Violettes Vibrato [Golden Dolphin 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)

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Not only will Violette inspire you with her own journal The Extra-Dimensional Universe Where the Paranormal Becomes the Normal by Violette and 1 more UFO sightings and alien abductions, mystical experiences and psychic phenomena, the near-death and the out-of-body experience--millions of ordinary people around the world report experiencing these events at some point in their lives.

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Yet, because there is no accepted scientific theory to explain the paranormal, the events--and the people who report them--are ridiculed and dismissed. The problem The daughter of an English father and French mother, and widow of a French army officer, she was daring and courageous, conducting sabotage missions, being embroiled in gun battles and battling betrayal. On her second mission she was captured by the Nazis, interrogated and Read more 1. She's not to be missed. A true In The Romance of Violette, however, things take a different turn.

One man and one woman are locked in a heated battle for the love of a sweet young lady. Ultimately, the tension becomes unbearable and the love-stricken trio opt for a somewhat unorthodox solution to the problem. The Romance of Violette by Attributed to Alexander Dumas Pere I have spent thousands of years in this earthly world, it would appear, and the spiritualistic component of my own being must have been successively transmitted in the continuity of human creatures, before it became my privilege to be one of the denizens of the planet of Mars, my present dwelling.

The Romance Of Violette by Dumas and 1 more Roman de Violette is the tale of a beautiful girl, the object of desire for both a young man and a rather determined lesbian, culminating in a fabulous menage-a-trois.

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The book was first published and attributed posthumously to Dumas. The translation dates from The Romance of Violette by Anonymous and 1 more In the same wonderfully graphic tradition as "Flossie", "The Romance of Violette" tells the sexual coming of age of a naive but incredibly inquisitive young woman at the loving tutelage of our thirty-year-old narrator, Christian.

When a young seamstress assistant takes refuge in the rooms of Christian, he is immediately enamoured with her beauty and innocence. Heart all a flutter, the feeling is Under threat of scandal and obsenity charges, French publisher Gallimard withheld the novel, but Leduc continued to write of her life as a woman writer in wartime Paris, frankly depicting her own and imagined lesbian experiences.

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Mentored by Simone de Beauvoir and a contemporary of French Read more 5. She also finds out how rewarding it can be to try new things.

Violett Valentine and Gramma Marge are always in search of ideas for their clothing designs and find inspiration everywhere they go. Popular Features.

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New Releases. Clare, agrees to accompany her best friend, Devon James, on a singles cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin, a three-hundred-foot super yacht. Cassie is shocked to discover that the boyfriend who stood her up on her senior prom night is aboard and is apparently now a Dom.

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It has been fifteen years since she last saw him. At first she is tempted to bolt, but when she realizes that he does not recognize her, she decides to stick it out. She will just avoid him at all costs. Beaumont Bainbridge III finds the tall blonde stunning and wonders why she heads the other direction every time he looks her way.

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He can't figure her out. Every other woman aboard is clamoring for his attention-just like they always do.

Beau can't understand why the beautiful Sandy is giving him the cold shoulder? Other books in this series. Add to basket. Rating details.