Missing Persons

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10 Missing People Finally Discovered in Strange Places

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Missing Child Search Results To view a missing child poster click on the child's name or picture. New Search. They went there looking for her. Geralt and Yennefer's suspicions were soon confirmed.


Ciri had indeed been seen in Lofoten right before the Wild Hunt appeared. Yet none who had survived the village's devastation knew what she had been doing there or where she had gone. They all agreed that the only one who might know more about her fate was a man now known only as Craven. This individual had behaved disgracefully during the Hunt's attack, for which crime he had been stripped of his name and expelled from the community.

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  • He had then set out to redeem himself by defeating the monster dwelling in Freya's garden Objectives Edit Meet Yennefer on Hindarsfjall.