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I was NOT disappointed. It had all the elements that I loved from some of her previous books. The clothes descriptions, shoes, belts, earrings. The room descriptions, duvets, pillows, photoframes…… Sigh, Shy — you sweet, sweet boy. Tate, you keep your hands to yourself tonight…. And Elvira, she deserves a special mention. She was great. What to read next? That is the question. View all 62 comments. Apr 05, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was ok Shelves: everyone-else-loves-it , not-for-me , contemporary , m-f , hype-hype-hype , romance , hot-hot-hot.

I finished!! Three days of reading this book are finally over! It is safe to say that I am not a Kristen Ashley fan-girl. I have read one other book by her before this, which I enjoyed, so I was hopeful for this one. However, this book definitely falls in the "negatives outweigh the positives" category. By the end of this book I was just praying for it to be over. Let's start with some good news, shall we? What I liked: 1 The beginning. I didn't mind the time jumps and I was excited to see some backstory about Tabby and Shy's relationship. I think she has the panty-dropping scenes down to a science.

What I hated: 1 Shy himself. He is so freaking arrogant and controlling. Don't get me wrong, I like an alpha male as much as the next girl but when a man tells me " Do you understand me? No I don't understand you, buddy! You don't have to want to vacuum but I would certainly expect a discussion about it, not just a "I ain't doing that, you feel me? No way, Jose!

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That isn't how a relationship works. You just don't talk to your partner like that, you just don't. What made me knock down stars left and right was that I didn't want to be Tabby or envy Tabby in her relationship with Shy. That isn't what you want from your alpha hero. She was doormat central in this relationship. She talks a big talk about how she is going to balance him and not let him walk all over her but each time he argues with her, she says, "He was right.

In no way is that hot or sexy or him taking care of her. If she was getting abused or she was getting beaten and Shy walked in and saved the day, sure, kick the crap out of that guy. But if a doctor is harassing you, a nurse, at work, your boyfriend beating the ever living shit out of him behind your back is just crazy-town. Now I'm really going to get the fans rallying against me.

I felt like this book had It was just a rambling series of mundane events in the life of a couple. Sure, there were things that happened, but it didn't feel like this story had a beginning, a middle, and an end. I also spend 4 pages reading an argument about whether or not to buy a refrigerator that makes crushed ice Also, I couldn't stand the way that all of her characters spoke in truncated sentences.

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  8. What is their beef with pronouns?! They are there for a reason! Surprisingly, I find myself wanting to move on to the next book in the series. I have the ARC already so I'm going to give it a try. I hope it is an improvement on this one for my tastes. View all 37 comments.

    Nov 22, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it. Still I enjoyed this book overall. If the answer is no…STOP now. Do not pass go, do not collect two-hundred dollars because even though this says Chaos 1 I think your enjoyment will be dramatically reduced without that foundation. Shy thinks maybe she needs a lesson one only he can teach her.

    Therefore, two seconds later, he yanked her into his room, tugged her to a stop and flipped the light switch. The two women were still naked, lying head to foot on the bed, having, since he was gone, tangled with each other. Briefly, he tried to remember their names. You showed you decided exactly the kind of girl I was that night when that guy took his hand to me without knowing one single thing about me. They talk. They support.

    You made a judgment. You acted on that judgment.

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    You doing it hurt me so that means you are not my family. Both of you need to get dressed and get gone. It is a pretty big hole even for KA to dig an alpha out of. But she did it!!! She has been around the hard life of the brothers for most of her life and she knows what happens with some of the brotherhood. She fell in love with a man outside that life and was ready to give him everything until a tragedy stuck and she lost her man and her dream. Shy was there for her in a way no one else could be and he brought her back from that depression and the hole that was left in her heart.

    Seriously this book was worth reading just for that conversation between Tabby and Tyra and then Tabby and Tack. The biggest confrontation is when Tabby and Shy are found out and there are repercussions with the members of Chaos. Shy did some stuff in this that totally redeemed him with me.


    Own the Wind

    Give me that for now, yeah? Make your calls here. Overall I like being in the biker world. View all 6 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. First read: April , Okay, lets just start off by saying that I rated this story a 4. I get what KA was doing.. He breaks her heart. She gives him a kiss to let him know what he's missing out on and he never forgets the taste of.

    Tabby then straightens up, focuses on her studies to become a nurse, and makes him invisible for a couple of years. Shy sees them together and realizes that if he wants to have "that" then he better stop acting like a dawg. Nathalie never grew up and is still partying like crazy, except she's partying with a dangerous crowd. They become good friends. They hang out, cook dinner together, watch movies, and go for rides. They also begin to trust one another with stuff they never shared with any one else.

    She's upset, sad, and angry that Shy never told her he had a woman since she considered them really close. Shy calls her later on, and she freezes him out.. After avoiding him for a couple of days, Shy is waiting for Tabby in her apartment when she gets home from work. He leaves mad because now he doesn't want to have anything to do with her for awhile. He freaks out, storms into her apartment and tells her she can't go They both put all the feelings they've been holding into that kiss, and by the time they finish kissing they're both breathless, and weak kneed.

    Shy tells her she has 2 hours to get her shit sorted out, then she's to go to his apartment. Tabby goes to Shy's apartment and they make love for the first time. Not once. Not until what I just did with you. We've been able to be apart of their character and relationship development, and now we're finally able to see them be 'on the same page' as each other in their lives.

    This is what I like to call a 'divine point' in their lives. They were destined to be together, but they had to go through all the other stuff first in order to reach this point. This is so they would be 'ready' for one another, and be prepared and equipped to take the next step that will shape their lives.

    It is because they've been through all the other stuff that they're able to stand together strong when they are attacked, and ridiculed by the people they know and love. Favorite quotes: "I'm alive. You're alive. I gotta work to live so I do that and I'll have to do that for a long lime. But when I'm not workin', I'm livin'. So let's ride. Then I knew he'd lost patience, because Shy slanted his head and kissed me. I dreamed a dream and there I was, a ring on my finger, my man's mouth on mine, standing with my dream, feeling it come real.

    I was feeling everything. And it was beautiful. She may always be your , little girl in some ways, brother, but not like that. You gave me the chance, I would have told you, this is solid. We started out and it was friends. That wasn't what I wanted, it was what she needed, so I gave it to her. We built on that. The foundation is laid and it's the kind that holds fast. This is it, brother. We're livin' together. Soon's we can do it, we're movin' to a better fuckin' place so I can provide her a decent home.

    I'm puttin' my ring on her finger, I'm givin' her babies, and when she's laid to rest, that ring I give her will still be on her finger. I see you're accepting this now, so you need it all and there it is. I was a part of an us and I was happy. Some motherfucker killed my parents and took that from me, so life forced me to become nothin' but me.

    Now I'm an us again, and that's what I'll be with my woman and the family we make until the fucking day I die. So I stood in his arms, my thumb stroking his jaw, my eyes gazing up at him. I only heard what he muttered in a voice that was weirdly raw but unbelievable beautiful: "Like I'm the only man on the planet. Thank-you luv, I had fun!! Second read: August 12, Enjoyed this more the second time around. Upping my rating from a 4 to 5 star!

    Third read : October , 5 star rating this time. View all 27 comments. Can someone tell me where I can found a man like Shy???? Tabitha is the daughter of Chaos Club President and she has been getting into trouble for three years Shy a member of Chaos has had enough of 'Tabby Callouts' and decides to tame her wild side and teach her a lesson.

    Unfortunately Shy is wrong about Tabby and his lesson hurts Tabby deeply It really gives us a chance to see where he is coming from and connec Can someone tell me where I can found a man like Shy???? Out to protect his 'family'. It's obvious to the reader that he has feelings beyond a family bond for Tabby, but of course he doesn't realize this. I think that's what makes the first chunk of this book so emotionally.

    Watching him struggle with his feelings, and guilt trying to do the right thing And when they finally came together Holu shit!!! I just loved Tabby and I know you will too.

    Author Kristen Ashley's Chaos Series

    I loved how she dealt with being the daughter of Tack and how she did dealt with her problems. And Shy wow he is in my top 5 favorite Kristen Ashley men!!! Shy is hot, sexy, smart, loyal, loving. I can go on and on. The only problem is that he doesnt like to do laundry or vacuum I can put up with that : : Together they are hot,intence and imotional.. My Shy and Tab View all 44 comments. Review written May 5, 3. A new try with a hrs audiobook narrated by Angela Starling. This was a good enough KA.

    I liked but wasn't amazed. Y Review written May 5, 3. Years passed but one rider was different from the start and he is still there. Shy Cage has waited for his chance to get the woman he want Men who, all more or less, think they have the right to live by their very own rules. Yes, this is about a culture filled with goodlooking, horny sexy and badass tough men, with pretty dumb old-fashioned cavemen manners. Men that think themselves a bit god-like with women who accept much of these "man" rules way too often.

    Just wondering. I can't but be a bit irritated about overly sweet "submissive" heroines who often are just rambling, mumbling and likes to give and GIVE even more just they get it naughty good and cozy steamy in the bed. I'm an incurable romantic girl. View all 32 comments. My Parker "Shy" Cage [image error] She pressed closer. You would think aaaah it's a biker story: rough guys, potty mouth, loose women, tequila and bikes.

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    And it is all that and so much more. As only KA can do, she delivered a nice emotional punch to take the wind out of you and it's not enough she brought the big guns of Les Mis. Tabby parties and part of club's duty is to do Tabby Call-outs when things get wild and Tabby extraction is deemed necessary. One night Shy grows tired of if and lays it into her So hard that not only he sets her on the right path That path is good and wholesome, no complains, but it is not her. I'm afraid to say it but "thankfully" fate has other plans and yanks her off that path into the void.

    A void of being a 23 year old with a dead fiancee. It was cute how he thought hard ultimatums will do it, but thankfully after 2nd time he learned that that won't work on Tab. It's an amazing ride of Shy and Tab getting to know each other, not exactly insta-romance but still is. I love KA for giving us all these protective Alphas who can be total jerks but once they are straightened out the more I love them Case in points my Joe obsession.

    There are so many awesome characters who I hope to see more of There are some great shout-outs to Rock Chicks, Mystery Man and even a smallest hint of Knight series. I freaking loved it and I loved it that my girls enjoyed it and especially my girl Jamie who got a bit of her Hawk. Nov 28, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: author-kristen-ashley , book-boyfriends.

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    I gotta work to live so I do that and I'll have to do that for a long time. So lets ride. It still was a good read and I did enjoy it. Tabby Allen stole my heart in Motorcycle Man, she so likable and real. She is the daughter of Tack Allen yes our Motorcycle Man and she has crushed on Shy for the longest time. Shy pulls a scared straight act on her and she ices him out for years. Maybe not ever" Shy and Tabby stand up for their relationship and prove that they are in it for the long haul. The couple faces bumps in the road like family, laundry, toilet seat lids, and a drug addict best friend but they do it together.

    Loved Loved Hawk Delgado is still sooo yummy. You Get Me? Overall this book was a good read. I'll be waiting with my helmet on for the next ride! View all 14 comments. Shelves: bad-boys , kindle , crushing-on-him , favorite , books-everyone-should-read , awwww-romance-is-bliss , alpha-male , best-of , buddy-read , spicy. A Gazillion Stars!!! Best Book Ever!!!! Okay people this is going to be a complete and total gush fest.

    I absolutely loved this book. It ranks up there in the top 5 books I have read this year. I think it is my number 2 with True Love Story still holding at number 1. Tabby and Shy were just amazing together. The words on the pages were true genius. Shy was the perfect Alpha Male and Tabby was an awesome heroine. I love me some alpha male and Kristen Ashley certainly knows what she is doing when s A Gazillion Stars!!! I love me some alpha male and Kristen Ashley certainly knows what she is doing when she writes one.

    Shy has been added to my list of book boyfriends and I have a huge fictional crush on him. It makes me wish my husband were part of a motorcycle club like Chaos and that he was an alpha male like Shy. Oh well I still love my hubby anyways. I have one huge complaint. This book was not long enough. It seems her last two books have been shorter than what I am used to from KA.

    I am accustomed to her longer books. I really hope this wont be a trend for future books. Regardless I am still in awe of this book. So I have a few words of advise for my fellow readers. If you haven't read this book. Stop the book you are reading and pick this one up. It is amazing. KA at her finest. Truly a must read people I have no doubt you will fall in love with Tabby and Shy as I have. Truly a brilliant book!!!

    View all 64 comments. Apr 05, Jen rated it it was amazing. Shy, Shy, Shy I was in the mood for some biker loving and you gave me exactly what I was looking for. I do have to say that Tack Allen is still my favorite Chaos member, but Shy just pulled up right behind him. If you haven't read Motorcycle Man you really need to.

    Kristen Ashley - Own the Wind 1

    Sooooo good! Parker "Shy" Cage is definitely not shy. He received his nickname for not being shy when getting around with the ladies. He is a ladies man 5 I Dreamed a Dream Stars! He is a ladies man, a player, a lover. He also has noticed Tabitha Allen. Tabby is the daughter of Tack Allen, leader of the Chaos Motorcycle Club, which makes her off-limits. Shy would do anything just like any of the other brothers in the MC would. One night Shy gets a. All that Tabby needs to be picked up.

    He assumes she's out partying, wasting her life away making careless decisions. When he picks her up he comes down hard on her. He's trying to get her to see that she can make something of herself if she would just try. God love him, he's coming from a good place. But he's harsh and he hurts her feelings. He doesn't let he explain the situation. So from that point on, Tabby decides to avoid Shy. She moves on with her life. Finished nursing school. Meets a boy, falls in love and is engaged to be married. All of the MC brothers are there for Tabby.

    They would do anything for her. Soon Shy and Tabby are spending lots of time together. They form a friendship. Shy is there for Tabby day or night. But when Tabby finds out that Shy has been dating someone, this causes a major blowup between them. Tabby is hurt again for two reasons, 1 because she thought they were friends and he didn't tell her and 2 because she was starting to have feelings for him. Shy has to go all alpha male on her and make her talk to him, but once he finds out she has feelings for him that's all it takes for him to get his life in order.

    He knows he's been seeing the other girl because he was looking for something, but he wasn't getting what he wanted and so he let her go. Then he and a Tabby became a couple. And because of stupid communication problems these two had, they had a lot of time to make up for. I loved them as a couple. They really were good together, even arguing over cleaning. But the one thing they didn't do was tell her family or the rest of the MC family. This caused a big fight between everyone, but I loved how strong Tabby was and how she stood up for her man. Having Tack Allen as your father can't be easy, but she didn't even back down from him.

    Eventually things get back on track, but Tabby's friend causes problems and I mean big problems. But what motorcycle club do you know that doesn't have some type of drama? Besides, this drama lets us have some more time with Hawk, Brock and Mitch. I can't wait to see where this series goes. Hop and Lanie are next in the series.

    I hope that I get more Tack Allen in each book. It only makes sense right? You can't have a book about Chaos MC and not have the leader in there somewhere. I had high expectations because I loved Shy and Tabby in Motorcycle Man , my expectations were exceeded exponentially. Nov 22, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: 6 , alpha , steamy-hawt , unforgettables , biker-mc , tats-n-piercings.

    View all 34 comments. Great job Kit! I am very impressed! I admit, I was worried when Kristen Ashley went from self-published to professionally published, but I must say they did not take away the magic of Kristen Ashley. If anything, they made it better. So I'm going to give it to you nugget style. He listened to his woman, cared for her input. There were times when he brooked not argument, don't get me wrong, but he wa Great job Kit! There were times when he brooked not argument, don't get me wrong, but he wanted the sweetness his parents had together for himself and it only made him a sexier hero in my opinion.

    He loved Tabby fiercely, even when they were just friends. Book 3. Book 4. Join a Facebook Group for Readers helping Authors!! Willing to be a beta reader or maybe review an up-and-coming romance author's book for them? Click here to join the Romance Author's Reader Group. Kylie Scott's Stage Dive Series. Follow stuckonromance. Recent Articles. Thanks for visiting. Happy reading! Shental's Blog!! Finding a decent romance book is tough!

    Simply link your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number to your Booktopia account and earn points on eligible orders. Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Too hot to handle. Her father is Chaos' leader, and the club has always had her back.

    But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy Cage was there. When tragedy tore her life apart, he helped her piece it back together. And now, Tabby's thinking about much more than friendship. Tabby is everything Shy's ever wanted, but everything he thinks he can't have. She's beautiful, smart, and as his friend's daughter, untouchable.

    Shy never expected more than friendship, so when Tabby indicates she wants more- much more - he feels like the luckiest man alive.