Death In Berlin

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  2. Death in Berlin
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Death in Berlin by M.M. Kaye – She Reads Novels

In the meantime, the Israeli journalist Antonia Yamin posted information on her Facebook page, according to which a second person may have been involved. But this has not been confirmed. Avraham came to Berlin on April 17th.

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On the 19th, he was found dead in his room at the Novum Hotel in Potsdamer Strasse. Earlier, Israeli media had reported he had been found on Thursday. Last weekend, Yaniv Avraham was supposed to take a flight to London, but he was already dead.

His family said they had been worried throughout the Passover holiday, since Yaniv had not called them. Once the terrible news had reached the family, his father complained about the absence of information, which the Berlin Police apologized for today. But, at least so far, police have not said anything about an antisemitic background. Berlin: Taxi Fares to Increase.

Death in Berlin

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That is, it consists of disjuncted, fragmentary scenes, or images, which do not follow an overt structure, rather a thematic thread runs through them. As stated above, Germania has an immensely complex structure: it consists of short and long scenes, not chronologically ordered to form a single narrative.

Silence Surrounds Overdose Death at Berghain

The first scene begins in a Berlin street in , and accelerates history to move from the end of the first World War to the the Kiel Mutiny, to the revolution, and then to the establishment of the Weimar Republic, then ends, and the second scene announces the establishment of the GDR in The following scenes jump between the eighteenth century, the second World War, and mythical time of the Nibelungenlied , before the play ends again in the twentieth century.

This is, however, not a purely German barbarism, but figures within a larger European malady.


The play also features large amounts of cannibalism as historical figures threaten the living: Hitler eats his soldiers; the dead of Stalingrad consume the living; and Frederick the Great returns to the GDR as a vampire to claim the blood of a hero of the workplace who has deigned to sit in a throne. While fundamentally questioning German heritage, Germania is also a radical critique of the Marxist concept of a teleologically ordered, rational process of history: here, history breaks into the present, is anachronistic, and it serves to terrorise the present.

Rational process appears to signal nothing but a perpetuation of the now mechanised killing-machine, which appears in full swing throughout the play. German Literature.