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As the title suggests, Presiding Justices preside over panels during oral arguments and during the internal discussion of cases. Most cases are assigned to three-justice panels for research and writing of decisions. All nine justices consider and vote on cases. Presiding Justices also are responsible for making sure that all cases assigned to the panel progress in a timely fashion.

The Court adheres to a day rule, issuing a decision within days of the filing of the final brief in each case. Presiding Justices are selected by seniority.

Jeffrey King, Associate Justice - 4DCA

Presiding Justice King, who was appointed to the Supreme Court March 1, , is the third longest currently serving member of the Supreme Court. Randolph of Hattiesburg, who has been a member of the Court for nearly 15 years, became Chief Justice on Feb. Loris tortures Duncan horribly, mutilating the Deryni bishop in an attempt to force him to confess to charges of heresy. That night, Dhugal succeeds in contacting Kelson and informs the king of Duncan's plight.

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As Kelson's army marches through the night to rescue their comrades, Loris prepares to burn Duncan at the stake. However, Duncan's execution is interrupted by the arrival of Kelson's army. Both Kelson and Morgan use their Deryni powers to protect Duncan, but it is ultimately Dhugal who rescues the bishop.

The justice of KING NOSHERWAN

Kelson corners Sicard, but the Pretender's husband refuses to surrender. Unwilling to allow Sicard's defiance to cost additional lives, Kelson kills Sicard with a single arrow. The remaining Mearan soldiers throw down their arms, and the Gwyneddan army is victorious. After several days of resting the army, Kelson leads his host to Laas , the Mearan city to which Caitrin has fled. Kelson demands the Pretender's surrender, and Dhugal convinces his aunt to accede to the king's terms.

After Kelson's army takes possession of the city, Loris and his aide are executed for their crimes, and Kelson reluctantly orders the execution of the last member of Caitrin's family, Prince Judhael.

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With the Pretender's bloodline extinguished and her army defeated, Kelson secures his authority over the land of Meara. The poll was won by Roger Zelazny for his novel, Trumps of Doom.


Kurtz and Zelazny were also finalists for the and Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards. This was the highest ranking for any of Kurtz' Deryni novels on the annual poll, matching the sixth-place ranking of Kurtz' Camber the Heretic in the poll.

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The Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz. King Kelson's Bride Duchies Earldoms Baronies. The Eleven Kingdoms Torenth.

The King’s Justice: Two Novellas

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