own film language with conspicuous success. Its rawness and vitality give it considerable punch. A tasty appetizer that leaves you wanting more. For those who like quirky , slightly strange French films , this is a must!

Barry Sonnenfeld owes Frank the Pug big time 2. The movie does n't generate a lot of energy. By no means a great movie , but it is a refreshingly forthright one. While the ensemble player who gained notice in Guy Ritchie 's Lock , Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch has the bod , he 's unlikely to become a household name on the basis of his first starring vehicle.

The problem with the film is whether these ambitions , laudable in themselves , justify a theatrical simulation of the death camp of Auschwitz II-Birkenau. An engaging , formulaic sports drama that carries a charge of genuine excitement. One of those so-so films that could have been much better. Writer and director Otar Iosseliani 's pleasant tale about a factory worker who escapes for a holiday in Venice reveals how we all need a playful respite from the grind to refresh our souls.

Your stomach for Heaven depends largely on your appetite for canned corn. A gorgeously strange movie , Heaven is deeply concerned with morality , but it refuses to spell things out for viewers. Rodriguez does a splendid job of racial profiling Hollywood style -- casting excellent Latin actors of all ages -- a trend long overdue.

A wildly erratic drama with sequences that make you wince in embarrassment and others , thanks to the actors , that are quite touching. But it 's hard to imagine a more generic effort in the genre. Rob Schneider 's infantile cross-dressing routines fill The Hot Chick , the latest gimmick from this unimaginative comedian. This filmed Tosca -- not the first , by the way -- is a pretty good job , if it 's filmed Tosca that you want. A moving picture that does not move. Ultimately , Jane learns her place as a girl , softens up and loses some of the intensity that made her an interesting character to begin with.

Engages us in constant fits of laughter , until we find ourselves surprised at how much we care about the story , and end up walking out not only satisfied but also somewhat touched. Ponderous , plodding soap opera disguised as a feature film. It 's as if Allen , at 66 , has stopped challenging himself. The filmmakers lack the nerve You could hate it for the same reason. The film 's plot may be shallow , but you 've never seen the deep like you see it in these harrowing surf shots. A perfectly respectable , perfectly inoffensive , easily forgettable film.

Though it never rises to its full potential as a film , still offers a great deal of insight into the female condition and the timeless danger of emotions repressed. Makin ' a fool of himself Losin ' his fan base The Master of Disguise represents Adam Sandler 's latest attempt to dumb down the universe. I have not been this disappointed by a movie in a long time. The densest distillation of Roberts ' movies ever made. The vistas are sweeping and the acting is far from painful. Nicole Kidman makes it a party worth attending. It 's difficult to imagine that a more confused , less interesting and more sloppily made film could possibly come down the road in Just about everyone involved here seems to be coasting.

Manages to be both hugely entertaining and uplifting. Boasts a handful of virtuosic set pieces and offers a fair amount of trashy , kinky fun. Shyamalan turns the goose-pimple genre on its empty head and fills it with spirit , purpose and emotionally bruised characters who add up to more than body count. Films about loss , grief and recovery are pretty valuable these days. He 's just a sad aristocrat in tattered finery , and the film seems as deflated as he does.

The re-release of Ron Howard 's Apollo 13 in the IMAX format proves absolutely that really , really , really good things can come in enormous packages. Not only does LeBlanc make one spectacularly ugly-looking broad , but he appears miserable throughout as he swaggers through his scenes. Parker should be commended for taking a fresh approach to familiar material , but his determination to remain true to the original text leads him to adopt a somewhat mannered tone Even before it builds up to its insanely staged ballroom scene , in which actors appear in full regalia , it 's waltzed itself into the art film pantheon.

Until the superfluous This slight premise A special kind of movie , this melancholic film noir reminded me a lot of Memento The sword fighting is well done and Auteuil is a goofy pleasure. The film is Like Rudy Yellow Lodge , Eyre needs to take a good sweat to clarify his cinematic vision before his next creation and remember the lessons of the trickster spider.

Pretty much sucks , but has a funny moment or two. All too familiar A penetrating glimpse into the tissue-thin ego of the stand-up comic. It is up to you to decide if you need to see it. It 's time to let your hair down -- Greek style. I do n't blame Eddie Murphy but should n't Owen Wilson know a movie must have a story and a script?

Director Yu seems far more interested in gross-out humor than in showing us well-thought stunts or a car chase that we have n't seen 10, times. All the movie 's narrative gymnastics ca n't disguise the fact that it 's inauthentic at its core and that its story just is n't worth telling. In other words , it 's badder than bad. This is the kind of movie where the big scene is a man shot out of a cannon into a vat of ice cream.

Thumbs up to Paxton for not falling into the Hollywood trap and making a vanity project with nothing new to offer. The pleasure of Read My Lips is like seeing a series of perfect black pearls clicking together to form a string. Unfortunately , we 'd prefer a simple misfire. You do n't know whether to admire the film 's stately nature and call it classicism or be exasperated by a noticeable lack of pace. What starts off as a possible Argentine American Beauty reeks like a room stacked with pungent flowers.

It 's difficult to feel anything much while watching this movie , beyond mild disturbance or detached pleasure at the acting. It 's really just another silly Hollywood action film , one among a multitude of simple-minded , yahoo-ing death shows. Moretti plays Giovanni , a psychiatrist who predictably finds it difficult to sustain interest in his profession after the family tragedy. Arteta directs one of the best ensemble casts of the year 4. One thing 's for sure -- if George Romero had directed this movie , it would n't have taken the protagonists a full hour to determine that in order to kill a zombie you must shoot it in the head.

On a certain base level , Blue Crush delivers what it promises , just not well enough to recommend it. One gets the impression the creators of Do n't Ask Do n't Tell laughed a hell of a lot at their own jokes. You 'll cry for your money back. Does n't get the job done , running off the limited chemistry created by Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez. Serving Sara should be served an eviction notice at every theater stuck with it.

Able to provide insight into a fascinating part of theater history. An immensely entertaining look at some of the unsung heroes of 20th century pop music. Blade II is as estrogen-free as movies get , so you might want to leave your date behind for this one , or she 's gonna make you feel like you owe her big-time. As Janice , Eileen Walsh , an engaging , wide-eyed actress whose teeth are a little too big for her mouth , infuses the movie with much of its slender , glinting charm.

The actresses may have worked up a back story for the women they portray so convincingly , but viewers do n't get enough of that background for the characters to be involving as individuals rather than types. The evocative imagery and gentle , lapping rhythms of this film are infectious -- it gets under our skin and draws us in long before the plot kicks into gear. Deeds is not really a film as much as it is a loose collection of not-so-funny gags , scattered moments of lazy humor.

Gibney and Jarecki just want to string the bastard up. Nair 's cast is so large it 's Altman-esque , but she deftly spins the multiple stories in a vibrant and intoxicating fashion. A straight-ahead thriller that never rises above superficiality.

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This is a harrowing movie about how parents know where all the buttons are , and how to push them. A whole lot of fun and funny in the middle , though somewhat less hard-hitting at the start and finish. The movie should be credited with remembering his victims. What Madonna does here ca n't properly be called acting -- more accurately , it 's moving and it 's talking and it 's occasionally gesturing , sometimes all at once.

But how it washed out despite all of that is the project 's prime mystery. The film has its moments , but they are few and far between. Mostly the film is just hectic and homiletic : two parts exhausting Men in Black mayhem to one part family values. Graphic sex may be what 's attracting audiences to Unfaithful , but gripping performances by Lane and Gere are what will keep them awake. Though few will argue that it ranks with the best of Herzog 's works , Invincible shows he 's back in form , with an astoundingly rich film.

Rice never clearly defines his characters or gives us a reason to care about them. An obvious copy of one of the best films ever made , how could it not be? The fourth in a series that I 'll bet most parents had thought -- hoped! The basic premise is intriguing but quickly becomes distasteful and downright creepy. A rather average action film that benefits from several funny moments supplied by Epps. Sensitive ensemble performances and good period reconstruction add up to a moving tragedy with some buoyant human moments.

The actresses find their own rhythm and protect each other from the script 's bad ideas and awkwardness. Even though it is infused with the sensibility of a video director , it does n't make for completely empty entertainment 2. It 's like an all-star salute to Disney 's cheesy commercialism. Tries to work in the same vein as the brilliance of Animal House but instead comes closer to the failure of the third Revenge of the Nerds sequel. When the precise nature of Matthew 's predicament finally comes into sharp focus , the revelation fails to justify the build-up. The story is also as unoriginal as they come , already having been recycled more times than I 'd care to count.

The Rock has a great presence but one battle after another is not the same as one battle followed by killer CGI effects. A lot of the credit for the film 's winning tone must go to Grant , who has n't lost a bit of the dry humor that first made audiences on both sides of the Atlantic love him. It 's a film with an idea buried somewhere inside its fabric , but never clearly seen or felt. That 's fun for kids of any age. Most of the things that made the original Men in Black such a pleasure are still there. An uncomfortable experience , but one as brave and challenging as you could possibly expect these days from American cinema.

There 's no doubting that this is a highly ambitious and personal project for Egoyan , but it 's also one that , next to his best work , feels clumsy and convoluted. One of the funniest motion pictures of the year , but It 's enough to watch Huppert scheming , with her small , intelligent eyes as steady as any noir villain , and to enjoy the perfectly pitched web of tension that Chabrol spins.

This thing is virtually unwatchable. There are things to like about Murder By Numbers -- but , in the end , the disparate elements do n't gel. Is anyone else out there getting tired of the whole slo-mo , double-pistoled , ballistic-pyrotechnic Hong Kong action aesthetic? Silly stuff , all mixed up together like a term paper from a kid who ca n't quite distinguish one sci-fi work from another. It 's a wise and powerful tale of race and culture forcefully told , with superb performances throughout.

It 's packed to bursting with incident , and with scores of characters , some fictional , some from history. Late Marriage is an in-your-face family drama and black comedy that is filled with raw emotions conveying despair and love. Fails so fundamentally on every conventional level that it achieves some kind of goofy grandeur. As it stands , there 's some fine sex onscreen , and some tense arguing , but not a whole lot more. A searing , epic treatment of a nationwide blight that seems to be , horrifyingly , ever on the rise. Phillip Noyce and all of his actors -- as well as his cinematographer , Christopher Doyle -- understand the delicate forcefulness of Greene 's prose , and it 's there on the screen in their version of The Quiet American.

A decent-enough nail-biter that stands a good chance of being the big hit Franklin needs to stay afloat in Hollywood. The entire film is one big excuse to play one lewd scene after another. Snow Dogs finds its humour in a black man getting humiliated by a pack of dogs who are smarter than him 1. Slow , silly and unintentionally hilarious.

There 's not a spark of new inspiration in it , just more of the same , done with noticeably less energy and imagination. And , there 's no way you wo n't be talking about the film once you exit the theater. It does n't reach them , but the effort is gratefully received. The Bard as black comedy -- Willie would have loved it. A semi-autobiographical film that 's so sloppily written and cast that you can not believe anyone more central to the creation of Bugsy than the caterer had anything to do with it.

About the best thing you could say about Narc is that it 's a rock-solid little genre picture.

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Initially gripping , eventually cloying POW drama. Like a Tarantino movie with heart , Alias Betty is richly detailed , deftly executed and utterly absorbing. Just the labour involved in creating the layered richness of the imagery in this chiaroscuro of madness and light is astonishing. Not everything in the film works , including its somewhat convenient ending. The film starts promisingly , but the ending is all too predictable and far too cliched to really work.

This is a movie where the most notable observation is how long you 've been sitting still. Cuaron has created a substantive movie out of several cliched movie structures : the road movie , the coming-of-age movie , and the teenage sex comedy. For the rest of us , sitting through Dahmer 's two hours amounts to little more than punishment. Aggressive self-glorification and a manipulative whitewash.

It is there to give them a good time. Vividly conveys the passion , creativity , and fearlessness of one of Mexico 's most colorful and controversial artists -- a captivating drama that will speak to the nonconformist in us all. If you answered yes , by all means enjoy The New Guy. In the spirit of the season , I assign one bright shining star to Roberto Benigni 's Pinocchio -- but I guarantee that no wise men will be following after it. Deep intelligence and a warm , enveloping affection breathe out of every frame. A distinguished and thoughtful film , marked by acute writing and a host of splendid performances.

The picture seems uncertain whether it wants to be an acidic all-male All About Eve or a lush , swooning melodrama in the Intermezzo strain. The Sum of All Fears pretends to be a serious exploration of nuclear terrorism , but it 's really nothing more than warmed-over Cold War paranoia. There 's the plot , and a maddeningly insistent and repetitive piano score that made me want to scream.

More timely than its director could ever have dreamed , this quietly lyrical tale probes the ambiguous welcome extended by Iran to the Afghani refugees who streamed across its borders , desperate for work and food. Ah-nuld 's action hero days might be over. The plot is nothing but boilerplate cliches from start to finish , and the script assumes that not only would subtlety be lost on the target audience , but that it 's also too stupid to realize that they 've already seen this exact same movie a hundred times 0.

A thriller without a lot of thrills. Despite its old-hat set-up and predictable plot , Empire still has enough moments to keep it entertaining. The movie suffers from two fatal ailments -- a dearth of vitality and a story that 's shapeless and uninflected. Meandering and glacially paced , and often just plain dull. Roman Polanski directs The Pianist like a surgeon mends a broken heart ; very meticulously but without any passion. In trying to be daring and original , it comes off as only occasionally satirical and never fresh.

If there 's one big point to Promises , it 's that nothing can change while physical and psychological barriers keep the sides from speaking even one word to each other. But even while his characters are acting horribly , he is always sympathetic. About as original as a gangster sweating bullets while worrying about a contract on his life. A zinger-filled crowd-pleaser that open-minded Elvis fans but by no means all will have fun with. The movie eventually snaps under the strain of its plot contrivances and its need to reassure.

A harrowing account of a psychological breakdown. A comedy that is warm , inviting , and surprising. A mesmerizing cinematic poem from the first frame to the last. Costner 's warm-milk persona is just as ill-fitting as Shadyac 's perfunctory directing chops , and some of the more overtly silly dialogue would sink Laurence Olivier. While Solondz tries and tries hard , Storytelling fails to provide much more insight than the inside column of a torn book jacket. Talk to Her is so darned assured , we have absolutely no idea who the main characters are until the film is well under way -- and yet it 's hard to stop watching.

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Snipes is both a snore and utter tripe. In one scene , we get a stab at soccer hooliganism , a double-barreled rip-off of Quentin Tarantino 's climactic shootout -- and Meat Loaf explodes. Art-house to the core , Read My Lips is a genre-curling crime story that revives the free-wheeling noir spirit of old French cinema. Charlie Hunnam has the twinkling eyes , repressed smile and determined face needed to carry out a Dickensian hero. Well , Jason 's gone to Manhattan and Hell , I guess a space station in the year can be crossed off the list of ideas for the inevitable future sequels hey , do n't shoot the messenger.

With an expressive face reminiscent of Gong Li and a vivid personality like Zhang Ziyi 's , Dong stakes out the emotional heart of Happy. Soderbergh tends to place most of the psychological and philosophical material in italics rather than trust an audience 's intelligence , and he creates an overall sense of brusqueness. I am more offended by his lack of faith in his audience than by anything on display here. The film will appeal to Discovery Channel fans and will surely widen the perspective of those of us who see the continent through rose-colored glasses.

This will go on so long as there are moviegoers anxious to see strange young guys doing strange guy things. It reduces the complexities to bromides and slogans and it gets so preachy-keen and so tub-thumpingly loud it makes you feel like a chump just for sitting through it. Working from a surprisingly sensitive script co-written by Gianni Romoli Ozpetek avoids most of the pitfalls you 'd expect in such a potentially sudsy set-up. Those of you who do n't believe in Santa Claus probably also think that sequels can never capture the magic of the original.

An affectionately goofy satire that 's unafraid to throw elbows when necessary Witty dialog between realistic characters showing honest emotions. Did no one on the set have a sense of humor , or did they not have the nerve to speak up? I still like Moonlight Mile , better judgment be damned. The story the movie tells is of Brian De Palma 's addiction to the junk-calorie suspense tropes that have all but ruined his career. Deeds is , as comedy goes , very silly -- and in the best way. The climactic events are so well realized that you may forget all about the original conflict , just like the movie does 2.

The animation and game phenomenon that peaked about three years ago is actually dying a slow death , if the poor quality of Pokemon 4 Ever is any indication. A comedy-drama of nearly epic proportions rooted in a sincere performance by the title character undergoing midlife crisis. Implicitly acknowledges and celebrates the glorious chicanery and self-delusion of this most American of businesses , and for that reason it may be the most oddly honest Hollywood document of all. A sharp and quick documentary that is funny and pithy , while illuminating an era of theatrical comedy that , while past , really is n't.

The Santa Clause 2 is a barely adequate babysitter for older kids , but I 've got to give it thumbs down. Supposedly , Pokemon ca n't be killed , but Pokemon 4Ever practically assures that the pocket monster movie franchise is nearly ready to keel over. For a film that 's being advertised as a comedy , Sweet Home Alabama is n't as funny as you 'd hoped.

Would you laugh if a tuba-playing dwarf rolled down a hill in a trash can? As underwater ghost stories go , Below casts its spooky net out into the Atlantic Ocean and spits it back , grizzled and charred , somewhere northwest of the Bermuda Triangle. It 's not just the vampires that are damned in Queen of the Damned -- the viewers will feel they suffer the same fate.

This is a remake by the numbers , linking a halfwit plot to a series of standup routines in which Wilson and Murphy show how funny they could have been in a more ambitious movie. Vampire epic succeeds as spooky action-packed trash of the highest order. It made me want to get made-up and go see this movie with my sisters. Call this The Full Monty on ice , the underdog sports team formula redux. Tsai convincingly paints a specifically urban sense of disassociation here. Gosling creates a staggeringly compelling character , a young man whose sharp intellect is at the very root of his contradictory , self-hating , self-destructive ways.

This movie , a certain scene in particular , brought me uncomfortably close to losing my lunch. An entertaining , if ultimately minor , thriller. One of those based-on-truth stories that persuades you , with every scene , that it could never really have happened this way. An intimate contemplation of two marvelously messy lives.

A terrific B movie -- in fact , the best in recent memory. Seagal is painfully foolish in trying to hold onto what 's left of his passe ' chopsocky glory. A party-hearty teen flick that scalds like acid. It will make you think twice about what might be going on inside each trailer park you drive past -- even if it chiefly inspires you to drive a little faster. There is simply not enough of interest onscreen to sustain its seventy-minute running time. Evokes a palpable sense of disconnection , made all the more poignant by the incessant use of cell phones.

Those who want to be jolted out of their gourd should drop everything and run to Ichi. A fascinating literary mystery story with multiple strands about the controversy of who really wrote Shakespeare 's plays. Some of the most inventive silliness you are likely to witness in a movie theatre for some time. Hugely accomplished slice of Hitchcockian suspense.

Horrid little propaganda film with fascinating connections not only to the Serbs themselves but also to a network of American right-wing extremists. It 's another retelling of Alexandre Dumas ' classic. What might have emerged as hilarious lunacy in the hands of Woody Allen or Mel Brooks at least during their '70s heyday comes across as lame and sophomoric in this debut indie feature.

Curiously , Super Troopers suffers because it does n't have enough vices to merit its minute length. A return to pure Disney magic and is enjoyable family fare. If only there were one for this kind of movie. The film is a confusing melange of tones and styles , one moment a romantic trifle and the next a turgid drama. One of the best silly horror movies of recent memory , with some real shocks in store for unwary viewers.

Seeks to transcend its genre with a curiously stylized , quasi-Shakespearean portrait of pure misogynist evil. The comedy makes social commentary more palatable. No worse a film than Breaking Out , and Breaking Out was utterly charming. Jacquot 's strategy allows his cast the benefit of being able to give full performances This mild-mannered farce , directed by one of its writers , John C. Walsh , is corny in a way that bespeaks an expiration date passed a long time ago. The pain , loneliness and insecurity of the screenwriting process are vividly and painfully brought to slovenly life in this self-deprecating , biting and witty feature written by Charlie Kaufman and his twin brother , Donald , and directed by Spike Jonze.

Pure of intention and passably diverting , His Secret Life is light , innocuous and unremarkable. Puts a refreshing and comical spin on the all-too-familiar saga of the contemporary single woman. There 's not much to Fatale , outside of its stylish surprises Ver Wiel 's desperate attempt at wit is lost , leaving the character of Critical Jim two-dimensional and pointless. The script is smart and dark - hallelujah for small favors. It works its magic with such exuberance and passion that the film 's length becomes a part of its fun. Plods along , minus the twisted humor and eye-popping visuals that have made Miike While Guzman frustratingly refuses to give Pinochet 's crimes a political context , his distance from the material is mostly admirable.

Nights feels more like a quickie TV special than a feature film It 's not even a TV special you 'd bother watching past the second commercial break. Tsai has managed to create an underplayed melodrama about family dynamics and dysfunction that harks back to the spare , unchecked heartache of Yasujiro Ozu. Like Mike is a slight and uninventive movie : Like the exalted Michael Jordan referred to in the title , many can aspire but none can equal. The story , once it gets rolling , is nothing short of a great one. The film is visually dazzling , the depicted events dramatic , funny and poignant.

It 's a bad sign in a thriller when you instantly know whodunit. Old people will love this movie , and I mean that in the nicest possible way : Last Orders will touch the heart of anyone old enough to have earned a year friendship. In the disturbingly involving family dysfunctional drama How I Killed My Father , French director Anne Fontaine delivers an inspired portrait of male-ridden angst and the emotional blockage that accompanies this human condition 3. Stuart 's poor-me persona needs a whole bunch of Snowball 's cynicism to cut through the sugar coating.

A film without surprise geared toward maximum comfort and familiarity. It understands , in a way that speaks forcefully enough about the mechanisms of poverty to transcend the rather simplistic filmmaking. The symbols float like butterflies and the spinning styx sting like bees. Daughter From Danang sticks with its subjects a little longer and tells a deeper story 3.

B picture , and I mean that as a compliment. Polanski is in his element here : alone , abandoned , but still consoled by his art , which is more than he has ever revealed before about the source of his spiritual survival. It does give a taste of the Burning Man ethos , an appealing blend of counter-cultural idealism and hedonistic creativity. O Fantasma is boldly , confidently orchestrated , aesthetically and sexually , and its impact is deeply and rightly disturbing. The movie keeps coming back to the achingly unfunny Phonce and his several silly subplots.

Like Vardalos and Corbett , who play their roles with vibrant charm , the film , directed by Joel Zwick , is heartfelt and hilarious in ways you ca n't fake. A reminder that beyond all the hype and recent digital glitz , Spielberg knows how to tell us about people. A chronicle not only of one man 's quest to be president , but of how that man single-handedly turned a plane full of hard-bitten , cynical journalists into what was essentially , by campaign 's end , an extended publicity department.

Been there , done that The holiday message of the minute Santa vs. What results is the best performance from either in years. With few respites , Marshall keeps the energy humming , and his edits , unlike those in Moulin Rouge , are crisp and purposeful without overdoing it. Literary purists may not be pleased , but as far as mainstream matinee-style entertainment goes , it does a bang-up job of pleasing the crowds.

Filmmakers David Weissman and Bill Weber benefit enormously from the Cockettes ' camera craziness -- not only did they film performances , but they did the same at home. As it is , it 's too long and unfocused. They were afraid to show this movie to reviewers before its opening , afraid of the bad reviews they thought they 'd earn. It has more than a few moments that are insightful enough to be fondly remembered in the endlessly challenging maze of moviegoing. There is no substitute for on-screen chemistry , and when Friel pulls the strings that make Williams sink into melancholia , the reaction in Williams is as visceral as a gut punch.

When you 've got the wildly popular Vin Diesel in the equation , it adds up to big box office bucks all but guaranteed. This is a story that zings all the way through with originality , humour and pathos. But here 's a movie about it anyway. Kicks off with an inauspicious premise , mopes through a dreary tract of virtually plotless meanderings and then ends with a whimper. One of the most incoherent features in recent memory. Each scene wreaks of routine ; the film never manages to generate a single threat of suspense.

Piccoli gives a superb performance full of deep feeling. It 's hard to believe that something so short could be so flabby. It 's an often-cute film but either needs more substance to fill the time or some judicious editing. Just consider what New Best Friend does not have , beginning with the minor omission of a screenplay. I 'm guessing the director is a magician. Gorgeous scenes , masterful performances , but the sickly sweet gender normative narrative left an acrid test in this gourmet 's mouth.

The next big thing 's not-so-big and not-so-hot directorial debut. That death is merely a transition is a common tenet in the world 's religions. But it 's defiantly and delightfully against the grain. This beautifully animated epic is never dull. You 've already seen City by the Sea under a variety of titles , but it 's worth yet another visit.

Feels like nothing quite so much as a middle-aged moviemaker 's attempt to surround himself with beautiful , half-naked women. What the audience feels is exhaustion , from watching a movie that is dark dark green , to be exact , sour , bloody and mean. Though Jackson does n't always succeed in integrating the characters in the foreground into the extraordinarily rich landscape , it must be said that he is an imaginative filmmaker who can see the forest for the trees.

The off-center humor is a constant , and the ensemble gives it a buoyant delivery. Does point the way for adventurous Indian filmmakers toward a crossover into nonethnic markets. The story really has no place to go since Simone is not real -- she ca n't provide any conflict. It would n't matter so much that this arrogant Richard Pryor wannabe 's routine is offensive , puerile and unimaginatively foul-mouthed if it was at least funny.

Westbrook makes a wonderful subject for the camera. For those who are intrigued by politics of the '70s , the film is every bit as fascinating as it is flawed. A knowing sense of humor and a lot of warmth ignite Son of the Bride. This heist flick about young Brooklyn hoods is off the shelf after two years to capitalize on the popularity of Vin Diesel , Seth Green and Barry Pepper. A superlative B movie -- funny , sexy , and rousing. Deserves high marks for political courage but barely gets by on its artistic merits.

The leanest and meanest of Solondz 's misanthropic comedies. Quite simply , a joy to watch and -- especially -- to listen to. Top-notch action powers this romantic drama. Insomnia loses points when it surrenders to a formulaic bang-bang , shoot-em-up scene at the conclusion. Maryam is a small film , but it offers large rewards. Ringu is a disaster of a story , full of holes and completely lacking in chills.

Fresh and raw like a blown-out vein , Narc takes a walking-dead , cop-flick subgenre and beats new life into it. A solid , psychological action film from Hong Kong. Far too clever by half , Howard 's film is really a series of strung-together moments , with all the spaces in between filled with fantasies , daydreams , memories and one fantastic visual trope after another.

A brutally honest documentary about a much anticipated family reunion that goes wrong thanks to culture shock and a refusal to empathize with others. The movie straddles the fence between escapism and social commentary , and on both sides it falls short. Comedy troupe Broken Lizard 's first movie is very funny but too concerned with giving us a plot. The filmmakers ' eye for detail and the high standards of performance convey a strong sense of the girls ' environment. The film brilliantly shines on all the characters , as the direction is intelligently accomplished.

Plummer steals the show without resorting to camp as Nicholas ' wounded and wounding Uncle Ralph. It pulls the rug out from under you , just when you 're ready to hate one character , or really sympathize with another character , something happens to send you off in different direction. Though its rather routine script is loaded with familiar situations , the movie has a cinematic fluidity and sense of intelligence that makes it work more than it probably should.

Rubbo runs through a remarkable amount of material in the film 's short 90 minutes. There are now two signs that M. Night Shyamalan 's debut feature sucked up all he has to give to the mystic genres of cinema : Unbreakable and Signs. A boring masquerade ball where normally good actors , even Kingsley , are made to look bad. It 's fun , but it 's a real howler. Affable if not timeless , Like Mike raises some worthwhile themes while delivering a wholesome fantasy for kids. Nelson 's intentions are good , but the end result does no justice to the story itself.

It 's a movie that ends with Truckzilla , for cryin ' out loud. Chamber of Secrets will find millions of eager fans. The Chateau is a risky venture that never quite goes where you expect and often surprises you with unexpected comedy. With one exception , every blighter in this particular South London housing project digs into dysfunction like it 's a big , comforting jar of Marmite , to be slathered on crackers and served as a feast of bleakness.

The most anti-human big studio picture since Miles to Graceland. Suffers from a decided lack of creative storytelling. A dopey movie clothed in excess layers of hipness.

Hamton J. Pig

A rehash of every gangster movie from the past decade. At its best when the guarded , resentful Betty and the manipulative yet needy Margot are front and center. If you 're looking for a smart , nuanced look at de Sade and what might have happened at Picpus , Sade is your film. The pacing is often way off and there are too many bona fide groaners among too few laughs.

Both shrill and soporific , and because everything is repeated five or six times , it can seem tiresomely simpleminded. This dubious product of a college-spawned Colgate U. For casual moviegoers who stumble into Rules expecting a slice of American Pie hijinks starring the kid from Dawson 's Creek , they 'll probably run out screaming. Wiseman is patient and uncompromising , letting his camera observe and record the lives of women torn apart by a legacy of abuse.

There are scenes of cinematic perfection that steal your heart away. Anybody who enjoys quirky , fun , popcorn movies with a touch of silliness and a little bloodshed. For all its visual panache and compelling supporting characters , the heart of the film rests in the relationship between Sullivan and his son. What begins as a conventional thriller evolves into a gorgeously atmospheric meditation on life-changing chance encounters. As an entertainment destination for the general public , Kung Pow sets a new benchmark for lameness. A sharp , amusing study of the cult of celebrity.

Kapur weighs down the tale with bogus profundities. Well , this movie proves you wrong on both counts. One of those unassuming films that sneaks up on you and stays with you long after you have left the theatre. Entirely appropriately , the tale unfolds like a lazy summer afternoon and concludes with the crisp clarity of a fall dawn. Simply a re-hash of the other seven films. It sticks rigidly to the paradigm , rarely permitting its characters more than two obvious dimensions and repeatedly placing them in contrived , well-worn situations.

A fiercely clever and subtle film , capturing the precarious balance between the extravagant confidence of the exiled aristocracy and the cruel earnestness of the victorious revolutionaries. You 'll feel like you ate a Reeses without the peanut butter Efficient , suitably anonymous chiller. There are moments of hilarity to be had. An infinitely wittier version of the Home Alone formula. If this movie leaves you cool , it also leaves you intriguingly contemplative. Provides a porthole into that noble , trembling incoherence that defines us all.

A bizarre piece of work , with premise and dialogue at the level of kids ' television and plot threads as morose as teen pregnancy , rape and suspected murder 1. Make like the title and dodge this one. Jackson tries to keep the plates spinning as best he can , but all the bouncing back and forth ca n't help but become a bit tedious -- even with the breathtaking landscapes and villainous varmints there to distract you from the ricocheting. As pure over-the-top trash , any John Waters movie has it beat by a country mile.

A captivatingly quirky hybrid of character portrait , romantic comedy and beat-the-clock thriller. Paxton 's uneven directorial debut fails to unlock the full potential of what is in many ways a fresh and dramatically substantial spin on the genre. Lucas has in fact come closer than anyone could desire to the cheap , graceless , hackneyed sci-fi serials of the '30s and '40s.

Adam Sandler 's 8 Crazy Nights is 75 wasted minutes of Sandler as the voice-over hero in Columbia Pictures ' perverse idea of an animated holiday movie. The word that comes to mind , while watching Eric Rohmer 's tribute to a courageous Scottish lady , is painterly. Green ruins every single scene he 's in , and the film , while it 's not completely wreaked , is seriously compromised by that. Solondz creates some effective moments of discomfort for character and viewer alike.

Why anyone who is not a character in this movie should care is beyond me. As improbable as this premise may seem , Abbass 's understated , shining performance offers us the sense that on some elemental level , Lilia deeply wants to break free of her old life. Puts on airs of a Hal Hartley wannabe film -- without the vital comic ingredient of the hilarious writer-director himself.

It leaves little doubt that Kidman has become one of our best actors. Welcome to the board. Thanks for the additional information about your experience. Seeing how you are a dancer, are you playing traditional tunes with any of the musicians you know from dance? I have played some of them….. Have always wanted to take Irish flute lessons, but my mom wanted me to take so classical lessons first. Fell in love wih classical playing and never got around to learning the irish flute. Would still love to learn. Love Irish dancing and culture. I do know some…I plan on talking with them when I finish my semseter exams and hopefully find a good teacher to take some lessons with.

I know that my classical playing will blead over and I will have a more classical take on the music, but I do not think that I will fail and I believe that many of my classical techniques will come in handy. Vivace - you are getting a lot of helpful advice, if you take it on board. Take what seems gooe to you, and never mind the begrudgers. It sounds like a bit of classical music. That said, it depends on what you want to do.

I play with a classical flute player, who plays and teaches professionally. She has also been playing Irish for a couple of years now, and it has taken her that long to start to get an Irish feel in her playing. She is good at listening, and sounds pretty good when she is playing with other people.

She still struggles to sound Irish somewhat when she is playing alone. Some players never get it, some get it quickly. But to be able to do it well takes time and dedication. Vivace, please understand that I have no intention of discouraging anybody from doing anything. I do see why you perceive them as such. Re-reading my post, you will see that I claimed that your classical training will be a huge asset for the reasons you have already mentioned , but, assuming you want to play "pure" irish music this is a strong assumption - many of the classical players I mentioned are perfectly happy playing what they are playing - I just avoid playing with them - I would suspect the vast majority of people on this board would do the same , I would expect your training to be a disadvantage.

You are under the impression that your training has given you a wide range of skills which makes attacking a new genre of music something which should be within your grasp. Is this something that you can believe? To a certain extent it has, but you will certainly face the rather humbling prospect of being a complete beginner again, not of a new instrument, but of a new music. That thought there, and thoughts along similar lines.

They are what will prevent you from playing irish music, unless you are willing to let go of them. Fair play, Reverend. Not that the board would ever do that. Or are you relishing the thought of beginning a brand new journey? How small it is - 16 bars, how repetitive it is, how harmonically constricted.

Give me another one. Of course they have. I will say the Irish dancers I have known who went on to learn a melody instrument typically brought with them a good sense of the rhythm for … you guessed it, dance tunes. Much better than players from other genres. Tinwhistle is a fine instrument. But how is it the desired way to go from concert flute to Irish flute, aside from the obvious lesson of humility?

Patience is a good thing, sometimes. The other option - learning the tunes on the silver flute - should not even be considered, especially if the goal is to wind up on a proper flute. All that is just to get started with it.


Later on - after listening to hours and hours of Trad flute players - you can relax those rules. Imho every traditional play should have a tinwhistle. I love tinwhistle, but it is not a flute. Oh pleeez not Sir James Galway on a hornpipe. You might as well post Master Lessons on Vibrato. James Galways knows the tune perfectly well. He could probably play it backwards, inverted, if you gave him a few minutes to think about it. He can play it fast, and he can put a lot of bits into it. Well it is true, I have watched many more poor examples of playing Irish music, more times, on YouTube than I would have were I not a member.

But the geezer says he can already play the flute. Classical music is big music. I think that psychologically, the intimacy of the tin whistle is perfect for someone with a mind set that is used to big music. It is the music. You can do it Vivace1. Your attitude seems well intentioned. You love the music. Immerse yourself in it completely. Go to festivals. Attend workshops. Listening to it is more important than playing it.

Film editor turned a hamster into a superstar

Throw the dots away as quick as you can. It is not classical music, therefore it should not be approached as such. James Galway sounds as though he is wearing a straight jacket with bricks stuffed in it. Matt Malloy sounds like a bird on the wing. You already have plenty of good advice here. Pay attention to the gems of knowledge that appear when you least expect them. Hope to see you at a session someday! Welcome :-D. Has he no respect maybe? Thanks everyone for their advice and help………I am very excited to start exploring TIM :.

The music is great. You can met some fine people. Or on improving vibrato. Galway is yet. While I respect Jimmy Galway, His playing is not my faviorite. While there are times when I love his brilliant tone, it is sometimes not appropriate lol. Vivace, for some immersion into Irish flute playing, may I humbly suggest you give a listen to the 7 hours of mostly solo playing from different again, mostly traditional flute players on the Wooden Flute Obsession CDs 3 volumes, 2 CDs each?

Yes, great is the veritable banquet of variety on those CDs. Listen to it. And most real players of this music will be happy and helpful, despite the somewhat negative kneejerk reaction on this board. I have seen both problems, classical players coming in to a session convinced that they know it all Fiddlers in this case as well as traditional players badly in need of a bit of discipline in their playing and practice as regards things like tone production, tuning, timing, pace, not blurring their articulations, etc. I think the problem can take two forms: The truly great classical player, such as James Galway also not my favourite as it happens, but undoubtedly one of the major influences of the last fifty years.

These are the examples you see often quoted on youTube. The other form is the mediocre amateur player with classical training who thinks that there is only one true way probably because they had a teacher who told them that and everything else is "wrong" or "inferior". Now, these same people probably have no problem with the idea that you can play the same guitar by fingerpicking in a classical style, bluegrass flatpicking, or just strumming chords or doing boom-chuck accompaniment, and other ways besides.

Nothing worse than hearing baroque dance tunes or Bach vibratoed to hell and beyond. My classical flute teacher calls this sort of ubiquitous, rapid and unpleasant vibrato the "Kaninchenficken" vibrato. Or alternatively the "Goat" vibrato. And Mr Molloy kind of rolls his eyes a little being put on the spot, and eventually comes out with, "… er … he has a lovely tone". I remember a review of a Bothy Band concert in Melody Maker or one of those mags in which it was reported that, after Matt M had finished one of his spectacular solos, a punter yelled out, "James Galway is dead!

The telling thing, of course, is that Matt Molloy comprehends and appreciates what James Galway does. So the argument that a wooden simple system is a "must", is an exageration, imo. I took up flute Boehm 3 years or so ago, after 35 years on predominantly mando-family instruments, because I wanted something comepletely different. A fiddle or viola was a fretless mando played with a bow. Guitar is an OM or cittern in a different tuning, etc. They were variations on something already there in terms of the mechanics.

Flute was something completely different in the mechanics of playing. As a tool for better teaching beginner mandolin students, I took up playing the instrument left-handed to reexperience their travails and "feel their pain". Actually, from a recreational standpoint, I find activating the other brain hemisphere rather enjoyalbe. Niles H. Quite right Niles. Listening to Joanie Madden has not convinced me otherwise, though her whistle playing is great. It just sounds awful when they play all of the notes of a roll or a cran, in the right order, and then look pleased with themselves, as if that were what makes a roll or a cran.

It was like watching an animated corpse dancing a set. That player might have a chance at this. The question here is how much does it matter, compared to not having the music in you? Joanie does alot of tonguing. But most of the fingering on the silver flute is similar to a D flute. For example, most concert flautist can pick up D tin whistle easier than playing a C whistle.

I know, I have gotten a few flute players started on tinwhistle. Those would be flute players with a good ear. Sure I agree that a player with the music can work miracles, and probably a decent player could pull off a tune on a silver flute. I think mandolins and banjos are crap at the music, much much worse than a silver flute, but some of my best mates play such things brilliantly. And we can both bang on about how our particular bete noire is the worst thing in the music, and everyone can take it exactly as seriously as they like.

Or the principle flautist brought his tin whistle? Actually, hang on a minute, I suppose if during a 56 bar rest, the back line of fiddles and violas got their bodhrans out that might be going a bit too far. Cheers, Michael. A timbre flute will no more make an Irish player out of someone who tends toward classical techniques than a silver flute would transform an Irish player into a classical player.

Jon: A Boehm flute might make it difficult or impossible to become a Matt Molloy clone but it is certainly possible to play lovely Irish music on one. There are people that do some of them members here : experienced, top-notch musicians, steeped in the tradition, who have honed their skills over many years playing with the greater and lesser heroes of this music.

Give them a break and put your hobby horse out to grass. There are examples. But the instrument is only the tool, not the end. Where is it carved in stone that someone has to use the entire spectrum of articulations and ornamentations playing a particular style of music? Find the pitches that rolls work best and use them there. I tend to use mostly cuts. Some of the intervals I sometimes use on certain pitches are wider jumps and the effect is more like Highland pipes. The other thing to consider is how much cross-instrument fertilaztion has already occured; there probably is no completely "pure" style of any instrument anymore, especially with the more recent additions - guitar, mandolin, tenor banjos, accordions, piano etc.

Or how about using some accordion player as a model of phrasing or ornamentation "Oh no! What about putting Billy Pigg Northumbrian pipes onto the flute simple system or Boehm? But only up to a certain tempo because those mechanical skills are not ingrained. Not to say that going to a different variation of the instrument may let the player get even closer to what is in the ear. I have heard good things about the Rob Forbes delrin flutes.

I know Rob, and I know about people who own one of his flutes. Well done Vivace for inspiring replies! I have been following this thread lots as I find it quite interesting. I also began on Boehm flute, but switched to an Irish flute in order to try and play the articulations the way they should be done, as the Boehm certainly makes that difficult impossible? And well done to vivace for giving back as good as she got! I hope she picks through the advice she got, and gives it a go. This music is for people to have fun with. Some of the best times I ever had musically was standing in front of a music stand while my wife and I were first learning dance tunes, playing them from the sheet music together.

I do agree with llig, a tin whistle would be a good place to start learning the tunes and the style, still a wind instrument, but different enough that the new habits of the different style can be learned. Something ironic here. The articulation used on the whistle is a phrase break, stopping the flow of air cold or releasing it with a snap for an emphatic onset.

I doubt if wordiet is confused. The sort of articulation that Sean Ryan, and a good few other whistle players use, is tonguing. Good, old-fashioned tonguing, and not a glottal stop. Loads of whistle players use it, but not all that many flutists. I have only experimented with a Boehm for a few hours but what struck me was how easy it was get a set of notes in several keys that were fairly well balanced in tone and volume. Arguments for a wooden flute. The music does sit better on it. Vivace is a flute player, not a whistle player.

I have played ITM on my Boehm and seen this reaction from people. It annoys me and I know it is their problem, not mine, but it is still something one can do without when trying to get into this stuff. That all said, a Casey Burns folk flute is very good value for the money. Although at the moment my classical flute teacher has it out on loan…. And do not confuse a 19th century style flute with a baroque traverso - both are wooden with 6 holes, but the traverso is not really suitable for ITM.

Surprising that nobody has mentioned the fact that Paddy Carty played a keyed flute OK, a Radcliffe system, but still. Leave the room that is. They also have a sweeter, less strident tone than the large hole, large bore, louder, more modern instruments. By this I mean a good traditional and also classical posture, where you hold the flute lightly, slightly tilted down, elbows slightly out, and the right thumb bears almost all the weight of the flute, and where the flute rests on the left hand just below the index finger this point acts as a pivoting point.

The little finger of the right hand steadies the flute when all or most of the finger holes are uncovered. The upper body is twisted slightly to the left and the head looks slightly left and tilts down slightly to the right. And make sure not to press the flute into the lower lip; lots of people do this as it compensates for lack of lip strength in getting a workable embrochure. Also you should practice standing up, in general.

As with the fiddler, standing is the optimal position for the flautist, and when sitting you should try to have the upper body as balanced, upright, and free-moving as when standing. Your posture will most likely be better than some traditional players for a start. I took up playing the Bohem flute about five years after I began playing the traditional wooden flute. I already used some tonguing for articulation, though typically much softer than is typical in classical music. You can get very nice triplets by having the tongue slightly back from the teeth.

Traditional musicians rarely use the tongue in flute playing, a fact which players from a classical background find disconcerting. The technique which traditional players use to separate the notes is unfortunately rather hard to describe. It took me years of teaching to realise that in fact it has nothing to do with the diaphragm, which I had long assumed to be the case. In fact it is brought about by a movement of the throat, which is probable best described as an undeveloped cough.

I use it quite a lot, and I think many Scottish tunes really benefit from it. And Jean-Michel Veillon, the remarkable traditional Breton flautist, uses soft tonguing to great effect. Constant vibrato is a relatively recent phenomenon even in Classical music. It was introduced into violin playing by Fritz Kreisler; in instrumental music before it was sparingly used.

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My personal opinion is that the vibrato produced with the diaphragm can be nicer on the ear than that produced with a drumming finger, even though that is the dominant method. Classical vibrato can also be made less pronounced. There is a tendency to play very loudly and very aggressively in order to rise above the loudness of pipes, accordions, fiddles, etc.

Perhaps Irish and Scottish music is best heard in houses, or if in large crowds it ought to be miked!