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Papier nachgedunkelt. Innen einwandfrei. Hunderttausend Dollar! Published by Loewe Verlag Gmbh About this Item: Loewe Verlag Gmbh , Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. After dropping out of university, he spent some years living in Istanbul and London, making a living in office jobs, as an airport worker and night watchman, among other things. In , he switched to writing. His novels, poems, newspaper articles and short stories occupy an exceptional position in German literature.

A new compilation of Fauser's early prose and poems — direct, brutal, and fierce. Reflections on the unchecked urges and diverse hungers of an entire generation. Someone is living exactly what he writes, what he yells or whispers in the form of words. In these texts, ranging from Beat to cut-up, Fauser gives his all.

This is the collection to rediscover him with. I imagined a normal existence while producing a few eternal things on the side. Above all, however, his raw material is writing itself. I always knew that Fauser would remain. Grubby backyard clubs, dark gambling dens, and in their midst politicians and wheelerdealers. Dangerous and wanton. In real life an unemployed, burnt-out glossymagazine hack, his first client is rich and beautiful and looking for her disappeared daughter. Blettenberg German author. And it also has the special note of being based on a true story.

This beautifully-written novel will also find an eager English-language readership among the international Downton Abbey fan-base. Once more, Lukas Hartmann holds us in his spell with his mastery at storytelling. That lends hersomething extremely modern. With fascinating insights into high society. His novels place him on the Swiss bestseller list again and again. She is married to the son of a powerful politician. She is prepared to put all that at risk out of her love for an artist. Who is Lydia?

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And yet Lydia remains a mystery to her. English sample translation available. With its lightness Leinsee is the perfect book for the first warm spring days. And about the fortune of having the opportunity to give your life your own twist. About the possibility of having a second coming-of-age. Leinsee is her first novel. She lives in Berlin with her husband and son. Karl is not yet thirty but has already made a name for himself as an artist in Berlin.

He is the son of August and Ada Stiegenhauer, the most glamorous couple of the German art scene. Now his father has committed mitted suicide, and his mother has a brain tumour. The only constant is a little girl, Tanja, who entices him back to life with her childlike carefreeness. And here begins a story as wild as a thunderstorm, as gentle as a breeze. Based on true events, this is a story of intelligent resistance and civic courage in times of inhumanity, then and now. Award-winning author Erich Hackl draws a vivid picture of Second World War Vienna — and of the fate of people leaving the city, to start new lives in Iran, Australia, China and other places.

How the taciturn Vienna craftsman and passionate mountaineer Reinhold Duschka came to save two Jewish lives during the Nazi reign of terror. How he managed to hide Regina Steinig and her daughter Lucia in his workshop over four years. How the three of them, tied by an invisible rope, survived thanks to good fortune and mutual trust. What happened afterwards. This meticulously researched story develops an incredible undertow, while affecting the reader deeply.


World rights are handled by Diogenes, except Spanish rights. Two men are seated across a chess board in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. One is an ingenious upstart, the other an old champion caught in his old ways. And which king will fall first? English translation available. Crictor The Three Robbers 40 pages, He now lives with his family in the southwest of Ireland and Strasbourg. A picture book for adults and children, about friendship, trust and humanity — a classic in the making. We all need someone to look after us. And someone to care for. Planet Earth is devastated and empty.

Everyone has escaped to the moon. Only Paddy is still there, determined to bring little green Poco to safety. Luckily, he has an ally: his own shadow, which rescues him and the baby — just in time! Right up until the unexpectedly sweet ending. Driven from his idyllic meadow by the expanding city Mister Mole finds a new meadow to call his own. Mister Mole has been published in 16 languages. A story about children and carps and how they get the better of anglers. The Fat Carp Kilobald has been published in 4 languages. Tired of being pulled out of the magicians hat each evening the little bunnies turn the theatre into their adventure playground.

After training at the school of arts and crafts in Graz, he spent several years in Rotterdam and London. Gideon was made out to be the stereotypical perfect guy. How many times on this earth will you stumble across an insanely hansom looking guy, and have him not be a utter jerk? Well, unless you happen to be an utter jerk, in which case, I'm not talking to you.

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I just wish authors would stop dreaming up these perfect love interests, because no ones perfect. Any who, for anyone who enjoys fiction, and has a tolerance for romance, I would recommend this book. Aug 31, Claudia G rated it it was amazing. In the beginning I was not so sure whether I would like it or not and I was like 'not another standard young-adult novel with a slightly annoying female main character'.

However, I liked the books very much - Kerstin Gier's writing style is great! Also - 5 stars because I finished to read all 3 books in less than 48 hours. Aug 13, Linda rated it it was amazing. How I loved this series! It hooked me early but kept on growing third book amazing as did the characters. Even the non main characters were described richly, and I loved some of them such as Madame Roussini.

I generslly do love time-travel books but this one was unique since it in a natural way found a way to combine action, adventure, clues, romance Gideon is kind of dreamy.. Impressed by the authenticity of the eras they traveled to, must have been some serious resear How I loved this series! Impressed by the authenticity of the eras they traveled to, must have been some serious research made for these books. I also grew to like the leading lady, Gwyneth, who was described pretty real and not overly unscared of what she gets thrown into, not 'non-teeny' although you might get tired of the teen aspect if you're not into a hint of cheese here and there.

But I thought it fitting since she's It left some loose ends such as detailed characters that never got a reason for being in the book I wonder about. It's a light feel-good read, some blood and death never grossed me out or felt described just to be "dark". Third book got me so hooked I was unable to put it down. I wish it would have been longer! I miss them now View 1 comment.

I'd had this series on my radar for a bit I'd seen the covers and knew it had pretty good reviews. That's really ALL I knew. I hadn't even read the blurb. So starting up, it wasn't what I expected because I had judged the book by it's cover Setting is modern day. And beyond the modern day however, several characters travel back in time fully costumed I guess this is translated from German?

I really didn't notice any oddities coming through, other than a few words that while not uncommon, aren't used a ton. It was used a LOT in this series. Also "surreptitiously" "sardonic" and "supercilious" All perfectly acceptable, good words, but they stand out a little to me, so I notice them.

For some reason, I kept getting Charlotte, Caroline and Cynthia mixed up a bit in my head That statement sounds like something Gwyneth might say. Her voice was quite cute, and while not ever talking directly to the reader, she would often explain things, or say "so there" and if not to the reader, who to? Just some cute quotes to get a feel for the narrative In the interests of sexual equality, boys should be allowed their own bad moods.

I almost giggled. But then I remembered that I was the unhappiest girl in the world. Those must certainly fall into the category of Famous Last Words, the sort that are the last thing you hear before your death. The story so far doesn't need to be set in London, it could be anywhere in Europe, even in an imaginary town.

And anyway, I didn't understand the details so much that I could follow Gwen on her way, considering I do not live on these exact streets day-by day.


Fear Street. Mörderische Gier : Bei Geld hört Freundschaft auf

It also bothered me that the book is scattered with names of people I don't know. And I am a widely read, quite intelligent adult. I asked my daught 1: I found it a bit painstaking that all details of London streets are given brick-by-brick. I asked my daughter for whom the book was originally bought and she only knew Newton.

All in all, the whole system is very well thought out - often too well for the purpose. I often had the feeling that it would work much better if we were only told the necessary information and not everything, for example the family trees are way too unnecessary. Though still KG couldn't leave out and alone the informative pages between the chapters.

For example what's the point of the huge table with the names, and trees, and animals etc of each of the 12 time-travellers?!? One thing I really missed was the ability of Gwen to see ghosts to save her at the very end in an unexpected way. Also finding out why little Robert is a ghost - he could have helped her somehow. And I was expecting Gwen to view spoiler [ live forever because she somehow got the essence from the chronograph, because interestingly I can imagine and believe she travels in time but not that she is born immortal hide spoiler ] And KG could have spellt out the Bernhard relation a bit more, too.

So, altogether a very enjoyable read! I love how each book immediately starts where the last book left off. I love the plot and idea of how the time travel works with genes, etc. Gwen is very memorable and unique in my opinion, especially her name.

Afrikas Kinder-Soldaten by Okwir Rabwoni - Project Syndicate

I got a bit annoyed with her at times, but still very much liked her character. Gideon on the other hand, made me so mad throughout the books with his mixed signals and frustrating misleads. The way Kerstin Gier formed the idea of time travel in these books was beyond amazing, definitely I love how each book immediately starts where the last book left off. The way Kerstin Gier formed the idea of time travel in these books was beyond amazing, definitely rereading this trilogy. I love the settings she picked, her humor had me laughing out loud at times, and need I mention how beautiful the covers are?

Ruby Red. Sapphire Blue. Emerald Green. I absolutely tore through this trilogy in the last two weeks. It's a fun, light read about an average girl who gets thrown into extraordinary circumstances- like time travel. The kicker? She's actually ordinary.

Gwen is annoying, delightful, hormonal, selfish and fun. She relatable and someone who actually grows throughout the books rather than being stagnate and perfect. Fun reads for a Saturday afternoon. The Ruby Red trilogy has been the most fascinating and utterly complex series I have ever read. I couldn't put the books down! The author must have taken forever when planning ahead all those details we spot in the books. Foreshadowing is everywhere throughout the series! Great series. Full of magic and mystery. Ending was a great surprise.

Defiantly worth reading.