Misunderstandings (A Woodfalls Girls Novel)

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Just ask. A good story is a vehicle that takes you to another place, another time, or another world. I love reading the words and letting my imagination do the rest. I appreciate and respect every author who has the courage to put your work out there for the world to see.


A Woodfalls Girls Novel Series

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Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Misunderstandings by Tiffany King. Just when she thought things were going up… Two years after a devastating breakup, Brittni Mitchell has moved on from Justin Avery—or so she tells herself. So that she might be able to move forward. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Woodfalls Girls 2. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Misunderstandings , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Misunderstandings was a second chance romance that pulled my emotions all over the place. I felt so bad for Brittni and Justin for the pain they endured. But reconnecting, sorting things out, and falling all over again was so much sweeter after surviving such heartache. Snagging an elevator her worst nightmare comes true when she gets stuck with the source of her heartbreak, Misunderstandings was a second chance romance that pulled my emotions all over the place. Snagging an elevator her worst nightmare comes true when she gets stuck with the source of her heartbreak, Justin.

He was her first and only love until it all went to hell. Now stuck in the elevator for hours these two have no choice but to confront the events of the past and finally get sorted what really happened. How they feel in love to the events that led to the implosion of their relationship. Brittni was more guarded and reluctant with her feelings. She was afraid of falling for someone like Justin who was open, affectionate and flirtatious.

As the past was revealed, at first I felt kind of sorry for Justin seeing as he was so determined to be with Brittni and it seemed like she was always so hesitant. But things switched and then I felt really sorry for Brittni. I may or may not have shed a tear or two when all was revealed…Some of it really hurt. Getting everything out in the open put them on the road to healing their wounds, and led them back to each other.

I was thrilled with how it all worked out! I loved Misunderstandings even more than No Attachments. Tiffany King brilliantly captured the heartache and loss felt when love ends badly and then replaced it with the high of finding that love again! A copy was provided by Berkley Trade in exchange for an honest review. View all 9 comments. He claimed we brought out the best in each other. He was right until he was wrong.

Eventually, we would get to the point where we absolutely brought out the worst in each other. Over the course of a few hours, a truth so heartbreaking will be revealed. Everything will be laid out before them. When it is all said and done, will t He claimed we brought out the best in each other. When it is all said and done, will the two be able to overcome the heartache or will they just walk away from it all? From the moment that Justin walks into the book and opens his mouth by calling Brittni a horrible name I was hooked.

Weird right? But that was the moment I was pulled in. What in the world would lead him to be so blatantly ugly to her, calling her a foul name? I had to know what secrets were hidden in their past. I had to know how 2 people, who seemed so in love, could lose it all. As we get closer to the fallout, you start to understand why. But really, not everything is as it seems. I loved the switching from Present to Past.

It was like you could see the story playing out in front of you. King did a fabulous job giving us hints each time the Past took over. I really enjoyed watching Brittni and Justin falling in love over time. It was sweet, it was romantic, and it had be grinning like a fool throughout most of the book. That is until the fallout happens. That is when I was hurting. I hated the way it all went down.

I was mad at Justin and I was mad at Brittni.

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Both handled it ways that could have been better. But then I found my heart was seriously hurting also. Not only for Brittni, but for Justin too. There was a high mix of emotions that was abundant through the book. And I absorbed them all. If you are looking for a book that is sure to get you thinking…sure to have you feeling, then this is the read for you. View all 3 comments. Dec 02, Brandie rated it really liked it Shelves: read , arc , new-adult. Imagine how excited I was to read the next installment to the Woodfalls Girls series! And I was not disappointed.

A very emotional and wonderful story that I enjoyed immensely! What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator for hours with your ex? An ex who you were hopelessly in love with, possi 4. An ex who you were hopelessly in love with, possibly still are, and who crushed you completely and still openly hates you. She takes us back and forth from past to present giving us just enough insight to keep us hooked and wanting more. Each chapter leaves us in suspense, waiting for the big misunderstanding that tore these two apart and caused so much pain and heartbreak.

I loved the buildup and how the story unfolded — it was brilliant! And the sexy times — although very understated — had my heart racing! Tiffany King has a way with words and her books just flow seamlessly. I really fell for both Justin and Brittni. Together they are an amazing couple and as the pieces of their story come together, you start questioning everything — constantly wondering if these two will be able to find forgiveness and how they move on from here.

The suspense of the unknown is what kept me glued to the pages of this book. ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. View all 11 comments. Rating: 3.

A Woodfalls Girls Novel

Mar 29, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , reading-challenge. I liked how we got an alternating past and present look at the relationship between Justin and Brittni, but I just don't know if I buy the whole forgiveness aspect of the story.

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Given what had happened between the two of them: the secrecy, the break up, the public humiliation, it felt like their path to a reconciliation should have had a few more bumps. After all, getting over what was said and done, plus two years of resentment, would have to be tough. Being tra 3. Being trapped in an elevator for 6 hours shouldn't conveniently fix that. I did like the characters that Tiffany King created. They were likable, even when they were being snarky or judgmental.

It was easy to put myself in their place and say "yeah, I'd act like that. This was my first Tiffany King book, but I don't think it'll be my last. View 2 comments. Dec 02, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: blog-review , tattooed-boys , book-boyfriend , college-romance , books-i-want-to-re-read , excellent-epilogue , release-date , arc-read , netgalley , new-adult-book.

I think Tiffany has sealed the deal when it comes to writing a spicy NA contemporary romance book. Misunderstandings is the second book in her NA Woodfall Girls Series and it was just as good as the first book. This book was different from the first book in how it was written. I love Tiffany's writing style and the way she pulls you into her stories like you are a part of them. This book was a little different because she chose to write this with alternating past and present tense.

I have to say I really enjoyed that. I liked that we got the history and past story about Brittni and Justin in every other chapter. The book started out in the present tense and all you know is that Justin and Brittni are not on happy terms at all!!! Over the course of the book we find out what happened to their budding relationship back in college.

This book will have your emotions going all over the place. I loved how Tiffany created a story where we got the fun and loving side of Justin and Brittni but then took the story to a more serious side. Once I found out why there was the riff between them, my heart just broke. The title of the book was perfectly matched to this story. I also felt that the pace and flow of the book was great, nothing was rushed and nothing was dragged out. I also felt she did a fabulous job switching between the timeframe…it flowed smoothly and you were never left feeling confused or lost : I absolutely loved Brittni and Justin's characters.

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This story really showed a person that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Brittni was a spunky girl who wasn't afraid to say what she thought and felt. Like I said my heart broke for Brittni as the story went on…what she went through was terrible and she shouldn't have had to deal with it alone. I loved Justin just as much. He was a misjudged person, but once you got under his layers he was sweet and loving. He did have his insecurities, stemming from his father issues, which led him to do something that made me mad, but I was glad to see that things were able to be worked out and I was willing to forgive him by the end of the book : I love all the extra characters we got to meet in this book….

Melissa, Rob, Tressa, and both families. I loved how Tiffany showed how friendship can get you through any hard time. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a second chance love story. This was a fun, easy, slightly emotional read about 2 people who through everything never lost sight of the love they had for each other and eventually found their way back to each other. May 06, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read.

Trapped in an elevator with her ex View all 6 comments. Mar 20, Sophia marked it as dnf-set-aside-for-later Shelves: na , review-requests. I just finished p. I might come back later. Not sure. I'm pretty mad and frustrated.

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  6. I picked up this book because I liked the idea of a second chance at romance for a young couple who seemed to have gotten things wrong about each other three years before. They are trapped in an elevator and have to hash it all out. Sounded good plus it had the added bonus of being a new to me author. I was barely one page in when the heroine's Queen B a I just finished p. I was barely one page in when the heroine's Queen B attitude smacked me in the face. The story is told in flips between past and present day from the heroine's perspective. It begins in the present day.

    Brittni Mitchell has to be begged to come to her college best friend's wedding activities because her ex, who blames her for their break-up- and it sounded like she even admitted that she had a big role in it- will be present because he's the groom's best friend so she's in a mood. Then the story starts to explain why by dipping back into the past to when it all began. Brittni Mitchell came to Washington State from a small town in Maine for college to both get away from a busybody mom who is the town gossip and to see something outside her town. She keeps to herself and keeps herself buttoned down with all these self-made rules.

    She is a people-watcher and prides herself in her powers of observation modern day Elizabeth Bennet so when she catches sight of a hot guy in piercings and tats having fun with two bouncing, giggling co-eds, she starts snapping out conclusions at the speed of light. Her derisive attitude is spotted by the guy so he tries to make nice.

    And yeah, she gives him a taste of her snarling, judgmental attitude. Later they meet again and she is confronted by evidence that she was wrong. Does this change her attitude? They go on a beautiful date that she grudgingly goes on not even bothering to have an open mind and grudgingly drags her feet through, but it is all fun, enjoyable and shows Justin all to the good as he is a gentleman and patiently coaxes her along. Does she change her attitude? She has a one-date rule that a guy has to prove himself yep, she's a Madam 'I know people by one date and that's all it takes'. She had a blast on the date, but goes into denial mode.

    Then she gets hearsay about Justin from a gal notorious for never speaking in whole truth and believes it with no fact finding.

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    She blows off Justin for their next date with lies. See, her arrogance, judging and hypocrisy was making me sick. She calls him a player, but based on her one-date rule and all the guys that didn''t pass from a strictly objective, 'keen' sarcasm here observer like herself she would have given herself that label. And then taking truth from a liar and then using lies to push Justin away I was done.

    Nothing- even a horrendous past- justifies this behavior toward other people. And its not just Justin, she has a superior attitude about her roommate too who has been nothing, but kind, open and welcoming to her. I could tell by just the short snippets of the present day meet up that it was all this type of stuff that caused the break-up. I just wasn't interested in reading on for the reconciliation since at the point in the present day, she wasn't copping to her judgmental attitude and hadn't grown from the past at all.

    I didn't see in her someone worth Justin even trying for a chance with. To give fair due, Justin probably had a hand in the break-up too, but honestly it doesn't matter because I didn't find her likeable enough to want to see a romance rekindle. I want to slap a low rating on the book right now, but I won't because that wouldn't be fair. I didn't finish the whole book and its very possible that three years late Brittni grows past all that.

    I want to believe that she grows. Besides, this book doesn't deserve a low rating because there are many good things going on in the story too. For instance, the author's writing is definitely a plus. Her style, pacing and plotting, character and backdrop descriptions, etc. I would definitely read other stuff she wrote. I guess I'll just conclude that this book is not for me, but may work for others just fine.

    New Adult genre lovers might want to try it. My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review. View all 16 comments. Jan 01, Vilma Iris rated it really liked it. An emotional, new adult romance full of sweet and sexy, wit and heart. I love that every Tiffany King book I read is filled with all kinds of goodness. Romance and sexiness and humor all rolled up into one enjoyable book. I love how the cast of characters intertwine and how they seem so very real.

    This novel centers around the coupling and uncoupling of two people, both headstrong in their own right, that had been in a passionate relationship laced with insecurities and fears. It was that trepi An emotional, new adult romance full of sweet and sexy, wit and heart. It was that trepidation and lack of complete trust that led to misunderstandings that would unravel everything that felt so right.

    Brittni is a bit of a complicated character. She always found a fault that made her run… until Justin that is. That one mistake was never far from my mind. How could it be?

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    I left town and ran back home because of it. So despite her best judgment, she agrees to go on a date with him. Suddenly, Brittani is forced to face him, face her still-too-painful past. Both of them are angry and clearly have yet to let go of what happened. The limited air was certainly charged and fraught with a mix of tumultous emotions. I absolutely felt the hurt and betrayal between them, the unresolved feelings that lingered and festered over the years. When the truth was revealed, I felt pretty angry myself… so broken up over what happened.

    It was major and significant and I totally understood why Brittni was acting so upset. You left me broken and alone in front of everyone… You left me holding all the shattered pieces. The switching off felt a little rushed and once the truth was revealed, I wanted to spend more time exploring the impact of those decisions since the outcome was so life-changing. This was obviously a result of me feeling so invested in the characters, which is always a good thing! The characters just felt so real in all their stubbornness and fiestiness and in their heartache too.

    View 1 comment. Apr 23, Alyssa rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in I love every single aspect of it and am in absolute heaven when I get to read it. Misunderstandings offered me a huge serving of that trope, and I devoured every delectable word of it! Brittni is stuck In the beginning, their road to each other was not easy, especially since they are both young, strong-willed and lack relationship experience.

    However, their connection was extremely passionate, intense and refused to be denied, immersing them head first into love. Their passion for each other burned bright, but not enough to quell their fears of giving, and receiving, absolute trust in a relationship. Only forgiveness, acceptance and understanding can pave it the rest of the way. Brittni and Justin are an incredible couple who I fell hard for. Their emotions were honest, authentic, heartfelt and palpable. I hurt for them, I cheered for them, I forgave them and I loved them.

    Their growth, maturity and awareness, as characters, as individuals, and as a couple, were beautiful to read.