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Restore your honor. Kill Ingeniously. The second issue with this book is the repetitiveness. I swear that they told us that it was hard for their race to have female children at least 5, times.

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Really, 5, Okay, actually that's impressive for a book of around pages. They really mentioned it a lot. And, that's not the only thing. Life-bondmate's stuff was also mentioned 5, times. And, my biggest issue was the same as in the first book. Too much "velvet". Get a dirty thesaurus and give me a break!

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  8. View all 11 comments. May 11, Lou rated it it was ok. I enjoyed Dark Prince but this book is just more of the same thing. I am Carpathian hierarchy and not a Vampire and still they are having problems getting a life-mate just wanted more drama more action, i was expecting more and i think this is where i do not go any further in the series. There are so many good books to read at the moment. View all 5 comments. Jun 17, Roksana rated it it was amazing Shelves: hero-alpha-obsessed , heroine-to-die-for , hero-to-die-for , beautiful-love-scenes , damage-heroine , virgin-heroine , dark-tortured-hero , deeply-moving , dual-pov , safe-book.

    Man what an emotional book She was glued to him and he made sure of that! What a Hero! Loyal, faithful, fiercely protective, possessive and attentive to every heroines needs Some of the scenes were very graphic in nature and they made me a bit uncomfortable, especially the Heroes capture and the aftermath Poor Hero, the loneliness, the Man what an emotional book Poor Hero, the loneliness, the pain, the desperation was so real and depressing at times..

    I so wanted him to find his destined mate so much to ease the pain he was enduring on a daily basis for such a long time The heroine was equally awesome and they supported each other day and light. This a completely safe book. View all 20 comments.

    YuGiOh - Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep Price Guide

    Apr 06, Rhapsody rated it it was ok Recommends it for: paranormal romance readers. Shelves: fiction , romance , vampires. I like the ideas behind this series, but the writing style puts me off a little. Too much of the focus is on the romance, and not enough on the events or the plot. It was very repetitive at times; again and again, we have to listen to beautiful Jacques thinks Shea is and how people are feeling toward one another. Normally I love that sort of thing, but it was too much for me. I also found the dialogue somewhat lacking. Still, I'm moderately into the series still.

    I'm most interested in reading G I like the ideas behind this series, but the writing style puts me off a little. I'm most interested in reading Gregori's book. View 1 comment. I'm not sure why I'm compelled to read this series. It's all talk and no action! Yes, this book is kinda uniqe in a world of vampires, written pretty well in an old-fashioned way, with a fiercely protective and possessive alpha hero and stubborn heroine.

    But for the love of God, nothing happens. To summarize this book and the heroine: Mommy issues Daddy issues Carpathian lifestyle issues Commitment issues I will continue with this series in the futur I'm not sure why I'm compelled to read this series. I will continue with this series in the future, I'm intrigued about the other Carpathians finding their lifemates. View all 6 comments. Jan 24, Cyndi rated it it was amazing Shelves: no-ow-drama , wonderful-hero , celibate-hero , fabulous , paranormal , safe. I loved this book! So well written! Jacques was an awesome hero and I loved everything about him!

    Shea was a great heroine as well, but I did get a little tired of her wanting to leave Jacques. So far this series is wonderful! View all 3 comments. Main Characters :Shea O'Halloran - a surgeon who is on the run, from "vampire" hunters. Is doing research into a blood disorder she thinks she has.

    Jacques Dubrinsky - Carpathian Male, tortured and trapped. He has a mental connection to Shea during his imprisonment. Tortured to the point of madness, he has no memories of his life before. Love triangle? Terrible endless pain. He could not make a sound, even when his mind shattered into a million fragments and he could no longer remember what, or whom, he was struggling to protect. This is the story of Jacques and Shea.

    It is often brutal - Jacques has been tortured and buried alive for seven years, with no memory of who he is. His only connection in this madness is his mental link to Shea - a woman he believes at the time, to be part of his torture. The first half of the book, is pretty much just Jacques and Shea. From when they make the mental connection, to years later, when Shea comes across his battered and tortured body, and saves him. Jacques walks the edge of madness and often does not know what he is doing. Shea is resigned to death, thinking her illness will kill her.

    They both have a hard path to walk, coming to terms with what they are to each other, and what they have become. Both damaged and wounded souls. Again, as book 1, not a huge set of characters, indeed even less so than in book 1, but we do see Mikhail, Raven, Gregori and Byron again. Having read the series before, these first few books are very much setting up the history of the "vampire" huntings starting again, and setting the basis for the "wars" beginning again for the Carpathian people! Book 1 is set 25 years before this one, and book 3 is another 25 years after book 2.

    So as I say, these first few books are very much about outlining the players and setting up for how the "vampire" huntings are going to get worse, and how the "Society" hunting them grown from what is to what it will become. As they go on, the world building gets more involved and hidden foes are brought out into the open. Friends and enemies alike, both thought long dead begin to make a reappearance and the series gets better and better. If you want a new PNR series to start, you cannot go wrong with this.

    My Review Jan 21, Danielle The Book Huntress Back to the Books rated it really liked it Shelves: owned-copy , paranormal-romance , scary-sexy-cool-dangerous-hero , modern-virgin-heroine , part-of-a-series , favorite-or-autobuy-author , vampire , fated-to-be-mated , medical-profession , nursed-back-to-health.

    There is something about the way that Christine Feehan writes. I think she really pours her heart into her stories. There is so much intensity there. This was a really interesting, enjoyable read. I can't say it's my favorite Feehan because I am so in love with the Ghostwalkers. But I must say that Feehan's take on vampires really captivated me and sucked me in. I find that I am becoming a big fan of vampire romance, and this book probably helped to push me over the edge.

    Jacques is one tortured There is something about the way that Christine Feehan writes. Jacques is one tortured character. Gosh, what he suffered. Shea is probably just slightly less tortured, and she really gives herself and sacrifices herself for Jacques. This book has some dark, violent moments, and you probably shouldn't read this if you are squeamish about violence. But it absolutely fits and is in no way gratuituous.

    The Carpathians lead very dark hopeless lives until their lifemates come to save them. Definitely a book for the fan of fated to be mated pairs which I am.

    Let me just say that I am hooked on these Carpathian books, even though I can't say this was my favorite book. Again, something about the way Feehan spins a yarn. Do read this book if you like tortured heroes and determined, fiercely intelligent, good-hearted heroines. Jan 10, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal. Re read via audible Prior comments: 3.

    I am giving this less than 4 stars because I liked the first book better and it was 4 stars for me. But it is still worth rounding up. I loved the continuation of the story, although I was a little lost until I figured out how long it had been since the end of book 1, Dark Prince. I was surprised by the length of time between books. I mean times were desperate and Mikail and Raven still had not tried to have a child? What was up with that? Anyway, onc Re read via audible Prior comments: 3. Anyway, once I got a firm grasp of the timeline, I had to again suspend my beliefs. How is it possible that Jacques, beloved brother to Mikail, could remain alive but undetected - practically in their back yard - for all these years?

    It did not track to what I learned in the first book. After getting past all of that, there was the harder story about Jacques trying to fight insanity. Shea was, at most times, truly heroic. Jacques was, at times, horrifying to her in his madness view spoiler [ he almost killed her a few times ripping her throat open to take blood - it was harsh hide spoiler ] But she helped him survive and reunite with his family on multiple levels.

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    I enjoyed their bond. Jacques overcame more than anyone can imagine and I admire him for it. But he is not going to top my BBF list. Not much sexy about being on the edge of insanity. Shea, however, is pretty awesome. But I don't read romance for the ladies ;- I am glad I read the book and I think it is important to the progression of the overall storyline.

    Very important things happen in the 2nd half of the book that I would not have wanted to miss. While I am dying to read Grigori's story book 4 I do not want to miss the progression that the next book is sure to bring so I am going to resist skipping and move onto book 3. I know this may not sound like a great review, but it is a really good book. I highly recommend to anyone willing to read PNR and I believe it is critical if you are reading the Dark series.

    This is a totally safe read. No OW, cheating, etc. These guys wait hundred of years for their lifemate. While they may be conceited and domineering, they are faithful and committed! Why do I love it so? I am not sure I will be able to put it into words but something about Jacques, the very tortured hero, just captured me and held tight until the end. Shea was just amazingly forgiving, giving, unselfish, caring and a bunch of other positive quali Originally read Fall RE-READ June 16 Still loved this and could see myself reading it again in the future after a long break.

    Shea was just amazingly forgiving, giving, unselfish, caring and a bunch of other positive qualities. Normally, I would not be okay with a book in which the hero actually hurts the heroine, but in Dark Desire, it was not as if Jacques was in his right mind when he hurt Shea. First of all, by nature, he is not human.

    Male Carpathians are very dominant, possessive and capable of a predatory animal-like violence. Second of all and most importantly , Jacques had no idea who he was, who Shea was, or what was really happening when he first met her. His body recognizes her as his lifemate, but his mind doesn't know what is up or down!! He slowly regains his sanity and his tenderness for Shea comes to the surface as each moment passes. Great book but I would caution anyone who can't take darker romances or can't handle non-human heroes. View all 10 comments. Kind of liked it.

    This was super intense and gory with an unusual amount of violence for a novel that's primarily a romance. In fact, it was a little distracting and I couldn't really get into the love story of the two leads as much as I would've liked. The H Jacques and the h Shea were ok and made a decent couple.

    Three stars. Years ago, Jacques was captured trying to save Raven, stabbed, tortured mercilessly and buried alive, blindfolded. As the trauma makes him lose his memory and sense of time, he reaches out to the unknown for help.. She thinks she has a rare blood disorder, that requires her frequent transfusion, her parentage is unknown, but one day she finds her mother's diary- and to find further clue about her father, decides to go to the mountain. Drawn to a remote house with a coffin, she meets a extremely fragile Jacques, and despite him initally attacking her, decides to help him.

    I really enjoyed this story. The couple's "need" for each other is strong, and their telepathic communication reveal how much they really depend on one another. Their lovemaking is sweet yet fierce, and I really enjoyed their overwhelming connection. I'm getting used to these OTT males and merging of souls stuff. Midway, Jacques does get his memory and we meet familiar characters like Mikhail, Raven, Gregori et al and fight hunters and evil vampires who keep attacking Carpathians and their mated with help of our main couple. Overall, I enjoyed this more than book 1. First off, the narrator Abby Carden was pretty good.

    Her voice is mature and she does really great voice transitions. She kind of has a breathy voice so you do get the emotional part of her reading. The first half of the book was fine. I was listening to it in one sitting for the first hours. I was really interested in Jacque. The book starts with him captured and buried alive. He links to Shea and I really enjoyed reading him trying to reach to her. But just like the first book, I got kind of tired towards the second half of the book. The first half was pretty slow in itself, there was a lot of writing and inner monologues and descriptive writing.

    You have to weed through a lot to get to something. I found her lacking and not looking at the bigger picture. She has a great plot and the world building is okay, but goodness, it takes hundreds of pages to get anywhere in the book.

    As much as I tried. I liked this one better than the first which I enjoyed. This is PNR, so you have to be able to suspend disbelief. Also, these are quite violent PNRs. I love horror, so it's a great combo for me.


    Dark Desire

    However, the violence could be a little much for someone who's not a fan. This has been mentioned over and over in reviews and I'll just briefly re-iterate here. These novels are fairly repetitive. They seem to follow this pattern, so far. Modern-minded, yet virginal heroine meets ancient, controlling po I liked this one better than the first which I enjoyed.

    Modern-minded, yet virginal heroine meets ancient, controlling powerful hero with very old fashioned ideas on a woman's place. He needs her to be his one and only life mate to keep him from going evil and becoming a vampire. She's bi-polar between "I need time" and "I can't stand to be away from you".

    The heroines tend to be, IMHO, a little too determined to run into danger when they have no idea what they're getting themselves into. Discretion truly can be the better part of valor, just saying. Also, they are repetitive in word choice and epithets. It drives some people crazy. However, I've enjoyed the series so far. It's one of those things that you know is flawed but you enjoy it anyway.

    It really depends on your taste. I do think, however, that I may take a break for a while after I finish my next one - just so I don't burn myself out on the similarities. In the context of a PNR, I'm willing to ascribe different rules to the hero than I would in something more reality based.

    However, I suppose there is always a part of me that worries about the impressionable teen who might read one of these and apply that sort of logic to real-life relationships. Because, "you're the only one who can save me from myself" is NOT a healthy basis for a relationship. As a very devoted aunt to two nieces, it always niggles at me when I read something that I know requires a mature understanding of what a healthy relationship entails and what is just ok in fantasy.

    I know I snuck and read novels that were probably far too mature at Therefore, I did fairly recently give my oldest niece and her BFF a little talk about what they need to take into consideration if they do happen to sneak and read something like 50 Shades, which is not out of the realm of possibility with how hyped that is been and how curious teens are about the "forbidden".

    However, if you can understand the difference between what is healthy in real life vs. Oct 16, Tilly Slaton rated it liked it Shelves: reviews-completed. Dark Desire is the Carpathian story of Jacques and Shea. Jacques story is extremely intense and incredibly brutal. Captured by vampire hunting fanatics, he is held prisoner for over 7 years.

    Complete agony. After so many years, the physical wounds can heal but the mental ones have made him deadly dangerous and unpredictable. Sensing the presence of a female, he believes her as his betrayer. He sees in color. He knows she is his lifemate. The rage festering his insides lashes out at her, Dark Desire is the Carpathian story of Jacques and Shea. The rage festering his insides lashes out at her, forcing her body to endure the torture he experiences. Shea, a brilliant surgeon, has a rare blood disease that she has been researching for a cure.

    She visits the Carpathian mountains to continue her research and learn more about her father whom she has never met. Finding Jacques and saving him from the tomb he lived in, the battle of wills begins as she attempts to heal him. She had to save him. This book is long and repetitious. I can appreciate fighting inner demons. But this book was a bit much. Enough already. I recommend this book to mature adults reading this series.

    Extreme violence and sexual content. Oct 21, Varied Books rated it really liked it Shelves: nook-book , true-mate-story , paranormal-romance , m-f. One of my favorite books by CF. One of her early books so the sex was meh. The writing was awesome. I felt connected to the story.

    I loved the H. The h was ok she annoyed me because she didn't want the assholes to suffer or die. The h was everything to the H. You could feel his love for her. He had no idea he was hurting her. It pissed me 4. Jan 09, Lisa rated it did not like it Shelves: not-a-fan-of , struggling-to-get-into. I don't understand what all the fuss is about over this series. The women are pathetic, the men are ridiculously needy, and the plotline is weak.

    Having said that, I did at least finish it, so it must have something about it. What I'm not sure of. The character of Shea really bothers me. She digs Carpathian Jacques out of the wall and even though he attacks her she still feels the need to help him out. As you do. Seriously, the women need to be much stronger than they are. If I had an overbearing I don't understand what all the fuss is about over this series.

    If I had an overbearing ridiculous male spouting orders at me after I had rescued him, I know what I would do. I also can't get my head around the idea that the choice is pretty much out of their hands once they have been claimed. Jacques pretty much binds her to him without her consent and from then on its just tough if she doesn't like it. Not to mention the fact that he totally abuses her throughout the first half of the novel.

    But its fine, because he was in a wall for 7 years. Well no, actually. As a reader, none of this comes across well. Least of all the characters, which for the most part seem to be a watered down Raven and Mikhail. Unless somebody does a decent job of convincing me that this series improves and I should continue reading, I am not sure I doubt i will attempt the next installments. View all 7 comments. While this installment of the Carpathians is engaging, it didn't live up to the first. It is darker, Jacques who is the charming younger brother in book one has been held and tortured for sevens years and left for dead.

    He comes out of the experience barely hanging on to his sanity and with a vicious streak a mile wide. The story still has it's twists and turns along with an interesting if rather dysfunctional love story, which keeps it moving and would earn it a 3. Feb 27, Candace rated it really liked it. Jacques is betrayed by someone he knows, and then tortured by human butchers. Shea O'Halloran is a surgeon who is on the run from dangerous fanatics, who want to take her for scientific experimentation.

    She flees to the Carpathian mountains, where she continues her research into her blood disorder.

    Sekiro™ Shadows Die Twice

    She feels drawn to the woods and a burnt-down dwelling. Beneath the dirt she finds a trap door. It leads to a cellar where she digs into the dirt and finds a coffin. Inside the coffin is Jacques, her Jacques is betrayed by someone he knows, and then tortured by human butchers. Inside the coffin is Jacques, her beloved stranger who has haunted her dreams. But will Shea be more prey than healer to a tortured man? This series has so much potential. The Carpathian race is so interesting and the premise is intriguing. The Carpathian race is predominately male. Since females in this race are very rare and the males have an instinct to protect these females from harm.

    Alice Deane

    Awww, cute, right? The males force their will onto the females, through a mental connection, when they are This series has so much potential. The male protagonist, Jacques, does this to the female protagonist, Shae, on numerous occasions. He uses this mental connection and coerce her, all the while, sexually stimulating her as well, to bend her to his will. Anybody else getting a rapey vibe? I read this years ago. Revisiting the series in audio. Dec 01, Vallsykes rated it really liked it Shelves: omg-can-u-stand-him-alpha-male , got-me-addicted-to-author , audiobook , transition-or-filler-book , dark-and-dominant.