Somos el tiempo que nos queda

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He undertook nautical studies in Cadiz. He wrote his first poems. He then got a lung illness and therefore had to spend some time in the Jerez countryside.

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  3. Somos el tiempo que nos queda. | Drawings | Drawings, Time art, Art drawings!
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He studied philosophy and literatura in Seville. H lived in paris for six months. His friendship started with poets who would later make up the 50s Group. He travelled through several South American countries. He returned to Spain and took up several publishing posts. He was arrested and fined for political reasons.

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He spent some time in Cuba and became part of an organization aimed at paying homage to Antonio Machado in Baeza, in , which was finally prohibited by government order. A complete volume of his poetry was published, under the title Vivir para Contarlo [Live to Tell It] along with the Archivo del Cante Flamenco [File of a Flamenco Singer], an album of six discs and a preliminary studym, which was awarded the National Album Award.

He travelled through several European countries. It had Ubuntu installed, and since last updates it was unbearably slow.

Somos El Tiempo Que Nos Queda

I never liked Ubuntu too much, due to its trend to make whatever radical change from update to update, with the target put in convincing hesitant people coming from other platforms. At this stage even apt-get stopped working, with raising conflicts impossible to solve that finally I got sick of. So I decided to put something small, minimum but enough, quick and cute, a combination that already went well in other old PC that I use at the studio to run the Hammond organ emulation software : Debian with Window Maker.

Here it goes a screenshot:. Beautiful, isn't it? The netbook is flying now, it has never worked so fluid, specially useful and fast is workspace switching, amazing. Nevertheless, there is a price to pay: it lacks many of the functionalities you'd expect to have in a modern desktop, but… are they really necessary?

Chayanne - Si Nos Quedara Poco Tiempo (Vídeo Oficial)

Since the mass spread of devices such as smartphones and tablets, I have the impression that the concept of Desktop is getting outdated, and even more in a netbook. And these enormous icons and simple concepts like the Dock provide the adequate immediacy for this kind of devices.

A big hug. El tiempo..

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    Somos el tiempo que nos queda. | sad | Drawings, Time art, Art drawings

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