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Werden Demokratien im Umgang mit Migration ihren eigenen Werten gerecht? Kultur, Gesellschaft, Migration. Politiken kultureller Differenz 2. Transnationale Perspektiven 3. PD Dr. Working with the notion of religion as lived experience, it moves beyond rigid denominational boundaries and examines how and where religion is practiced in migrants' everyday lives. Diaspora is understood in a variety of ways, which makes this an eclectic collection of papers. Authors use various theoretical frameworks to explore diverse groups of people with a variety of experiences in a wide range of settings.

They are making sense of the experiences of women and men from a range of ethnic backgrounds, negotiating identities through family, work and education. The micro dynamics of the everyday offer an evocative 'bottom up' means of understanding the tensions implicit in living multiple belongings. The common thread for the collection comes from the glimpses these authors provide into the remaking of our globalized world. The aim is to shed light on racism, dislocation and alienation on the one hand, and on the other hand, to consider how the complex power relations within the everyday mediate a sense of resistance and hope.

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The papers are arranged around four themes; 1. Multiple Belongings, 2. Representing a Way of Being, 3. Sexualised Identifications and 4. Marriage and Family. This edited collection focuses on theories, language and migration in relation to multiculturalism in Japan and the Asia-Pacific. Each chapter aims to provide alternative understandings to current conflicts that have arisen due to immigration and policies related to education, politics, language, work, citizenship and identity. Is it justified to restrict membership of a society, and if so, on what grounds? This book explores a series of pressing, controversial issues surrounding the acquisition of citizenship, in theory and practice.

Highly skilled women are no exception to this rule. This book explores the complex relationship between gender and high-skill migration, with a special focus on the impact of the current economic crisis on highly skilled women-migrants in Europe. This book, now in paperback, critically analyzes the actors, discourses and practices of migration management. The chapters presented in this volume offer variety in not only theme but in approach to migration in Southeast and East Asia. Particularly welcome for a volume on migration studies, a discipline that has long been dominated by economists, sociologists, and geographers, are the chapters that approach the subject from an anthropological or ethnological perspective.

These chapters bring to our attention details of the lives of migrants and their communities that are often lost in studies of migration statistics, the economic aspects of migration, or aspects of urban geography with which we have become more familiar. Some chapters are more theoretical in nature and herein lie some of the most important reasons for studying migration involving Asian countries: migration studies have, until relatively recently, developed their theoretical insights on the basis of European migration to North America. Asian migration offers new theoretical challenges to migration scholars; its dynamism is such that predictions of what is to come are not for the risk averse.

For readers who are from Asian countries, this book will illuminate the changes that are taking place in your region as a result of migration.

Dr. Carme Bescansa

It also discusses how migration control policies in southern European countries shape the migrant smuggling phenomenon and the smuggling 'business'. New ethnographic research is drawn upon to explore important questions of mobility, locality and identity. As population mobility grows in an ever more crowded world, the Global Forum on Migration and Development GFMD has emerged as the most important global mechanism to deal with the urgent challenges it presents.

This book explores fresh strategies proposed by the GFMD in its fourth year of operation in Mexico and beyond. In , there were million international migrants worldwide, nearly two and a half times the number in By , international migration is likely to expand sharply in scale, reach and complexity, due to growing demographic disparities, environmental change, shifting global political and economic dynamics, technological innovations and social networks.

Migration can bring substantial gains to families in less-developed countries, and mobile labor is an axiomatic feature of the global economy. Yet outward migration of skilled workers can seriously retard development at home, and exert pressure on wages in host nations. Balancing these and other conflicting concerns requires the substantive and expert discourse offered in this book. Contributors discuss, and propose concrete solutions to, vital issues such as the debilitating costs of cross-border labor recruitment and the provision of social and income protection for foreign contract workers.

With suggestions on how to facilitate connections between transnational families, and gender- and family-sensitive immigration regimes, this book aims to foster collaborative intergovernmental links as well as partnerships between governments, civil society and international organizations. It shows how the GFMD can positively influence policy and institutional behavior while addressing wider systemic factors in protecting mobile workers. Encyclopedia of Migration Bean, Frank D. With migration being partly defined in the modern era by law and public policy, the subject includes knowledge not only from these areas but also from a full array of academic disciplines.

Hence, this encyclopedia will include material from such fields as anthropology, archaeology, criminology, demography, economics, education, ethnic studies, geography, health sciences, history, law, linguistics, public policy, political science, psychology and sociology. As migration has been such an important part of the peopling of all parts of the world, this encyclopedia will also include synopses of major geographic movements from ancient and early history.

The International Encyclopedia of Migration will be a significant resource for students, teachers, practitioners, scholars and researchers interested in or working on any aspect of migration in any field. It should be particularly useful for people seeking information and knowledge about migration from fields other than their own. It argues that justice should be determined by the victims of genocide rather than a detached legal system, since such a form of justice is more consistent with a socially grounded ethics, with a democracy that privileges citizen decision-making, and with human rights.

From show trials to state- enforced forgiveness, the book examines various methods that have been used since to punish the individuals and groups responsible for genocide and how they have ultimately failed to deliver true justice to the victims. The only way to end this failure, the book points out, is to return justice to the victims. This simple proposition; however, challenges the Enlightenment tradition of Western law which was built on the refusal to allow victims to determine the measure of justice.

That would amount, according to Bacon, Hegel, and Kant to a revenge system and bring social chaos. But, as this book points out, forgiveness is only something victims can give, no-one can demand it. In order to establish a lasting peace, it is necessary to re-examine the philosophical and theoretical refusal to return justice to the victims.

The engaging argument put forth in this book can help deliver true justice and re-establish international social harmony in the aftermath of genocide. Genocide is ubiquitous in the modern, global world. It's understanding is highly relevant for the understanding of specific and perpetuating challenges in migration. Genocide forces the migration of millions to avoid crimes against humanity. When they flee war zones they bring their fears, hates, and misery with them. So migration research must engage fully with the experience of genocide, its human consequences and the ethical dilemmas it poses to all societies.

Not to do so, will make it more difficult to understand and live with newcomers and to achieve some sort of harmony in host countries, as well as those which are centers of genocide. To understand its consequences, it is fundamental to know the quality of the available data, the measurement instruments for analyzing migration, and to have an appropriate demographic framework for studying the demographic effects of migration.

Whereas the first section focuses on analysis, the second part deals with the different demographic behaviours of migrants compared to residents. Further it demonstrates the motives and explanations for migration. The final section analyzes geographic and economic aspects. The authors combine demographic analysis, interdisciplinary research, and international illustrations to explore current trends in migration patterns and processes.

This book is valuable reading for an interdisciplinary academic audience as well as for regional planners and policy makers. In a highly mobile world, where voluntary and enforced movements of population are increasing and likely to continue to grow, that relationship needs to be better understood, yet the terminology is often vague and the issues are wide-ranging. Getting to grips with them requires tools drawn from different disciplines and professions. Such a multidisciplinary approach is central to this book.

Six historical studies are integrated with chapters by a theologian, geographer, anthropologist, social worker and psychiatrist to produce an evaluation that addresses key concepts and methodologies, and reflects practical involvement as well as academic scholarship. Ranging from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, the book explores the causes of mental breakdown among migrants; the psychological changes stemming from their struggles with challenging life circumstances; and changes in medical, political and public attitudes and responses in different eras and locations.

It examines the linkages and impact of migration on gender and care regimes, human resource flows, remittances, poverty, and political organizations by or for migrants. Anhand von Interviews mit philippinischen Arbeitsmigrantinnen in kanadischen Privathaushalten wird ein tiefgreifender Einblick in die soziale Situation dieser Frauen gegeben, die in und zwischen verschiedenen Lebenswelten leben. Die spezifischen Gegebenheiten in Kanada und auf den Philippinen werden ebenfalls kurz skizziert. Migration, Masculinities and Reproductive Labour Men of the Home Series : Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship Gallo, Ester, Scrinzi, Francesca This innovative book analyses the role gender plays in the relationship between globalisation, migration and reproductive labour.

The authors highlight how migrant men's experiences of reproductive labour and family are shaped by global forces and national public policies, and how they negotiate the changes and potential conflicts that their 'feminised' jobs entail. They draw on the voices of men and women of different nationalities to show how masculinities are constructed within the home through migrant men's interactions with male and female employers, women relations and their wider ethnic network.

Bridging the divide between scholarship on international migration, care work and masculinity studies, this book will interest sociologists, anthropologists, economists, political scientists and social policy experts. By examining the local histories and discourses that underpin East African Asian literature, it opens up and reflects upon issues of alienation, modernity, migration, diaspora, memory and nationalism.

Olaf This book explores the relationship between political memories of migration and the politics of migration, following over two hundred years of commemorating Australia Day. These political memories were instrumental in negotiating inherent conflicts in the formation of the Australian Commonwealth from settler colonies to an immigrant society. By the second half of the twentieth century, the Commonwealth employed Australia Day commemorations specifically to incorporate new arrivals, promoting at first citizenship and, later on, multiculturalism.

The commemoration has been contested throughout its history based on two distinct forms of political memories providing conflicting modes of civic and communal belonging to Australian politics and policies of migration. Introducing the concept of Political Memories, this book offers a novel understanding of the social and political role of memories, not only in regard to migration.

Die Herausgeberinnen Dr. Migration of Rich Immigrants Gender, Ethnicity and Class Series : Palgrave Studies in Urban Anthropology Vailati, Alex, Rial, Carmen Migration of Rich Immigrants addresses flows of emigrants who establish themselves in other countries temporarily or permanently, in favorable economic conditions. Vailati and Rial explore these migratory paths and analyze how gender, class, age, sexual orientation and ethnicity influence these processes.

Focusing on Chinese illegal immigrants working in the US, it examines the motivation and patterns of the use of illegal fund transfer systems, providing a revealing insight into the workings of Chinese underground banks. Exploring education, marriage, fertility, friends, attitudes and religiosity, it reveals transformations and continuities in the lives of migrants and their families in Europe when compared to their non-migrant counterparts in Turkey.

It looks into established concepts and theoretical propositions that have found application in other areas, particularly in the West and explores their validity and relevance in understanding the realities of migration in Asia. Global and Asian Perspectives on International Migration features the perspectives of scholars from Asia and other parts of the world, as well as diverse backgrounds. It presents a variety of forms, directions, policies and institutions, including circular and temporary migration; the management of cultural diversity; the gender perspective on migration in North America, Europe and Asia; returning migrants; migration governance in the ASEAN economic community; and the determinants of migration.

In conclusion, the book explores migration transition in Asia and revisits select theories in light of recent evidence. With its dialogic approach to migration in Asia by renowned authors from various regions and disciplines, this book will serve as a valuable resource to policy makers in research and academia, civil society, international organizations and the private sector. Divorce in Transnational Families Marriage, Migration and Family Law Sportel, Iris This book uniquely focuses on the role of family law in transnational marriages.

The author demonstrates how family law is of critical importance in understanding transnational family life.

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Based on extensive field research in Morocco, Egypt and the Netherlands, the book examines how, during marriage and divorce, transnational families deal with the interactions of two different legal systems. Sportel studies the interactions of European and Islamic family law, addressing its interconnections with migration and everyday life, within the context of highly politicised debates on gender, Islam, migration and the family.

The book will be of interest to scholars and students of family sociology, migration and diaspora studies, transnational families, family law, and sociology of law. A range of leading figures in this field consider the roles of religion throughout various types of migration, including forced, voluntary, and economic. They discuss examples of migrations at all levels, from local to global, and critically examine case studies from various regional contexts across the globe.

The book grapples with the linkages and feedback between religion and migration, exploring immigrant congregations, activism among and between religious groups, and innovations in religious thought in light of migration experiences, among other themes. The contributors demonstrate that religion is an important factor in migration studies and that attention to the intersection between religion and migration augments and enriches our understandings of religion. Ultimately, this volume provides a crucial survey of a burgeoning cross-disciplinary, interreligious, and global area of study.

This book uses conceptual frameworks, policy analysis and empirical studies of migrants to explore international migrants' needs for and access to social protection across the world. Global processes of African migration are investigated, and the lived experiences of African migrants are explored in areas such as citizenship, belonging, intergenerational transmission, work and social mobility. Furthermore, it highlights that childhood, youth and migration as well as local and global perspectives need to be thought and analyzed together, to address the significant dimensions of social inequality in the context of growing up.

Migration as a phenomenon is most often motivated by the search for a better life. Today as well as in the past this search for a better life is very often triggered by socio-economic reasons, war or terrorism. It promotes the idea of connecting global and local issues of childhood and youth with a special focus on questions of education.

It studies questions of global and local living and highlights living circumstances shaped by patterns of migration and mobility.

Translation of «Second Life» into 25 languages

This book takes a hard look at the existing evidence available to policymakers in different regions of the world. How much do we really know about the impact of environmental change on migration? How will different regions of the world be affected in the future? Is there evidence to show that migration can help countries adapt to environmental change?

What types of research have been conducted, how reliable is the evidence? These are some of the questions considered in this book, which presents, for the first time, a synthesis of relevant research findings for each major region of the world. Written by regional experts, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the key findings of existing studies on the linkages between environmental change and the movement of people.

More and more reports on migration and the environment are being published, but the information is often scattered between countries and within regions, and it is not always clear how much of this information is based on solid research. This book brings this evidence together for the first time, highlighting innovative studies and research gaps. In doing this, the book seeks to help decision-makers draw lessons from existing studies and to identify priorities for further research.

Territoriality and Migration in the E.

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Based on new empirical research, the authors in this collection explore these three processes and their consequences for both member and non-member EU states, for migrants themselves, and for migration systems in the region. The collection indicates that despite the rhetoric of social and spatial integration across the EU region, as one wall has come down, new walls have gone up as novel migration and security policy frameworks have been erected — making European immigration more complex, and potentially more influential beyond the EU zone, than ever.

Die empirische Grundlage bilden Biographien von Migranten und Migrantinnen aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion, die in den er Jahren nach Deutschland eingewandert sind. Die Ergebnisse zeichnen ein wesentlich differenzierteres Bild der Migration aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion, als es bisher in der Migrationsforschung vorhanden war. Die verschiedenen Formen der Inklusion innerhalb des Nationalstaats werden aus einer transatlantischen Perspektive untersucht. Francis, Ronald An historical and contemporary account of migrant crime in Australia, this book explores a range of issues from mental health and victimology to immigration policy and legal analysis, arguing that it is birthplace, not race, which impacts upon crimes committed by migrants.

This book examines the hype, relevance and myths surrounding the concept while also redefining it within a broader study of transnationality to demonstrate the variety of stories involved. By so doing, it takes Canada as exemplary for the effects of transnationalization, regionalization, and cultural and linguistic diversification on notions of citizenship and processes of identity formation. It brings to the fore the interconnectedness of Japan's history with the wider Asian-Pacific region and the world.

This interconnectedness is examined in the volume through the themes of empire, migration, and social movements. Human Migration to Space Alternative Technological Approaches for Long-Term Adaptation to Extraterrestrial Environments Series : Springer Theses Lockard, Elizabeth As humans embark upon the next phase of Space exploration—establishing human outposts in low-Earth orbit, on the Moon, and on Mars—the scope of human factors must expand beyond the meager requirements for short-term missions to Space to include issues of comfort and well-being necessary for long-term durations.

However, to habitate—to dwell in a place—implies more than creature comforts in order to adapt. Human factors research must also include a phenomenological perspective — an understanding of how we experience the places we live in — in order for a community to be robust and to thrive. The first phase of migration will be an especially tenuous one requiring intensive technological intervention. The modes by which those technologies are implemented will have significant bearing on the process of human adaptation: the nature of the mediation can be either one of domination, subordination, avoidance, or integration.

Ultimately, adaptation is best ensured if symbiotic processes of negotiation and cooperation between subject and environment are espoused over acts of conquest or acquiescence. These adaptive mechanisms will have wider implications for long-range human evolution.

Migration to extraterrestrial environments will be unequivocally the most profound catalyst for evolution in the history of humankind—not only for the human species itself but also for the new environments we will eventually inhabit. At the same time, humans are also—via a new generation of bio-, nano-, and digital technologies—in the position to consciously and willfully direct evolution.

Diese haben einen Einfluss auf die innere Strukturierung und die Entwicklung der Familien. Dabei wird nach der Bedeutung von Migrationspolitiken und dem Umgang mit sozialen und kulturellen Differenzen im Zusammenhang von Familie und Migration gefragt. It demonstrates how their hopes and aspirations reflect the transient nature of their age group, and often differ from those of their elders.

Sie werden mit ethnisiert-vergeschlechtlichten Zuschreibungen und national-kulturellen Zuordnungen konfrontiert. Albert Scherr PH Freiburg. Diese Fragen werden in aktuellen und historischen Perspektiven vom Ethnologe, exec. This book examines the effect of migrants' individual attributes and resources, their social capital and the political opportunities on their political integration. Migration, Bildung und Spracherwerb Bildungssozialisation und Integration von Jugendlichen aus Einwandererfamilien Heimken, Norbert Die sprachliche Integration von Jugendlichen aus Einwandererfamilien mit ihren spezifischen familialen, schulischen und gesellschaftlichen Voraussetzungen steht im Mittelpunkt der Analyse von Norbert Heimken.

Katrin U. Although the symptoms induced by trauma are common to all cultures, their specific meaning and the strategies used to deal with them may be culture-specific. Consequently, cultural factors can play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with psychological reactions to extreme stress. This role is examined in detail, with an emphasis on the need for therapists to bear in mind that different cultures often have different concepts of health and disease and that cross-cultural communication, assisted by a professionally trained and certified interpreter if necessary, is therefore essential in ensuring effective care of immigrant patients.

Dies wird einerseits als positiv empfunden und gewertet, vielfach aber auch als Problem wahrgenommen. Most countries are affected by it either as sending or receiving countries of skilled migrants. For receiving countries, many of which face skill labour shortages due to population and labour force ageing, economic growth and technology change, there is competition to attract skilled foreign workers to fill these shortages. Consequently there is enormous interest today among scholars and policy makers in the countries of Western Europe, North America and Asia in the issues arising from the international migration of skilled workers.

The localization of researchers in this field involves numerous factors that influence the modalities for conducting research. Research agendas are clearly mediated by these localizations, and this book on the contemporary social sciences points out those mediations, breaking with the dichotomous readings that are implicit in this migration process origin-destination, north-south, and cause-effect, to mention just a few.

In the individual chapters, priority is given to presenting the modalities through which research is conducted in multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary teams on the American Continent. In summary, the focus of this book is on the narrative of methodological experience of the Practice of Research on Migration and Mobilities. Hausbacher, E. She analyses the political debates surrounding spousal migration policies from — in Germany and reveals government strategies that restrict spousal migration while staying within the discursive realm of individual rights.

By circumscribing and scrutinising both the membership status necessary to access the right to family protection and the family ties in question, restricting spousal migration is legitimised. Welche Rolle spielen dabei die Sportvereine? It will be of use to students, scholars, and policy makers in the field of European studies, migration and asylum studies, international relations, and political science.

In der zweiten und dritten Generation fanden teilweise erfolgreiche Aufstiege statt. Der Band widmet sich der Migration und Integration dieser bisher kaum beachteten Gruppe. The Impact of International Migration Process and Contemporary Trends in Kyrgyzstan Sagynbekova, Lira This book comprises the historical overview of migration processes in Kyrgyzstan, contemporary migration trends in international migration and various social, economic and political impacts of migration.

It presents the findings of longstanding, in-depth, comprehensive and empirical research. Insights are maximized by applying the multi-sited strategy of analyzing both the migrant's place of origin and that of destination. The primary goal of the book is to contribute to a better understanding of the meanings and the impacts of contemporary international migration processes in Kyrgyzstan and their relevance for local livelihoods.

It analyzes vulnerable areas throughout the world and details potential policy responses that can help migration be a positive adaptation strategy for communities at risk. The book features several case studies that explore migration as a climate risk management strategy in the Pacific, Sub-Sahara Africa, Latin America, and Europe. It offers comparative analysis that helps readers identify common patterns concerning how mobility can enhance local resilience across large regional, socio-economic, cultural, and political variations, especially in the context of co-adaptation strategies.

This book will help readers to better understand the extent that vulnerable communities throughout the world can adapt to climate and environmental change, which is especially important given the fact that future scenarios hint towards increasing challenges that will further strain the capacities of these regions. Research on the subject is still frequently narrowed down to climate change vulnerability and the environmental push factor.

The book establishes the interconnections between societal and environmental vulnerability, and migration and capability, allowing appreciation of migration in the frame of climate as a case of spatial and social mobility, that is, as a strategy of persons and groups to deal with a grossly unequal distribution of life chances across the world. In their introduction, the editors fan out the current debate and state the need to transcend predominantly policy-oriented approaches to migration.

Subsequent chapters explore the sensitivity of existing migration flows to climate change in Ghana and Bangladesh, the complex relationship between migration, demographic change and coping capacities in Canada, methodological challenges of a household survey on the significance of migration and remittances for adaptation in the Hindu Kush region and an econometric study of the aftermath of the floods in Bangladesh.

Contributors discuss such topics as environmental migration as a multi-causal problem, climate migration as a consequence in an alarmist discourse and climate migration as a solution. A study of an integrated relocation program in Papua New Guinea is followed by chapters on the promise and the flaws of planned relocation policy, global policy on protection of environmental migrants including both internally displaced peoples and those who cross international borders. A concluding chapter places human agency at centre stage and explores the interplay between human rights, capability and migration.

Through this transcontinental perspective, the book makes a new contribution to the literature on both language and identity and language and globalization.

Human Rights and Religion in Educational Contexts | SpringerLink

While focusing on countries subject to environmental degradation, it calls for a regional perspective that recognises local actors and a systematic link between development studies and migration research. Migration is one of the oldest adaptation measures of humanity. Indeed, without migration the multitude of civilizations and interactions between them — peaceful and otherwise — would be hard to imagine. The United Nations UN -led global dialogue on migration is a clear sign that governments and the specialized UN agencies and bodies have recognized the need to view, govern, manage, and facilitate migration; to mitigate its negative effects; and to capitalize on the positive ones.

It is a common expectation among experts that environmentally induced migration will further increase in the decades to come. Hence, next to the political, economic, ethnic, social, financial, humanitarian, and security aspects of migration, the environmental component should urgently be considered in the ongoing international dialogue on migration. This need is also a challenge. Without appropriate scientific knowledge, assessment, definitions, and classifications, the intergovernmental frameworks would not be able to deal with these complex phenomena.

The Five-Pronged-Approach as formulated by the United Nations University UNU may serve as a framework to identify the additional dimensions of this challenge next to — and actually simultaneously with — the scientific one. Thomas Hentschel, Florian Reinold, Cornelia Schmied, Nachdem sich die Diskussion uber Second Life beruhigt hat, ist nun die Zeit gekommen, die Moglichkeiten und Chancen der virtuellen Welt neu auszuloten. Life Ra, Second Life ist Vorreiter des zuknftigen Internets und bietet Unternehmen und Privatnutzern unzhlige Mglichkeiten, in der virtuellen Umgebung reales Geld zu verdienen.

In diesem Buch erklare ich leicht verstandlich Schritt-fur-Schritt, wie man sich seine eigene Kleidung und Tattoos macht. Franz Gruber, Luise Knah, Jonas Kirstein, The cold facts on cryogenics and the promise of a second life. A year-old British girl, who lost her battle to a rare form of cancer, has made headlines for the battle she did win, having been victorious in a historic legal Philip Rosedale hat Second Life erfunden, doch das war nur der Anfang.

Sigrid Schmitz Dr. Maximilian Schochow Prof. Kathrin Schrader Dr. Tina Spies Prof.

Anatol Stefanowitsch Prof. Florian Steger Prof. Ulrike Teubner Prof. Toni Tholen Prof. Christiane Thompson Prof. Stefan Timmermanns Dr. Eva Tolasch. Paula-Irene Villa Prof. Eva Warth Prof. Doris Wastl-Walter Dr. Andrea Wolffram. Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! Hannelore Bublitz wurde in Schleswig geboren.

Zudem wirkt er als Mitherausgeber des Jahrbuchs Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung in der Erziehungswissenschaft. Staatsexamen Susanne Baer, LL. Senats des deutschen Bundesverfassungsgerichts. Grund- und Menschenrechte national, supra- und international , Antidiskriminierungsrecht, Legal Gender Studies, Rechtstheorie, Migrationsrecht. Zwischen und nahm sie verschiedene wissenschaftliche Aufgaben wahr.

Ute Gerhard, geb. Nach einer Familienphase promovierte sie zum Dr. Autonomen Frauenhaus und am Uniklinikum. Von bis erhielt Joris A. Geschlechterforschung insbes. Jahrhunderts, Augmented Identity. Sabine Hark studierte bis Politikwissenschaft u. Jutta Hartmann, Dr. Jutta Hartmann engagiert sich u.

Andreas Heilmann, geb. Stefan Hirschauer, geb. Wissenschafts- und Geschlechtergeschichte, wissenschaftspolitische Interventionen zur Etablierung der Geschlechterforschung und Gleichstellungspolitik. Zwischen und war er wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter bzw. PD Dr. Andrews UK. Anglistische Literaturwissenschaft, vor allem des Friedrich Moll, M. Geschichte der Medizin, der Naturwissenschaften und des Krankenhauswesens, insbesondere im Bereich der Geschichte, Theorie und Ethik der Urologischen Praxis, der Urologie im Nationalsozialismus sowie der Urologie in Deutschland zwischen und und der urologische Museologie.

Interaktionen von Forschungspolitik, institutionelle Werte und akademische Wissenskulturen; Normen und Praxen akademischer Karriereentwicklung und ihre epistemischen Konsequenzen; Soziologie und Epistemologie der Lebenswissenschaften; Gender, Diversity und feministische Wissenschaftstheorie. Von bis war er Offizier der Bundeswehr.