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That's just how life works, right? A fairy tale, like any story, is just a snapshot of a particular series of events. Any author who wants people to continue to read his or her stories will usually opt for a happy ending rather than a sad, tragic, or unsatisfying ending. Fairy tales obviously aren't like real life, and neither are their endings. Life simply isn't that neat and tidy.

Perhaps we need to look at exactly what happiness is. A dictionary might define happiness as joy or a state of well-being and contentment. Psychologists might define happiness as experiencing frequent positive emotions, like joy, pride, or contentment , and infrequent but some negative emotions, like sadness, anger, or anxiety. Although it may be impossible to be happy all the time, some experts suggest we can learn to be happy even when negative events come our way.

How we choose to process or react to negative events can influence our happiness. Some experts call it the power of positive thinking or positivity. Others simply call it optimism. However you label it, the way you approach adversity can have a powerful impact in your life. When negative events come, some will see them as obstacles. Positive thinkers or optimists will see them as opportunities for change or growth. It may seem like a subtle difference, but if you don't view something negatively, it's less likely to affect your level of happiness.

Psychologists have spent a lot of time researching positivity over the years. Their research has found that optimism tends to be associated with better psychological and physical well-being. Research suggests that optimists tend to be problem solvers who try to make negative situations better. When that's not possible, they tend to accept reality and move on rather than dwelling on negative outcomes.

Even though "happily ever after" may be just a myth that only happens in fairy tales, that doesn't mean that we can't live mostly happy lives. Look for the good and try to make the best of any situation! Find a friend or family member to help you check out the following activities:. Hmmm, we don't see a comment from aiden. Maybe aiden. I do believe there is good in the world. But there will be bumps Do we really know what a happily ever after is?

Even if you think there is a end, there will be arguments. Even in princess stories, but they hide the truth. Always hope for the best! Thanks for reading! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Can't say! We hope to hear from you again soon! Thanks to you both for being great Wonder Friends! I don't believe in happy ever after. Because if they are true then why doesn't the boy I like like me.

We are sorry to hear that, SCSN. Relationships are hard but family and friends can be a great help when we are feeling sad. Hang in there! You're welcome! Comment again soon!

Happily Ever After | Lostpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Hey, savannah! Thanks for visiting Wonderopolis! I'm new here and I'm wondering if you can post questions to wonderopoulus without comments. Does that answer your question, Kailey? I think there is a happily ever after because it happend to me. It was a Saturday night and i was in a tournament and we won but i got kicked in the ribs and broke one of the ribs on my side.

It was amazing night and I scored the winning goal of the game at half field! It was amazing but when we traveled home we had hale and thunder and rain and it scared me alot. That sounds like a crazy day, Grace! We're glad you won, were not injured too badly, and stayed safe in the weather.

Thanks for sharing your story! The only good part of it is that she dies and goes to heaven Thanks for the suggestion, Wonder Friend! We will have to check it out. We love to read! We do too, Luna. We can try to help make it that way, though! A good place to start is kindness. Thanks for being a great Wonder Friend!

I like to write. But you don't just end a story saying "And they lived happily ever after! Well, at least the "ever after" part doesn't make sense.

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The characters are probably not immortal. They do not live forever after; they die. I just wanted to clarify that. Good clarification, Goldenstar. For little kids, it's nice to keep it simple but as you point out, as we get older we realize it's not that simple. Thanks, Cayden! Hey wonderopolis, yesterday me and my friend commented to the sun passage, and it didn't go through. Can you please tell me why? Hi Liv and Abbey! Did it go through now? Usually comments are approved and post within 24 hours but we occasionally get behind if there are a lot of comments that day.

I have always loved "happily ever afters" be cause they all end happy! Snow White is a classic! The first Disney movie, as well. Pretty interesting to learn about how it was made it took a looooong time. Thanks for sharing!

Happily Forever After

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Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Is there really a happily ever after?

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How do you define happiness? Can positive thinking make you happier? Wonder What's Next? Find a friend or family member to help you check out the following activities: What's your favorite fairy tale?

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Choose a fairy tale you know well and rewrite the end of it. Instead of "and they lived happily ever after," tell us what really happened. How long did the main characters live? What did they do? Were they always happy? Or were there bumps in the road along the way? Have fun turning a favorite fairy tale into a more realistic story. Share your work with a friend or family member. How would you define happiness? Give it a shot. Sit down with paper and pencil and write your own definition of happiness. When you're finished, make a list of at least 10 things that truly make you happy.

Do these things have anything in common? Imagine that! Why is it that we often rely on unrealistic expectations and wishful thinking when it comes to matters of the heart? In every other domain of our lives we are taught that it's work and effortful doing that lead to sustainable results. In our professional lives, for example, we don't expect that landing our first job will immediately lead to a flourishing career. Similarly, when it comes to our health we don't presume that simply purchasing a gym membership and exercising one time will result in a toned and fit body overnight.

With both of these endeavors we spend countless hours, days, months — even years — practicing and building new skills, and putting in the necessary work, whether that be taking training classes, or training at the gym. We regularly challenge ourselves by setting new work and fitness goals to enhance our performance. Many of us pair up with mentors in our professional lives who help us navigate corporate culture.

And we hire personal trainers to take our fitness levels up a notch and guide us along the way. Do we think that once we are married or committed to our wonderful partner, we will be able to coast merrily along on the initial burst of warm feelings and ride together into the sunset? We are never told the details of what leads to "happily ever after" in storybook romances, and since there is no manual that comes with commitment if only there were! While there's no definitive list of dos or don'ts or twelve simple steps to achieve a perfect relationship, there are some promising findings based on the science of positive psychology to help build a healthy connection.

We are pleased to introduce this inaugural blog based on an upcoming book we wrote on the same topic.


Rather than fixing what's wrong in relationships, our posts will focus on what's going right in our relationships and the steps we take can take to further strengthen them. Specifically, we will discuss healthy habits that couples can cultivate to become happy together over the long term. Some of the topics we will address include:.

We look forward to sharing latest research as well as real-life anecdotes from couples and attendees of the Romance and Research TM workshops we've presented internationally over the years. And we welcome your feedback and comments. Imagine what would happen if we put a fraction of the work into our relationships that we do into other domains of our lives. We might just increase our chance of becoming happy together.

Seligman, M. Flourish: A visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being. New York: Atria Books. Such PT hogwash again. Romantic relationships are NOT the single most important factor to our well-being, unless you count the damage they do. Perhaps Bella DePaulo could be of help here. She's debunked all those poorly crafted studies that claim marriage automatically makes one earn more, healthier and happier.

Spot on. You can't expect your relationship to flourish if you don't work at it. Work your relationship like you work your brain at the office and body at the gym. It truly is a shame that there isn't more focus on the effort needed to make relationships particularly romantic relationships work. Kudos to you for tackling this. I look forward to reading the blog and the book! I look forward to reading more articles from this blog! It's an interesting perspective and there is so much truth to this - relationships do take work.

Excited to learn more about healthy relationship habits! The million-dollar question we can ask ourselves for relational growth. Small steps you can take to help increase your well-being. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive.