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I just felt rejuvenated. I felt excited. Perhaps local fans will cut Comrie some slack, and not boo him every time he touches the puck. Only one former Oiler, Chris Pronger, has infuriated locals more. General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have agreed to terms with centre Mike Comrie on a one-year contract. His agent Ritch Winter said he was talking to three other teams seriously about signing Comrie, who turns 29 on Saturday.

In what stands as a classic case of letting bygones be bygones, Comrie and the Oilers have settled their differences to the point where I believe the ink is a formality and the unlikeliest of do-overs will begin when Comrie reports for training camp physicals Saturday. Mike Comrie is almost 29, a small forward whose skills, like his contract offers and salary expectations, are in obvious decline. It should surprise no one that he is unsigned even as National Hockey League training camps approach. Players like him will forevermore enter September without contracts.

Not valuable or young enough to secure a real offer and a cherished roster spot, yet not completely used up, his ilk occupies the humbling middle ground created by the restrictive nature of salary capanomics. He might be one training camp injury away from a massive one-year deal. He might have to swallow his pride altogether and go somewhere on a tryout basis.

And he might wait months for the phone to ring.

Notwithstanding persistent rumours, the Oilers are not in negotiations with Mike Comrie and have no plans to sign him, Tambellini said. While Comrie is warm to the idea, Oilers management is not unanimous in their desire to bring him back. It may be the hottest rumour on Internet sites, but forget about Mike Comrie and the Edmonton Oilers kissing and making up. All corners of the city are covered, with many Old Killin, Kenmore and Loch Tay. For long the area of influence for the Campbells of Breadalbane, the area around Loch Tay was subject to their improvements to the land and also their clearance of many people St Andrews in The 50's, 60's and 70's.

This title covers a period of great change in the town of St Andrews brought about by significant population growth and large scale building work. The images contained within this Old Alloa. The pioneering industrial town of Alloa had one of Scotland's earliest railways - a wagonway built in to link the mines near Sauchie with the harbour. In addition to coal Complementing Old Hillfoots and Old Alloa, this third Clackmannanshire title by Guthrie Hutton encompasses a number of the county's smaller towns and villages. In addition to those For Freedom Alone: Declaration of Arbroath. The Declaration of Arbroath, 6 April, , is one of the most remarkable documents to have been produced anywhere in medieval Europe.

Quoted by many, understood by few, its historical Old South Uist. Bill Innes, originally a native of the island, presents a delightful collection of photographs of life as it was on South Uist and this is every bit a book about people as it is The graveyaerds of old Edinburgh were not safe places, even for the dead.

Bodysnatchers swooped in the night to dig up corpses which were then sold to doctors for medical research Based on two walks, this guide takes in all the best on offer in this dynamic city, vibrant with art and music, colour and life. The regeneration in recent years of this thriving Dive Scapa Flow th Anniversary Edition.

Dive Scapa Flow has been the definitive guide to diving the fabled wrecks of Scapa Flow, one of the world's greatest wreck diving locations. This completely rewritten and updated Glencoe And The Indians. A real-life family saga which spans two continents, several centuries and more than thirty generations to link Scotland's clans with the native peoples of the American West. Rosslyn and The Grail.

Bygone Days: A look at the Wayland area’s past, Part 231

No one has come close to unravelling the truth about Rosslyn, until now. After more than a decade of research, two Scottish historians have finally uncovered the real story of Old Arbroath. Evocative pictures of Arbroath's fishing community give a realistic portrayal of what life was like for the children and adults who depended on the sea for a living. There's fishwife These two densely populated areas of Glasgow have seen some major changes over the past years: the building of the Clyde Tunnel led to the demolition of numerous tenements Paisley Since The War.

In the words of the author this book is 'a miscellany', covering many subjects. It includes people, places, personalities, protests, parades, plays, provosts, politics and poets Old St Andrews. The St Andrews Preservation Trust gave us access to their fantastic archives for this book, and the pictures are accompanied by Helen Cook's excellent narrative. Although to the Old Anstruther. Old Crail. Potted history and annotated old photographs of this East Neuk town.

Old Pittenweem. Fishing, first for herring and then later for white fish, was enormously important to Pittenweem and features heavily in this book with perhaps half being devoted to the shore St Andrews In The 20s, 30s, and 40s. The soldiers of the First World War returned to communities struggling to come to terms with the loss of both their young men and their illusions. The ensuing post-war period began Fife : The Mining Kingdom.

This was one of our fastest selling books ever and rightly so. Besides being the definitive work on the history of mining in the Kingdom the Kingdom of Fife that is , it is packed Old Tayport. Mairi Shiels' informative captions accompany a lovely collection of photographs of this port on the Tay, including a number of smashing harbour scenes as well as pictures of the Twenty Years Down The Mines. A first hand account of the everyday work and woes in this now all but disappeared industry - deceptively ordinary, but you can almost Antonine Wall. As the most advanced frontier construction of its time, and as definitive evidence of the Romans' time in Scotland, the Antonine Wall is an invaluable and fascinating part of this Grand Scuttle, The.

At Scapa Flow on 21 June , there occurred an event unique in naval history. Memories of North and West Sutherland. Memories of this most north-westerly corner of mainland Britain, from the closing years of Queen Victoria's reign until the Second World War, spill from the pages of Chris Uncles' Memories of East Sutherland.

For years the haunt of holidaying Glaswegians, this book captures Dunoon and the Cowal peninsula in the days when tourists were delivered by steamers rather than car ferries, and Old Gretna. Old Gretna tells the tale of a village still famed as an elopement destination, and is illustrated with photographs of 'priests' and various places where an English couple could Old Dumfries. At last a book about the Queen of the South, and it's a good un' with an excellent text and a mouth-watering selection of photos covering Dumfries, Maxwelltown, Gasstown, Heathfield Borders, The.

This is the story of the borders a place of beginnings and endings, of differences and similarities. It is the story of England and Scotland, told not from the remoteness of London You are hereby ordered to fall upon the rebels, the MacDonalds of Glencoe, and to put all to the sword under seventy.

Highland Clearances, The. In the terrible aftermath of the moorland battle of Culloden, the Highlanders suffered at the hands of their own clan chiefs. Following his magnificent reconstruction of Culloden Old Ways Through Wester Ross. Sea Dog Bamse. This is the remarkable story of one of the Second World War's most unusual animal heroes - a stone St Bernard dog who became global mascot for the Royal Norwegian Forces and Old Biggar.

Biggar is the quintessential picturesque country town, and Ann Matheson's book contains a fantastic selection of pictures portraying its inhabitants at work and play. From a shot Old Carnwath. There's more to Carnwath than meets the eye, as Ann Matheson illustrates in this varied collection of photographs.

Although at first glance modern Carnwath may seem a quiet, even Bannockburn Battle for a Nation. This 32 page historical guide to the people and events of that great battle is in full colour and gives a fascinating insight to the defining moment of the encounter. It is a gripping New History of the Picts. When the Romans came north to what is now modern Scotland they encountered the fierce and proud warrior society known as the Picts, who despite their lack of discipline and arms Scapa Flow was one of the world's great naval bases and the scene of many of the major events of twentieth century naval history.

In this book, illustrated with over archive Memories of Caithness. Fully illustrated, Christopher J. Uncles presents a history of Caithness in Scotland. Old Bannockburn. There is more to Bannockburn than the battle that carried its name-and from the Industrial Revolution, when weaving started by the burn, to the s when coal production began Old Kingussie and Badenoch. Bare-Arsed Banditti The Men of the ' They were modern men: doctors and lawyers, students and teachers, shoemakers and shopkeepers, farmers, gardeners and weavers.

Children of the Age of Reason, they wrote poetry, Scottish Witches. This book gives the stories of Scotland's witches, the accused, the confessed, the trials, and the superstitions. Around Scotland's Shores. A unique collection of coloured postcards from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Following Scotland's coast and islands the photographs depict coastal life from work to play in Old Fallin, Cowie and Plean. The villages of Fallin, Cowie and Plean owed their existance to coal but, as Guthrie Hutton shows, there was much more to village life than mining.

Away from the pit the men played Old Stirling. Always at the crossroads of Scotlands geography and history, Stirling has been described as 'the brooch which clasps the Highlands and Lowlands together'. This collection of photographs Bygone Peterhead. Bygone Peterhead gives a taste of early to mid-twentieth century life in the old harbour town with a wide variety of photographs.

Local industry is represented by the herring boats Old Comrie Upper Strathearn and Balquhidder.

Fifty-one superb period photographs are featured in this history of the region around Comrie. Many fascinating, and long-gone, subjects are included - the old stone bridge at Comrie This is the story of ordinary men and women involved in the Rebellion, who were described on the gaol registers and regimental rosters of the time as 'Common Men'. There is little Old Grantown To Aviemore. It is renowned for the diversity of its landscapes but it is only since the advent of the railway and the automobile that it has begun to be appreciated by the tourist market Celtic Sea Stories.

Kukla's Korner Hockey - Kukla's Korner

So it was done. The link was made between the people from under the sea and those of the land, for love can alter all things and all people and the love of a woman can outlast Old Doune and Deanston. Author Bernard Byrom has used many attractive photographs of the ancient burgh of Doune - including the Castle which featured in the films Ivanhoe, and Monty Python and the Holy The mutual influences of people and environment, and the recent history and current issues in this beautiful area of Scotland, are explored through a series of stunning aerial Pictorial History of Paisley.

Meticulous research by the author coupled with outstanding images make this book a treasure house of knowledge and nostalgia about the town whose identity has been carried all Old Renfrew. This attractive collection includes photographs of three different generations of the famous Renfrew ferry. The steamer Isle of Arran is also included, with several other Clyde Old Orkney. Culloden Fight for the Throne. This full colour publication relates the story of the last and most famous battle in britain. History of Scotland. Scotland's long and often turbulent past is filled with many great heroes and villains, triumphs and disasters.

This colourful introduction to the history of Scotland traces the Our Glasgow. This oral history of Glasgow spans most of the last century -- a time of economic downturn and eventual renewal, in which the many communities making up the city experienced upheavals Knights Templar and Scotland.

Dunfermline - Britain In Old Photographs. This fascinating selection of photographs illustrates the extraordinary transformation that has taken place in Dunfermline over the past century. The book offers an insight into A detailed guide to all of the islands ancient sites, and the legends associated with them.

From the dark corries of the mighty Cuillin Hills to the dramatic caves and cliffs of On the Crofter's Trail: Craig. In the Clearances of the 19th century, crofts - once the mainstay of Highland life in Scotland - were swept away as the land was put over to sheep grazing. Many of the people of Written by a man who has gone on to become both an award-winning historian of the Highlands and a leading figure in the public life of the region, The Making of the Crofting Community When I Heard The Bell.

Guide To Mysterious Aberdeenshire. This fully-illustrated guide explores all things strange and uncanny, paranormal and peculiar in Aberdeenshire, one of the most scenic parts of Scotland which also includes part Old Mintlaw and Longside.

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Covering the area of Central Buchan which has Mintlaw at its heart, this book incorporates early photographs taken in the villages of Aden, Old Deer, Pitfour, Fetterangus, Longside History of the Bagpipe. The History of the BagpipesScotland has a wealth and variety of music and one of the oldest and most successful of wind instruments the bagpipe. In essence, the bagpipe is a wind Little History of Scotland: French Edn.

L'Ecosse au Fil des Siecles'L'Ecosse est un petit pays, mais sa contribution au monde moderne est importante. Ce petite livre 'L'Ecosse au Fil des Siecles' est suffisaminent breef Little History of Scotland: German Edn. Schottland - Eine kurze Geschichte des Landes'Schottlands Beitrag zur modernen Welt ist enorm, wenn man bedenkt, wie klein das Land ist. Ein kurzes und leicht verdauliches Bchlein Old Lockerbie and Lochmaben. Pictures of Lockerbie show it in the days when the main road from Glasgow to Carlisle still passed through the town and before the King's Arms had a major revamp that completely Inverurie is best-known for its locomotive works and Kemnay for its quarries, and both these important local industries are covered in this book.

Originally a small farming community Old Queens Park. A comprehensive collection of pictures showing all the best-known locations in this area, including Victoria Road, Shawlands Cross and Pollokshaws Road, as well as Queen's Park Old Newton Mearns. This varied selection of pictures illustrates many aspects of Newton Mearns that have now been lost including the old village Main Street which stood on the site of the modern Pollokshaws Through Time.

An evocative selection of late nineteenth and early twentieth century photos chronicling the changes in the lives and surroundings of the people of the Pollokshaws district of Old Anniesland to Knightswood, Broomhill, Jordanhill. West End historian Sandra Malcolm has written an informative text which balances well researched facts with some entertaining possibilities surrounding activities of the Knights Old Glasgow and The Clyde. Thomas Annan established his photography business in , and within a matter of years had become Glasgow's pre-eminent commercial photographer. This stunning selection of photographs Bygone Pollokshaws.

George Rountree's second book for Stenlake on Pollokshaws features an entirely new collection of pictures, accompanied by the author's trademark detailed captions. The Round Toll Bygone Maryhill. This is Guthrie Hutton's second book on Maryhill and illustrates the well-loved neighbourhood including Queen's Cross and extending south as far as St George's Cross with a new Old Bishopbriggs. As well Old East Kilbride. Not surprisingly, most of the pictures in Old East Kilbride show the village, rather than the new town, although there are some classic s shots of the brand spanking new shopping This book takes us from the earliest known history of St Kilda through to its eventual evacuation in the s, detailing the rise Dualchas Araid agus Priseil.

Scottish Battles. Fife : The Mining Kingdom. This was one of our fastest selling books ever and rightly so. Besides being the definitive work on the history of mining in the Kingdom the Kingdom of Fife that is , it is packed Fife's Last Days of Steam. From the magnificence of the Forth Bridge to the beauty of the now closed coastal route from Leven to St Andrews, Fife has a rich rail heritage. The railways served the county's Fife's Lost Railways.

This richly illustrated book features black and white photographs of trains and tracks in the Kingdom of Fife, with detailed captions of each picture. Perfect for any rail enthusiast Flying At Lanark. Featuring a collection of photographs from the August Lanark International Aviation Meeting, this book celebrates the centenary of that event and also features the Captain Getting the Train: History of Scotland's Railways.

This compact book acts as an outline of the history of Scotland's railways, from the 19th century to the present day. Glasgow at the Crossroads. A beautiful and sensitive photographic portrait of the city and its folk as it sought to re-define itself in the second half of the twentieth century. Alan Knights dramatic black Glasgow's East End in the 70s.

This is a collaboration between Glaswegian Peter Mortimer who has written the text and photographer Duncan McCallum who took these wonderful but grim photos of a grimy, resigned Golf Greens of Ireland - a nostlagic look. For anyone with an interest in the origins and history of golf in Ireland, this book is a marvellous collection of over fifty rare period photographs of courses throughout the Gorbals, The. A must-have for anyone with any interest in the Gorbals. It includes two specially drawn maps by Ronald Smith showing the Gorbals in and , plus about photographs Grampian's Last Days of Steam.

In this history by W. Smith, the whole story is told with a wealth of fascinating detail and the book contains 54 superb photographs by the author, taken during the s and Set up in to join Aberdeen and Inverness, it did not open its first stretch until Reformed in Highland Main Line. This beautifully enhanced and updated edition of Neil Sinclair's original centenary publication will be welcomed both by railway enthusiasts and also by anyone captivated by the Highland Railway.

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Written to be enjoyed, rich in detail, based on original research in public archives, fully equipped with notes and references, The Highland Railway stands as the definitive account Industrial Locomotives of the Lothians. Industrial locomotives are still in use in the Lothians today at the giant cement factory south of Dunbar but this is the exception. These workhorses of the industrial age are Inverness and the Great Glen.

A long overdue volume combining the authors lively and informative style with dramatic photographs of this very photogenic region. Irish Linen Industry, The Stenlake. Alliteration runs riot in the title of this new book in which detailed research, observation and commentary from Guthrie Hutton married with freshly-discovered period photographs The fourth in Stenlake's photographic comparison series, David Pettigrew takes a look at the changes the years have wrought in the ancient Ayrshire town of Kilmarnock.

Local historian and native of Kirkcaldy Carol McNeill has told us how much she enjoyed compiling this book, not just the research but also walking around, re-exploring and taking Lanarkshires Mining Disasters. These accounts of long distant tragedy read in places like the most thrilling detective novel.

Even well over years after the fact, the stories, drawn from survivor testimony Lanarkshires Mining Legacy. Finally back in print is Guthrie Huttons in-depth study of the industry that defined Lanarkshire, and indeed an entire region of lowland Scotland, for over a hundred years. Photographic collection of old pictures of Largs from history, with detailed captions explaining each. Lost Railways of County Donegal. The remote and beautiful county of Donegal provides the back-drop for this history of railway building and decline in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the retrospective In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this area was characterised by rivalries between railway companies, often resulting in more than one railway station, each under different Lost Railways of the Lothians. With Edinburgh as its hub, the combined area of West, Mid and East Lothian once hosted a considerable railway network.

During the nineteenth century, competition between the Caledonian Lothians' Last Days of Steam. As early as the seventeenth century, there were primitive wagonways serving coal pits in the Lothians. Memories of Caithness. Fully illustrated, Christopher J. Uncles presents a history of Caithness in Scotland. Memories of East Sutherland. Memories of North and West Sutherland.

Memories of this most north-westerly corner of mainland Britain, from the closing years of Queen Victoria's reign until the Second World War, spill from the pages of Chris Uncles' Published in association with the Scottish Mining Museum, Mining the Lothians features many photographs from the museum's extensive collection.

Like Stenlakes other mining books The first in the series comparing archival photographs with modern day shots of some of our historic towns and villages. Muirkirk was a thriving iron-working town not so very long Nithsdale at War. Filled with black and white photographs from the years around the Second World War, this book contains detailed information about the effect of the War on Nithsdale.

An evocative North British Railway. Founded in as a line from Edinburgh to Berwick, the North British grew to become the largest of Scotland's old railway companies. Across eight eventful decades, its profound Out of Stock. Old Aberchirder. The history of Aberchirder, from 18th century planned village to modern town is comprehensively chronicled in this volume, although the very name of Aberchirder is a contentious Old Aberfeldy with Weem, Fortingall and Glenlyon.

This collection of photographs looks Old Airdrie. Central Airdrie is well-represented here with Stirling Street, Graham Street and South Bridge Street featured together with some interesting streets a bit further out. Old Anderston and Finnieston. Local history of this inner city area of Glasgow, illustrated throughout with scarce old photographs.

Old Annan. A fascinating collection of old photographs of this Dumfriesshire town, accompanied by text from Rhona Wilson. This is a great book for anyone who remembers Annan of the past, Annbank and Mossblown were both products of the industrial coal mining which took place in Ayrshire from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. The early housing built by the mining Old Anniesland to Knightswood, Broomhill, Jordanhill. West End historian Sandra Malcolm has written an informative text which balances well researched facts with some entertaining possibilities surrounding activities of the Knights Old Anstruther.

Old Antrim Coast. Since the nineteenth century the beautiful coast of Co. Antrim has been an attraction to tourists and photographers alike and this collection of fifty period photographs tells Old Arbroath. Evocative pictures of Arbroath's fishing community give a realistic portrayal of what life was like for the children and adults who depended on the sea for a living. There's fishwife A perceptive look at the history and scenery of this geologically significant and exceptionally photogenic area of the north west Highlands.

Old Auchinleck. Auchinleck experienced a boom in the mid-nineteenth century as mining took off on a large scale locally - the town's population increased from 1, in to 6, in Old Baillieston Garrowhill and Easterhouse.