The Last Analog Summer

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  4. Analog vs Digital Summing: Which is Preferred?
  5. Audio Nerd Controversy: Are Analog Summing Devices Beneficial or Snake Oil? | B&H Explora

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At the end of the day, analogue summing is great. Digital summing is great, too. Figure out what suits your needs, and never stop learning! What Is Summing? The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Mixing with Analogue Summing If digital summing is thought to be the problem, then an obvious solution is to A continue working completely analogue wildly impractical for those of us working at home—or anywhere, these days , or B adopt a hybrid analogue-digital approach.

Is Digital Summing the Issue? Analogue or Digital Summing?

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June 9, The Vintage Maker had more width and a super classy 3d vibe to it that neither had. The VM was the clear winner in my book. The difference from my old summing box a vintage design Suj 1 is really huge!! The new mixer has much more punch and detail and everything sounds bigger and wider!! Franck Amendola.

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The difference with the ITB mixes in protools is awesome…deep, warm, dynamic…i m really impressed by the quality. Peter Carter UK. Lawo Summing Unit. This is the second unit I have bought from him. Fast shipping, great price and the unit itself does wonders to your mix. Highly recommended. I have a feeling of working with a tape, like the nasty transients are smoother, thus allowing for a warmer mix. I also have the feeling that haufe transformers generate additional harmonics, that make the impression of excellent equal frequency distribution all over the spectrum.

Mix is not dull or over exited, just plain great analog sounding.

Audio Nerd Controversy: Are Analog Summing Devices Beneficial or Snake Oil?

Stereo image is unbelivable. A huge step up from MiB mix in a box. Bass frequencies are well balanced from bottom mid all over to sub. I also have to discover how does the input overload sound like.

Analog Summing - Fuseroom Studio Masterclass

Output level rotary works great-no problem adjusting level to-tape. Fernando Rocha Numerica Studio Portugal.

We ask four developers who ought to know…

Its like you get back the integrity of the sound as you recorded, astounishing. Neumann Pauls Summing Box — the real thing! He is really a guy who is into the things he does. Every wish I mentioned was no problem for him, so I got my box inkl. Every little thing, every detail in the mix — instruments, voices, reverb, etc — seems to be placed right where I want it to be.

Actually I thought, all the time there has been a curtain between my ears and my Genelecs which has finally raised. The box does not produce any recognizable additional noise and I loved it from the very beginning. I am very happy with this setup and I want to thank Paul for all his support and the really fine work he has done for me and my studio. Its like you get back the integrity of the sound as you recorded, astonishing. Mine also arrived very quickly via International Post.

Silky is the best description I can conjure. I have run mixes from each project through the box and found it usable for all. Solid box, nice knobs, very sexy. Alex Halliday from UK. Ive summed a piano session and a jazz session and all I can say is that it makes things sound finalised or complete! Its hard to put my finger on it. There is definitely a stability that it adds. Sounds like a record!

All the best! The multiple passive outputs give us the ability to print stems post hardware! The Neumann transformers sound ridiculous clean, detailed, and 3d.

Analog vs Digital Summing: Which is Preferred?

We do mostly EDM and pop music and rely on mixes printing clean with incredible fidelity. We have a wide range of analog gear which is tube and transformed based. Our unit also has a 32 channel routing matrix just like an analog console. The routing matrix allows for the ability to route instruments to a dedicated analog group which has sends and returns available for flexible hardware routing.

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  • I did shootout the VintageMaker with the Burl bomber, the Dangerous 2 BUS, the Shadow Hills Equinox.

The summing mixer is connected to our patch bay giving us endless routing options so we can utilize the full power of this fantastic unit. For anyone considering jumping over to the analog summing world, or for upgrading into a more customizable design seriously consider Paul at VintageMaker. He offers impressive flexibility in design from 1u to 3u units with whatever your heart desires.

Audio Nerd Controversy: Are Analog Summing Devices Beneficial or Snake Oil? | B&H Explora

Finally a solid deal in pro audio without comprising the quality of product! All of us engineers love to have our needs met. VintageMaker for the win! Poolside Chats Podcast Episode 20 October 23, VintageMaker Summing Diagram. Kriss Walas Kriss Walas is a constantly expanding musician, composer, music producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, writer, DJ, artist manager, CEO, record label owner, Reiki practitioner, meditation enthusiast, avid learner, and spiritual activist.

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