String Quartet No. 5, Movement 3 - Score

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  1. String Quartet No. 3: Air (2005)
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And that, very broadly, is how the piece turned out, though for most listeners it will not, perhaps, be the most striking thing about it. On 5 December , my father died unexpectedly and I flew to England to be with my family and attend his funeral. At the funeral there was just the one hymn, 'To Be a Pilgrim', which we sang because it had been Dad's school song.

String Quartet No. 3: Air (2005)

The hymn is the work of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams in his capacity as editor of the English Hymnal, though he did not himself compose the tune he called 'Monks Gate'. In fact we don't know who composed it, because it was a traditional dance tune that Vaughan Williams 'collected' from from Mrs Harriet Verrall of Monks Gate in West Sussex, finding that with a few adjustments it fitted John Bunyan's famous words.

As it happens, the words were also adjusted for the hymnal, Percy Dearmer ditching lines about fighting giants and remaining undaunted in the presence of hobgoblins in order to placate 20th-century sensibilities. A pity, I've always thought.

String quartets - sheet music from SJ Music

Flying home to Australia, thinking about Dad, and with that tune stuck in my head, it occurred to me that this might be the very tune that arrives at the climax of my string quartet. And so it is, though for the keen-eared there are hints and fragments of it from as early as Bar 3 and it never really goes away. But it would be quite wrong to think of this piece, with its neutral, generic title, as being about my father, and still less about his death.

Anton Webern, Five movements for string quartet, op. 5

It's not. It is the piece I always intended to write, based on the component parts of a very good tune. Commission note : Commissioned by Australian String Quartet.

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First performance : by Australian String Quartet — 6 Sep Browse other works for String Quartets. Browse other works written in Featuring Australian String Quartet. Both the Third and Fourth Quartets — along with the single movement entitled Preludio — are fascinating compositions in their own right. Isasi chose to follow his own individual path within the vast landscape of Late Romantic music, while also allowing himself occasional deliberate incursions into Modernism.

Philip Glass - String Quartet No. 5

Quartet No. These worthwhile world premieres on CD are supplemented with three minor works featuring melodic string belcanto: an Aria, a Scherzetto and a Prelude in A Major. This work of vast symphonic breadth featuring rich counterpoint and a marked Post-Romantic character makes a more mature musical statement than the lighter, more juvenile String Quartet No. With these two quartets we are thus in quite distinct worlds, and the Isasi Quartet underscores that difference with passionate intensity, clear voice-leading, stylistic coherence and a great talent for chiaroscuro.


This is thus the splendid launch of what will become the first complete recording of the string quartets of the greatest Basque symphonist of his day. They leave you anxiously anticipating their next installment for Naxos exploring this neglected corner of late romantic chamber music.

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This just comes to prove once more that excellent composers never cease to emerge from the depths of oblivion, and time and time again we ask ourselves what precise reason, good or bad, could have been the cause for such neglect. We can enthusiastically celebrate these works' rescue from oblivion.

Allegro moderato ed espressivo Molto lento Berceuse: Andante molto tranquillo Allegro agitato Adagio Intermezzo: Allegretto giocoso — Fuga: Allegreto serioso Final: Allegro — Allegro moderato. Allegro grazioso Romanze Scherzo Aria in D major: Andante Scherzetto in F minor Allegro moderatissimo Allegretto e mosso Allegro non troppo Allegretto Vivace