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For children: Gross out humour poos, wees and falling down. Are you an author? I value transparency and will offer my thoughts honestly but with optimism. Genre matters little when a story is told well by engaging characters. My approach to beta reading: Growing up, I was known as the girl who was always reading.

I recall walking to the local library on my own at five years of age. I love a good story, be it true or fiction, especially when it resonates in some way. My approach to beta reading: English literature studies gave me an excellent grounding in book structure, language use, tone and genre. A lifetime of incessant reading means I quickly gain a feel for a work, its characters, plot pacing and integrity. My approach to beta reading: As a writer I know feedback is invaluable. It should, though, be couched in a supportive, constructive manner.

Favourite genres: Literary fiction, memoirs, autobiographies, some chick lit, the classics. Short courses in writing, editing, etc. My approach to beta reading: I like to give honest but sensitive feedback on how events and characters made me react, focusing strongly on believability and offering suggestions that may have come to mind during reading. My approach to beta reading: I aim to give the author genuine feedback, including any emotive response, in a nurturing, supportive fashion.

I like to note areas of brilliance as well as the disparities and areas for improvement. These can be in relation to plot, character, setting, pace, point of view and authenticity of voice.

Best Erotic Books images in | Books to Read, Libros, Romance books

Favourite genres: Romantic comedy, cosy mystery, young adult, science fiction, action, easy reading in general. I consider the pace of the story and its context. I also ask whether a particular action feels authentic for a character — would they really act as described? I write reports, grant applications and web content. Most of this is in the health field. I particularly enjoy translating complex medical information into plain English.

My approach to beta reading: I like to fully immerse myself in the narrative and try to constructively identify details that hinder that experience, in the most encouraging way I can. Favorite authors: C. My approach to beta reading: My approach is to be open to what the author is trying to create with their writing and to assist them in finding the best version of their work they can.

I believe that listening to feedback is a crucial stage in producing something with potential. My approach to beta reading: I believe beta readers should be honest and give true opinions of the book, though they should also be mindful of the fact that they may not be the intended readership and that there are multiple ways to interact with the text. My approach to beta reading: I give authors honest feedback.

I enjoy such a broad spectrum of fiction and have read many styles of writing. I can always find feedback to give. Favourite genres: anything LGBT, young adult, literary fiction, poetry, thriller, and speculative fiction incl. Hobbies: Reading, creating art and graphic design, playing video games, watching films, music. I use a combination of general impressions, assessments of the strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement to form an honest evaluation of the story.

Formal qualifications : Graduate certificate editing and electronic publishing; Graduate certificate food writing; Certificate professional editing and proofreading; Structural fiction editing for editors. Favourite genres: General and literary fiction, memoir, comedy, historical fiction, YA, dystopian. Formal qualifications or training : Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing Macquarie University, , won course prize for outstanding achievement , Bachelor of Laws with Honours University of Adelaide, Favourite genres: Adult fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction history, biographies and memoirs, crime and mystery.

Lewis, J. Tolkien, Richard Fidler, Alexandre Dumas. Hobbies: Cooking, reading, dancing and watching classical ballet, listening to classical music, visiting art galleries and museums. My favourite character was Obel because he was an amazing father figure to Leora and a general heart warming guy. I did not like Oscar because he tricked people and especially Leora as even when she had grown a liking to him he still messed with her emotions in the end.

It follows the life of a girl called Leora in a world where every achievement or misfortune is placed on their skin in the form of tattoos. This book is fairly dystopian, even though the cover seems to lean a bit more to the fantasy genre. I found the first half of the book to slow, the plot twists were to guessable as they were being dragged out over a period of a couple of pages.

This might have been for the sequel to carry on with, however there were too many unanswered questions to make sense of what happened. The book challenges common things in society such as prejudice and discrimination. I really enjoyed this book as a whole, and am excited for the 2nd and 3rd book to come out to conclude the plot.

I really liked the description and suspense in this book. I also liked the change in personality in the protagonist. Bob from Corpus Cristi Cathalic Collage :. This book is quite confusing as you are told lots but it doesn't explain most of them till late on in the book.

I would prefer if a more in depth explanation of flaying and other jobs was given as lots of information is given on inking but lots of other jobs are left in the dark! Ink,well what can I say it is sensational,amazing and awesomely mysterious,I love it so much and would recommend it to readers aged 9 and beyond.

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I think the main character is portrayed as a strong individual and does not like it when people see her upset. My favourite part in the book Is the section where she begins unravelling the truth. To conclude, ink has twists turns and is one of the most mysterious books that I have ever read and would highly recommend it. I loved how she introduced the main characters. I also liked how the plot went from being good to bad really quickly as it kept me reading. I thought this book was quite interesting as many different plot twists occurred, which made me want to read the book more and not put it down!

Leora was a very strong character and that is why I really liked this book.

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It was about tattoos from the start to the end of the book and if you don't really like books that stick to one subject throughout then this book is not for you. What an original book. Although it was a little too descriptive and i thought it could have done with a little more action and drama at the start of the book, however i still thought it was a great book. Sam from Corpus Christi Catholic College :. Before I read this book I was told that it was disturbing. I was disappointed. The subject matter as a theme is somewhat disturbing with people's skin being cut off but the act is never shown.

But back to the book. My only major complaint is that the character suffers from major changes of opinions. I really enjoyed reading this book. The story had lots of gripping twists that occurred when you were least expecting them. It is beautifully written and has an amazing plot that makes you want to keep reading. It is a very unique tale about beliefs, finding the truth and knowing who you can trust. Ink is an intriguing dystopian story, the first of an upcoming trilogy,set in a world where your life is marked on your skin. The worldbuilding was my favourite part of the book because The idea of the skin books were different from anything else I've read.

Many aspects of this book are similar to divergent, so any fans of that would probably enjoy this. The ending was very underwhelming and predictable when they find out they are the 'chosen one' and 'special', although I am excited to see where this takes us in the sequel. The fairy tales dotted randomly throughout I enjoyed on the most part, as it was emersive into the setting. The cover is one of the most beautiful I've seen, and overall this book is definitely worth the read.

Can you imagine a world where everything you do, every move you make and every step you take is recorded on your skin? That is where Leora lives. For once she has a secret, something that could lead to whether her beloved father is forgotten or not. Ink is a story of love, peace, courage and cowardice. Ink was very good and well written plus amazingly crafted. At most points throughout this book I wanted to keep turning the pages. Plot twists were well placed in all chapters of the book. Firsly, i really enjoyed the authors writing style including the choice to write in then first person.

I thought it went well with the concept of the book. In the book's universe, everyone is tattooed - "marked" - to show their personality. Not being marked has severe consequences, and our protagonist - Leora - must questions these social normalities. This serves as the main plot point; I quite liked this because this idea is quite unique, with an unpredictable plot.

The characters all served their purpose, and it's very easy to relate to Leora. Ink is a very good book with an amazing storyline, some of the twists in the book really make it interesting and the thought of having all of your achievements tattooed on to your body is an amazing idea unless you've done something bad. I think some off the ideas in the book are quite creepy though.

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Overall I think it is a very good book. Wow, just wow. It is a brilliant story beautifully written. It has an amazing plot and kept me reading. How amazing is this book? It dragged me in on the very first chapter and I couldn't put it down! I love how the story didn't give itself away and tension started building up and every bit was just so interesting! It was definitely way better than I expected and Leora is such an amazing character! I really loved this book and the world she lived in! Ink is one of the best books I have ever read. I loved the mystery and adventure that covered it.

I found it fascinating how it was based in a fantasy world yet it included some characteristics in our world too. My favourite part was when Leora decided that she wanted to do inking. This book was so good and I hope that Alice Broadway will write a sequel. Ink is quite literally a beautiful book. It is very well written in that it lets you into Leaora's little world of emotion, making you feel every tear, every heartbreak, her confusion and her fear and most importantly:Hope.

The plot was never predictable, twisting and turning in every direction and making the plot twists increasingly dramatic as the story unfolds. You could take this book in many ways but I didn't think it was based around tattoos as I originally thought, I though this book was about taking the right path, and the innocence and reality of making mistakes. Overall I found it, though not perfect, to be an enjoyable and emotional experience to remember. This book kept me on edge as there are many plot twists.

I enjoyed following her throughout the book and learning more about her family and her past. I guess the only bad thing was that it was slightly confusing at the end but eventually it made sense. I'd advise people to keep on reading at the end part so you have a clearer understanding of what's going on. Overall a good book. Wasn't the best of books that I have read. Its was an okay book but wouldn't read it again as I didn't really like it until the end and that's the only part where I liked it enough to get the plot.

I found that ink had an interesting view on an alternate society and liked how it made you believe that this sort of way of life could actually exist, yet I found the book didn't fully grasp me until near the end and by the time I had fully started to get into it the plot it finished. Overall though I found the book enjoyable and I am glad that I read it.

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I loved this book because it has a very powerful message It is really different from all the other books I have read. The story takes you on an emotional roller coaster. It was a gorgeous story. I t was amazing. I enjoyed the book because it was very different from all the other books. It made you think about the power fullness of having ink marked on your skin and how it will stay there for ever I think that ink is very interesting as any event that makes you who you are is written onto your skin for all to see in the form of a tattoo. Not only does Jenna develop more as a shoe salesperson, she learns that she has the strength to stand up to her alcoholic father.

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