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This was the kind of infatuation she should have had at twenty, not now. I'm listening! That, or he would stammer. Usually so glib, annoyingly glib, the trained diplomat, never at a loss for words. In a minute he would find them and they would be bitter, accusatory, because he was angry with himself, not her. What was it in her that made her the scapegoat for other people's inadequacies?

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Her ex-husband, given to ten-minute tantrums when he couldn't find his car keys, used to call her hysterical. Her mother, who lied constantly, called her a liar when the lies didn't fit. Editors suffering from midlife crises found her "temperamental. Raymond, please, explain.

Preternatural Too: Gyre - AbeBooks - Margaret Wander Bonanno: X

Don't just turn on your heel and walk away! But Jeanne fits my requirements to a T. We're not even having sex yet, but she's exactly what I need. I can't explain it any better than that. Karen wanted to scream. Instead she sat there clutching the phone, more at a loss for words, professional wordsmith, than he was. If you had e-mail As if he'd have anything more honest to say on e-mail.

Another county heard from. She ought to rip the phone out of the wall. She knew what he meant, though as usual Mr. Accuracy had it backwards. Strident and melodramatic she might be, but Gloria Rohmer bore no other resemblance to Joan Crawford.

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What Dick Rohmer meant was that he and his wife had lived in fear for more than twenty years that their daughter, always a great disappointment to them, would write a novel out of her bizarre childhood. But Karen prided herself on her credibility. No one would believe her mother even if she came from another planet. C'mon, talk to me. But the voices had gone away of late, had stampeded like cartoon characters to the other side of the plane to gawk at the Grand Canyon until the pilot requested they return to their seats. Karen hadn't really minded; she'd always known there were many voices, and only some of them were S.

Again, for those of you who've just joined us, the jelepathic tellyfish are now officially known as S. I'm afraid it's one of their endearing young charms that you'll just have to get used to if you're going to stay with this narrative much longer. In other words, Karen was confident she could come up with an idea or six for new novels even if the S. No response on any frequency.

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So when Tony started using dirty words like "sequel," Karen found herself listening. But where do you go from All There Are? She and Max and Larry and Tessa and the S. How was she supposed to top that? Maybe we'll find ways to join with them physically as well as mentally, to form a hybrid third species.

Maybe you need to write a sequel, Karen. Spent last year writing a cops 'n' robbers novel for a rich guy from Hong Kong.


It would probably sell if he ever figures out how it ends. It's amazing how many editors love my work as long as someone else's name is on it. On Planet Academia where she lived, publish or perish was the Law of the Jungle, and similar absurdities were commonplace. Even I might read something like that. The old car coughed and lurched, and the ubiquitous New York asshole in the car behind them honked just to prove his manhood.

I'm the English major who never took physics, remember? I don't even understand today's technology.

ISBN 13: 9780312875411

How am I supposed to project into the next millennium? Everyone should have at least one friend with the same first name. Karen had known Karen since college; they had always called each other by their last names. Karen Jenner, Ph. Between classes on Marie de France and the Courts of Love, she scheduled guest speakers at her small Catholic college. Karen Rohmer Guerreri, science fiction writer and alumna, was this week's coup.

Barring traffic on the Southern State Parkway, within the hour she'd be surrounded by eager undergrads, telling them How She Broke into the Writing Business. Even more nearsighted and red-haired than Rohmer, she pushed her glasses up on her nose, ruffled her short Clairol Intense Red hair up out of her eyes and honked the minivan driver, the frown-lines between her eyebrows evidencing concentration rather than nerves; she could have qualified as a NASCAR driver.

Look at ship-building. Sails and rudders have changed, but the basic shape of a clinker-built seagoing vessel stayed relatively the same from the Phoenicians to the steam era.

A teakettle. Tell me the thing we boil water in has changed in thousands of years. Materials, yes. Aluminum or glass instead of bronze or iron. And we set it on a stove instead of hanging it over the fire, but it still has a round body, a handle and a spout. Commonality, parol, shared synapses. Karen immediately saw what Karen meant. Sort of like psychiatry, only it paid a lot less. Readers of Preternatural won't be surprised to learn that it's Fuschia, that naughty S. You don't need to have read the first book to enjoy the second, but if you liked the first, you're probably already headed for the bookstore and I'm preaching to the choir Anyway, if you're new to Margaret Wander Bonanno, it would make sense to start with Preternatural.

They're both pretty amazing books. In both books, you need to pay close attention to all the balls in the air, but when Margaret Wander Bonanno's running a hot hand, like Joe Slattermill in Fritz Leiber's wonderful "Gonna Roll the Bones," her aim is true and her eye and pen unerring. She can be trusted to bring matters to a satisfying conclusion, with tantalizing hints of more to come: "She turned and headed straight for home, but she took the long way, around the world. Leiber's shade. And while you're keeping your eye on the ball, you'll enjoy watching Margaret Wander Bonanno's characters come to life, notably her multiple alterselves and their friends, while she ignores her agent's no-autobiography advice -- or is she just counterfeiting Real Life exceptionally well?

It is fiction, after all, isn't it? Matt Prager rated it it was ok Sep 16, Barbara rated it really liked it May 06, Dovile rated it it was ok Sep 03, Christa rated it liked it Jan 15, Peggy rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Jeff Mazurek rated it it was ok Sep 27, Jake added it Apr 21, Azz Lunatic added it May 23, James added it Aug 27, Stephen added it Jan 29, Paulette marked it as to-read Feb 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Margaret Wander Bonanno. Publisher: Tor Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Karen Guerreri is an obscure writer of science fiction novels. From Booklist : Bonanno is a bit of a juggler: she thrills in seeing how many story lines and plot twists she can keep in the air at one time. Eric Robbins "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title. Buy New View Book.

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