The Great Adventure: A journey written from above.

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Friends and Lovers Compatibility Report. Solar Return Report. Simeon Stefanidakis. People face death in many different ways; some bring to the adventure a feeling of self-pity, and are so occupied with what they have to leave behind, what is about to end for them, and the relinquishing of all they have gathered in life, that the true significance of the inevitable future fails to arrest their attention. Others face it with courage, making the best of what may not be evaded, and look up into the face of death with a gallant gesture because there is nothing else they can do.

Still others refuse altogether to consider the possibility; they hypnotize themselves into a condition wherein the thought of death is refused all lodgment in their consciousness, and they will not consider its possibility, so that when it comes, it catches them unawares; they are left helpless and unable to do more than simply die. From Bethlehem to Calvary by Alice A. She also referred to death as The Great Adventure. And, indeed, it is.

The words above are so true, and they speak to us all. How we actually experience death depends, to quite a large degree, upon how we perceive this great adventure while living upon the Earth plane; in other words, how we perceive life!

Adventure Quotes: of the BEST Quotes [+FREE QUOTES BOOK]

What is death? How do we experience death? Does it hurt? How quickly does it happen? What about life after death; do we survive? If so, in what capacity? Do we meet loved ones who passed before, or do we lose all sense of personal identity and recognition? What is the after-life like?

These are just a few of the questions surrounding death which people have asked and pondered over since the beginning of earthly time. In following the journey of the soul, death truly becomes a great adventure in which the way is opened for the soul to pass from one realm of life into another. It marks a point of transition. How we each get to that ubiquitous state of transition varies with circumstances. What we experience after we cross that elusive threshold, known as death, also varies with the individual.

But the actual experience; the actual crossing over the threshold, between one realm of life and another, is amazingly quite similar for most people. Life, in many ways, is a series of deaths. We are always moving from one experience to another. The point is: we are always moving! Thus it is with death. The point is: we are always living! Death, then, becomes a very natural part of life.


We move from one room into another. Depending upon which side of the doorway we happen to be in comparison to the one crossing the threshold, we label that transition either death or birth. Please note this last statement. Death and birth are basically the same process. Both involve passing through the same doorway. The only difference is the direction of movement. What is death on the Earth plane is birth in the Spirit world. And birth onto the Earth plane can be considered death in the Spirit world. Physical death is but one of many deaths which we encounter as we move from one earthly life to another.

We could settle, once and for all, the question of death by saying that death does not exist; that there is only life; that death is but one of countless experiences found in life. But that would be quite a lot to ask you to accept, without some further instruction. Therefore, let us look at this wonderfully great adventure, known as death. Before we examine the process of physical death, we need to look at the question of survival. Nobody can deny the existence of death.

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The vital question surrounding death is: do we survive the experience; if so, how? Once we understand that we do survive death, we can then look at the process of death itself and what follows. Proof of Survival. The first time I bought my own Bible was when I was 22 and gearing up to lead a Bible study.

Since then, that has been my go-to. Though each individual has preferences about Bibles, I want to share why I like this one so much. From the cover on, this is a great Bible. The cover is simple yet appealing which I appreciated. I think the compass design is clever without being overwhelming. The gold text on dark blue looks sharp. The material is strong but flexible. As far as Bible paper goes, it certainly is lightweight but slightly more opaque than others. The text size is good, and I really liked that they changed fonts between Scripture and the chapter explanations.

But, if you just want to jot a few words here and there, you could probably make this Bible work. There are two ribbons attached to the Bible. My only disappointment is that one of the ribbons is already frayed, but this is such a tiny detail. As far as tactile and visual go, I think this Bible far surpasses other Bibles of a similar price. I think this is one of the places where preference really comes in. One of the things that I wish there was more of was footnotes.

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Personally, I like a little more, but the footnotes in this Bible were very helpful. Again, this comes down to preference, and Ben actually told me that he liked that there were fewer footnotes in this one. I thought the book introductions I read in this Bible are fantastic.

Filming Ailo's Journey

They provide crucial context without overwhelming the reader. Not only are they colored, but they also highlight paths with specific Scripture references. There are also explanations about how this translation came about, how to interpret Scripture, and more. There are 12 time periods color-coded, and not only does it break apart important time periods, but the colors were selected intentionally to represent a specific meaning.

This helps in navigating the Bible while also keeping the significance in the back of our minds. Additionally, the Bible identifies the different covenants and includes them throughout to help place the events in Salvation history. Each book has a chart detailing Scriptural events, the dates, the locations, and secular information.

There is a Table of Contents so you can find them within the Bible. On each page, there is a marker by the reference and a boxed explanation nearby.