Relaxed face and eyes: The frowning book Or How to not frown

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Albert Einstein is often stereotyped as a male "nutty professor" who was outside of normal social conventions. You can form your own view.

Describing characters: 5 tips for drawing faces with words

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How to get rid of frown lines – for good

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More than one in 10 people were found to have traces of class A drugs on their fingers by scientists developing a new fingerprint-based drug test. Using sensitive analysis of the chemical composition of sweat, researchers were able to tell the difference between those who had been directly exposed to heroin and cocaine, and those who had encountered it indirectly.

The storm bigger than the Earth, has been swhirling for years. The image's colours have been enhanced after it was sent back to Earth. Included in Wellcome Image Awards, this 3D image of an African grey parrot shows the highly intricate system of blood vessels. Another Wellcome Images Award winner, this time of baby Hawaiian bobtail squid.

The people are thought to have been unusually tall and strong. The tallest of the skeletons uncovered measured at 1. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. Are her brows knitted together? Description of eye colour is often used in place of eye descriptions that give characters more personality or individuality. Overuse of facial tics is a common pitfall. Too many characters raise eyebrows to show disdain too many times in too many books.

Think about people you know personally — how often do they perform the facial gestures you describe? Raising the entire forehead is far more common an expression of questioning surprise, for example, than raising just one eyebrow. There are other facial tics to avoid. They develop as a result of the thinning skin around this area, sun damage and with movements of the muscles on your face.

Are you feeling tempted by Botox or injectable fillers to get rid of frown lines? When administered with care and attention by experts, these solutions can be very effective. If you are thinking about going down that route, always ensure you visit a qualified medical professional, and have a thorough consultation beforehand. Simply click through to turn that frown upside down or should we say make it vanish entirely!

Is it true that you use more muscles to frown than smile?

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My Story | Relaxed Face: a personal journey of un-frowning

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