The Happy Farmer and His Family

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One day the slightly dripping mixer tap in the kitchen suddenly started to drip with more intensity and the cold water that filled the small bowl in the sink filled a medium sized bowl.

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The Mummy in the house said when she was asked what she would like for a present for her birthday said that she would like a new tap for the kitchen, so that she could sleep through the night without an uncomfortable noise making her nights restless. Dutifully Daddy bought a shiny new silver mixer tap and it sat for a while on the kitchen table waiting for Daddy to have a spare moment to attach it to the sink. Then one day Daddy woke up and the medium sized bowl in the sink that was always full of cold water was now a very large saucepan and was full of warm water.

The Happy Farmer And His Family - 2P4H

So Daddy decided that today was the day to change the tap. Being a curious sort of a chap Daddy opened up the old tap, after he had removed it, and took it apart to discover that all the wear inside the tap was on the hot side of the switch and none at all was on the cold side. Sylvia Rabinof.

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Geoff Haydon and Jim Lyke. Don Heitler and Jim Lyke. Edmund Parlow. Lancaster and Kenon D.

The Happy Farmer

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Tales from the Happy Farmer - Franklin Farm

By this inconsiderate step they lost all that aggregate of force which had made the bird fly off. Perceiving their disorder he immediately returned and snapped as many as he wanted; nay he had even the impudence to alight on the very twig from which the bees had drove him. I killed him and immediately opened his craw, from which I took bees; I laid them all on a blanket in the sun, and to my great surprise 54 returned to life, licked themselves clean, and joyfully went back to the hive; where they probably informed their companions of such an adventure and escape, as I believe had never happened before to American bees!

I draw a great fund of pleasure from the quails which inhabit my farm; they abundantly repay me, by their various notes and peculiar tameness, for the inviolable hospitality I constantly show them in the winter. Instead of perfidiously taking advantage of their great and affecting distress, when nature offers nothing but a barren universal bed of snow, when irresistible necessity forces them to my barn doors, I permit them to feed unmolested; and it is not the least agreeable spectacle which that dreary season presents, when I see those beautiful birds, tamed by hunger, intermingling with all my cattle and sheep, seeking in security for the poor scanty grain which but for them would be useless and lost.

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Often in the angles of the fences where the motion of the wind prevents the snow from settling, I carry them both chaff and grain; the one to feed them, the other to prevent their tender feet from freezing fast to the earth as I have frequently observed them to do. I do not know an instance in which the singular barbarity of man is so strongly delineated, as in the catching and murthering those harmless birds, at that cruel season of the year.

When the severities of that season have dispirited all my cattle, no farmer ever attends them with more pleasure than I do; it is one of those duties which is sweetened with the most rational satisfaction.

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I amuse myself in beholding their different tempers, actions, and the various effects of their instinct now powerfully impelled by the force of hunger. I trace their various inclinations, and the different effects of their passions, which are exactly the same as among men; the law is to us precisely what I am in my barn-yard, a bridle and check to prevent the strong and greedy from oppressing the timid and weak.

Conscious of superiority they always strive to encroach on their neighbors; unsatisfied with their portion, they eagerly swallow it in order to have an oppor- tunity of taking what is given to others, except they are prevented. Some I chide, others, unmindful of my admonitions, receive some blows.

Could victuals thus be given to men without the assistance of any language, I am sure they would not behave better to one another, nor more philosophically than my cattle do.

The same spirit prevails in the stable; but there I have to do with more generous animals, there my well known voice has immediate influence, and soon restores peace and tranquillity. Thus by superior knowledge I govern all my cattle as wise men are obliged to govern fools and the ignorant.