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La larga durabilidad de los estereotipos. The historiography available on the Badajoz Plan PB analyses, almost exclusively, its economic aspects. The following pages explore a different perspective, that of the propaganda surrounding that plan, which so far has remained in the The following pages explore a different perspective, that of the propaganda surrounding that plan, which so far has remained in the background.

In other words, we will explain not so much what was really done, but how that process was aired and advertised. Thus, our approach goes beyond the numbers and technical issues, to examine how the Franco regime used the PB for the construction of a forced social consensus. We begin by analyzing the accomplishments of the Republican agrarian reformism. We then explore the paucity of actual remedial measures undertaken under the Franco regime even while a huge propaganda apparatus was attempting to show otherwise. Finally, we made a first approach toward analyzing the notion of the colono as one of the ideal character of the new Franco age.

From the historiographical revival in recent decades, Unions, NGOs, Multinational and Philanthropic Foundations have begun to be studied as major players in their own right on the international scene, compared to the previous literature Interested in the political developments in Spain and simultaneously in contributing to the international projection of its brand, the Ford Foundation funded several educational and teaching English programs in Spain. I explore the details of these activities, comparing material in unpublished American files with Spanish sources.

El Delgado idealizado no es aquel joven cadete. Marcial PONS, , e-book. Con Sergio Riesco. With Montserrat Huguet more. As it happened in early feminisms in 19th Century, women commonly have had several reasons for creating specific organizations to defend their rights, and vindicate their commitments to protect children or family life. The long lasting The long lasting experience of war and destruction has usually been an important and specific driven force for women to get involved in social movements.

So, there is a tradition of western women organizing Banaszak, against those that they think hurts humankind, for example the protests against Nuclear Proliferation during the second half of XX century. In United States, women started to mobilize against nuclear experiments in areas where those tests took place or where nuclear facilities were established along s.

Women feared the possible terrible birth defects of their children. In many countries the anti nukes movements mobilized against conventional systems of power Giugni, , that —as Feminists say Love, - predisposes society to danger and conflict Brown, Brutoco, In the following pages we will first focus in describing an example of this women activism in U. Fulbright Program and Women careers in Spain more. In the period analysed here , there were many more male than female grantees. In fact, there were four times more men than women There was also a clear gender difference with regard to the disciplines.

Most of the Most of the women came from social sciences and humanities In the case of men grantees, the distribution across disciplines was much more balanced. The highest percentage of grantees was in sciences Women were thus a small minority among the grantees from just above 1 percent to almost 10 percent in Medicine, engineering and sciences, and between a quarter and a third of the grantees in social sciences and humanities respectively. International Education Policies [homage to professor Dimitris Mattheou. Written in English and Greek], Atenas, , pp. With Elisa Gavari.

The Relationships and interactions between different countries and nations in the international arena have undergone profound change over the past century. Previously, knowledge of societies other than the own one was very limited. The underdeveloped transport, frontiers and the difficulties of transmitting ideas and news did not allow a more intensive exchange.

At the state level a minority of diplomatic corps, agents of the classical diplomacy, made those interactions. On the other hand, missionaries, businessmen, merchants, soldiers, geographers, explorers or research groups from academia represented the private sphere. In the twentieth century the situation has changed radically in the framework of the so-called communication revolution onwards This chapter examines various theoretical conceptions of forms, factors and objectives in the realm of the external cultural actions considered from the State prospective.

New York, Palgrave Macmillan, , pp. Limoges, Pulim, Nuevas perspectivas sobre relaciones internacionales desde la historia, Valencia, AHC, , pp. ISBN: Historiography and Education Policy. Historiographical essays. Fruto de la iniciativa Atoms for Peace del presidente estadounidense Dwight D. Maybe some American tourists turned a blind eye to that reality as is the case nowadays in many resorts in developing countries, which are strategically isolated from the poor conditions surrounding. But it is not illogical to consider But it is not illogical to consider that some others might have reported the real conditions they saw when returning to the U.

It is probably safe to assume that the propagandistic messages received a warmer reception among American conservative sectors, as illustrated by Rosendorf with the examples of Conservative Republican luminaries such as William Buckley, Jr. There were, however, other Americans who were more reluctant to swallow that propaganda.

Which group was more successful in influencing American society as a whole, and the White House in particular, has not yet been fully established. This last was released in , portraying a decidedly unfavourable image of Franco. El enemigo yanqui. ISSN more. Historiography and Spanish Civil War. Published in Cuadernos de Historia Contemporanea, vol.

American Studies and Cultural Cold War. Spanish Civil War. Spanish Civil War and Agrarian reform. Y es que manda narices, A la fuerza ahorcan Don could never have sprung originally from dominus, which makes legally only dotn'no, and by assimilation of the m, donno. It was formerly only applied to kings and great lords.

In the old language we have Don Christo. To pass on. This hinge, then, is the " creaker," an epithet not inapplicable to modem hioges. A derivative form quirritus furnishes us with chirrido, an intolerable racket known to those who have travelled over the hills from Oviedo to Tolosa, produced by a wooden spring catching the tire-knobs of a solid cart-whee! On abrigo, Dietz expends a whole page in a vain inquiry as to how the L. But there are inversions of signification as well as of phonetics in the Spanish word-forge. Abriga there first means "what makes you warm," like a shawl, a cloak, a top-coat, suggesting the only source of heat they have there, — that of the sun.

The merchant praises the quality of his pailo, assuring you que abriga bastante, i. The national habit of "taking the sun" — tcunar elsol — is the Spanish version of the L. From this custom of economically borrow- ing of Providence a "sunny spot" protected from the sharp rooun- tain currents, came naturally enough, to a people without fires or comforts at home, the general idea of shelter, while the old Roman word, as persistent as her stones, remains to give the tradition of protection from cold by getting in the sun, rather than mere shelter from wind and storm.

In mandarin we have rejected the Sanscrit origingiven in English dicttooaries, as an absurdity, after having consulted the venerable professor S. Wells Williams, a philologist who learned his tongues where they are spoken, and, therefore, knows his people. He declares it to be a " pigeon English" designation introduced through the Port, mandar, and never employed by the Chinese. Evidently there was an earlier edition. We regret that we have been obliged to exclude at the last moment an Introduction of fifty pages or more, embracing a succinct history of the languages of the Peninsula, with specimens of early Castilian, Portuguese, and Basque, and the dialects spoken in Galicia and the Asturias, as well as the Provencal surviving in Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands ; the phonetic laws governing the HiEpanicizing of Latin words ; the most useful works on the lin- guistic study of these languages and dialects, and finally a bibliog- raphy of Dictionaries and Grammars from to , the date of the definite edition of the Spanish Academy's Dictionary.

The unexpected length of the Vocabulary, however, has increased the size of the volume to such a degree, that it was thought prudent to withhold the Introduction, at least for the present. For the typographical accuracy of the book no pains have been spared, the revised sheets from p. We de. Henry M. Modern Spanish Rbadings: I. Nadie paM sin hablar al portero, 6 los viajeros en Vitoria. Vuelva V. Por el mismo g 3- El Periodista. El Retrato. For Ramon de Mesonero Romanos 24 5. Callar en Vida y Perdonar en Muerte.

La Mariposa Blanca. Por Gustavo A.

Full text of "Modern Spanish readings, embracing text, notes and an etymological vocabulary"

Becquer loz 8. Por Modesto Lafuente 9. Por Emilio Castelar b. Por Juan Valera b. Nadie pase sin hablar al portero. En nombre del Padre, y del Hijo Ya se ve, era la intendencia. Dos monacillos hai;lan en la antesala, con dos voluntarios facciosos, el servicio que suelen hacer los porteros de estrado en ciertas casas, y im robusto sacristan, que tiebfa ser el portero de golpe, los intro- dujo. Por consiguiente, este papel no vale. Mire V. Apunte V. London Repare V. Cierto que la idea es graciosa. Vimosle por fin, y "vuelva D,g,t,.? Es claro que lao faltando este principio no tuvieron lugar las reclamaciones.

Averiguamos que necesitaba dinero diariamente para comer, con la mayor urgencia ; sin embargo, nunca encontraba momento oportuno para trabajar. Martes era a! No hay hombre capaz de seguir dos horas una intriga. Y como en todo caso r:,9,N.. Pero aqui llega. Estoy persua- dido que la comedia no es buena : es decir, tampoco es mala.

No se atreven. No ignora V. Con estos elementos, con coche y. No puedo dejar de cotiJenir en que estamos en el siglo de las luces. Aquella agradable variedad de sillas desven- cijadas, tinajas sin suelo, linternas sin cristal, santos sin cabeza, libros sin portada ; aquella perfecta igualdad en que yacen por los suelos las obras de Locke, Bertoldo, Fenelon, Valladares, D,g,t,.? No hay duda en que este vecindario aumenta ; no se hallan casas, dijo uno de los presentes. No ; es buena y tiene comodidades. No, que yo sepa. Puede que esta felicidad, aunque santa y modesta, fuese demasiado perfecta para ser duradera en un mundo en que, por desgracia, aun los buenos se acuerdan menos del cielo cuando la tierra les hace la vida dulce.

Esta noche No, no, acaba. El otro asistente estaba malo en el hospital, y no se habia movido de su lecho. Entre tanto la ciudad estaba aterrada. Nada pudo la justicia inquirir, ni aun sospechas que hubieran podido servirle de vis- lumbre en aquellas tinieblas. El crimen con el misterio se hace pavoroso y crece como el terror en la oscuridad de la noche.

Por lo visto, dijo el forastero con una sonrisa agria y amarga,. El dolor no puede ser eterno en este mundo ; asi lo ha dispuesto Aquel que sabe lo que nos conviene. La ausencia es un velo poco transparente. Pero decidme, n,r. Dice el D,g,t,.? La D,g,t,.? La tropa tenia orden de permanecer en Val de Paz. Venia D,g,t,.? S i de su capitalizado caudal. Pero el tiempo habia de D,g,t,.? El pelo de la joven madre, se habla encanecido. Sobre sus facciones demagradas se habia 7S0 extendido la palidez verdosa de la ictericia ; sus ojos extravia- dos y hundidos brillaban calenturientos en un circulo morado.

Estoy ciertamente con mucho cuidado. Los facultativos desorientados, agotados sus recursos, se cruzaban de brazos. Hasta I ahora ha pasado! Ha dejado el aturdimiento de la infancia para entrar en la formalidad de la juventud. La buena nodriza; que. Bueno ; asi pasan ios dias serenos y tranquilos. Berta, que madrugaba tanto, ya no se levanta tan temprano.

La nodriza, que bebe los vientos por ella y que es capaz de S contarle los pelos al diablo, io observa todo y calla. Asi quiero, le dijo al verla. Berta se puso encarnada como una amapola. Ese clavel ha venido volando de la terraza que da en frente de estos balcones. Vamos, eso no tiene pies ni cabeza. I Dices que no? Nuestros juramentos, dijo. I Quieres saber lo cjue son los hombres? Berta ,. Trae V. Pues la de V.

Si es verdad que los muertos resucitan, es claro que acaba V. Si, ama Juana, el demonio en persona. No, dijo el padre de Berta, no es horrible. Ha tomado el aspecto de un hermoso joven que tiene todo el aire de un formidable calavera. Por la puerta, Juana, por la puerta. Se mete ; por cualquier parte. Como V. No he sabido resistirme, no he podido defen- derme, y me ha cogido la palabra. Un hombre no seria tan cruel conmigo. De pronto dijo : — j Ah 1. Ahora lo veremos. El demonio, pues, habla logrado introducirse en la casa de "' Berta de la manera que hemos visto, y no solamente se habla D,g,t,.?

No dejaba la ida por la venida. En estas secretas murmuraciones desahogan la aversion que les inspira, y entre la nodriza y el padre lo ponen como nuevo. Echarlo de la casa. Huir lejos , , , muy lejos Vaya, no hay que pensar en semejante desatino, ' Lo que debemos hacer es poner pies en pared y defendernos. No se necesitan ni fuerzas ni armas, replicaba la nodriza.

A puerta cerrada el diablo se vuelve.

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Esto para la nodriza era imposible. Se llama Adrian Baker, carece de familia y posee grandes bienes de fortuna. El azul de sus ojos es ese azul oscuro que presenta el agua en las grandes profundidades. Siente como si toda su sangre recibiera de pronto la savia de la juventud. No hay manera de eludir el encanto de sus palabras, el D,g,t,.? No para aqui 30 la cosa, porque cuando menos se espera, resuena por la caja D,g,t,.? Tales son todas las noticias que se tenian acerca de Adrian Baker. Sn embargo, Adrian Baker no dormia. Bueno, dijo: La pnieba es tremenda, pero necesito esa prueba Es preciso bajar al sepulcro.

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Muy bien, le consultaremos. Eso es claro. Es un viaje repentino. Se va solo; solo como un hongo.

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La del humo Al que se va se le olvida, y al que se muere lo entierrnn ; ese es el mundo. Bien; veremos. Mas la noticia se confirmaba, y era preciso creerla. Las flores, agitadas suavemente por las brisas de la primavera, se 30 inclinaban hacia Berta como si le enviasen un triste saludo, D,g,t,.? De pronto atrajo sus miradas el vuelo de una mariposa 5 blanca que flotaba en el aire. La muerte de Adrian Baker ha causado en Berta terribles estragos.

Avara de su dolor, lo esconde dentro de si misma, como un tesoro que pueden robarle. Berta, pues, estaba hechizada. Adrian Baker. Adrian viene Decirle que Berta habia perdido el juicio, era lo go Modem Spanish Readings. Siempre el mismo pensamiento dando vueltas en su cabeza como un remolino. Es Adrian.

El ama de llaves tuvo valor para pasarse la mano por la I frente y restregarse los ojos. Pero su voz no obtuvo respuesta. No hay duda; el piano de Berta tiene la cualidad mara- villosa de hacer sonar sus cuerdas sin que mano humana intervenga en ello. Juana se siente asaltada de terrores continuos ; en la casa no hay sosiego. Las noches se pasaban en vela y el pavor de que todos estaban poseidos las hacia interminables.

Las ruinas D,g,t,.? Juana, no estoy loca. Yo lo espero. El solo lo sabe. Nada tuvieron que replicar y nada hubieran podido repli- carle, porque la voz les faltaba. L No era posible evadirse del testimonio de la evidenda. Yo, Adrian Baker. No soy un espectro que sale del sepulcro.

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El loo Modem Spanish Readings. Su padre y su nodriza la siguieron silenciosos. La duda mata. Comienza la unidad. El rey es grande, la reina eminente. Es la reina la que los pre- side, la que oye las quejas de sus subditos, la que repara los agravios. Las letras humanas adquieren un prodigioso desarrollo en este reinado feliz. A poco tiempo asombra la Espafla al mundo con la edidoD de la Poliglota, la. En el reinado de la piedad se levanta un tribunal de sangre. Un dia aparecen corte- sanos y soldados vestidos de gala.

General alborozo se nota en tos reales de los Cristianos. Se levanta el campamento, y se encamina hacia los muros de la soberbia ciudad. Un personaje moro, seguido de cincuenta caballeros mu- sulmanes, se dirige con semblante mustio hacia el Genil. Los orgullosos hijos de Mahoma, vencedores en Guadalete, se han retirado llorosos, vencidos para siempre en el Genfl. Es la reina Isabel de Castilla. Sucumbe la opulenta Oran. Brilla la cruz en sus adarves, y ondea en sus almenas el estandarte de Castilla.

Nueva era social. Atronaban D,g,t,.? La bondad de S. Aunque no anduviesen perezosos los oficiales de secretaria encargados de extender los decre- 30 tos, los soldados, cansados de aguardarlos, prorurapieron en r:,9,N.. Apenas se habla apeado Careta de su carro triunfal, cuando insolentes retos D,g,t,.?

Es preciso que la historia no calle, porque la historia es la conciencia de la humanidad ; y entiendan los que no 10 la temen, que su justicia es implacable y sus castigos eternos. Nacido en una Corte corrumpida, su conciencia no tuvo un dia sereno. Ocultar con sus liberali- dades las miserias de su cautiverio. Renace en i8zo. Presidia las sociedades secretas del realismo. El libro del Sr. Por el contrario, las afirmaciones y diatribas del Sr.

Se nota adema? Confiese, pues, el Sr. El litxo del Sr. Para ello, antes de empezar con las dudas, es menester dejar sentado aquello en que todos convienen. Sobre las causas de este malestar se disputa mucho. Algo, aunque poco, de la cultura culinaria se infiltra y penetra 15 hasta en los lugares. Esto supone una turba de aspirantes lo menos de cien mil.

Ix s que no entran en el grupa exiguo no es por falta He ganas, sino por falta de ao habilidad. Y tercera. Todos me parecen infruc- tuosos. No digo nada de los literatos. Lo declaro con entera sinceridad; el Sr. El Sr.

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Se necesitan, pues, arrobas de vino para com- prar el vestido : un verdadero rio de vino. Luego son indispensables ocho fgnegas. Como prueba de la perversion, empieza el Sr. Lo ao primero que se necesita para ser patriota, es tener patria, y Pelayo no la tenia. Por eso apenas hay patriotismo en los siglos medios entre la plebe. En lo antiguo, cuando la patria se limitaba por los muros de la ciudad, como 35 en. Pues no digo nada de los de Homburgo, que ha sido un Estado, que ha sido una patria hasta Si se habla, pues, tanto de patriotismo, es porque le hay, y no para encubrir que no le hay.

Contra esta burla hay los mismos argumentos ya expuestos. De esto tampoco tiene la culpa el grupo exiguo. No es asi. Sin embargo, el Sr, de Liniers no se contenta con pintarnos en as caricatura tan crue! Su libro consta de tres partes. Hasta la misma perversion moral, si la hubiese y fuese tan horrible como db. Lo confieso con franqueza. Lo dudo. Lo que ansian es que se afirme la creencia de que todos hacen lo mismo.

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  8. Digalo sino, el destino de asistente de Sevilla, donde la mayor parte de las plazas concejales llegaron k hacerse hereditarias y aun delegables. El primer ejemplo que encontramos de este elemento son las Cortes de Burgos de , medio siglo antes que fue- 10 sen llamados al parlamento de Inglaterra los diputados de los Comunes, y cerca de un siglo antes de los Estados Generales de Francia. El D,g,t,.? No habia ley electoral ni base para ella.

    En este periodo hubo. Asi los efectos de aquella hermandad fueron parciales y casi nulos. En nuestros dias se ha querido hacer la apoteosis de los comuneros. El hombre, pues, como ser inteligente es un ser social. En Roma estas dos leyes coexisten; pero coexisten para combatir, y combaten para perecer. Their local governmenl was supported by dulies levied on imparts ; and their excellent highways kept in repair by a tax on passing vehicles, except he post-diligence. At he close of the last Carlistwar, in , the king, Alfonso XI I, praclically abrogated iheic ancient fueros, which Philip II had spared, and subjected them lo the common burdens of the nation.

    London, , a vols.. Hence the name CarlisI, generally a synonym for Bosque factions, who Joined his standard 10 oppose the imaginary Invaaon of Iheir fueres, urged on by iho ultramontane clergy. Render: In France the Sails viere formerly called upon to perform, etc, 4. I think, every- where in coired diction. Of course the post-road ran through it toward Ihe Spanish frontier, as the railway does now. Tlie Puerta de Puencftirftl signifies the gate on Ihe north side of Madrid, where the custom-house formerly stood for travellers coming by the highway, still called the Mala de Fiatuia, or Post Road of France.

    The highway enters the town by the Calle de Fuencarral popular Calle Fun- earral , whence the name of the Puerta, continues down the C. Trans- late de, after registr p, by at. Page 3. SB decir, thai is. See also p. Many towns of Spain have, besides their arms, an epithet, such as '" muy fiel," '" muy leal," " D,g,t,.?

    See Gram. ConiUiffO ea, elc, ajiolher French consiruclion like that in p. En nombre, etc. The process is veiy long, the text to be used filling fifteen pages in one of the old manuals. See Jansenius : Liier Eiclesia. The brother Charles expected lo succeed Ferdinand, but the liberal portion of the country proclaimed the infant Isabella, under the regency of her mother, Maria Cristina. Hence the seven years' civil war which " Charles the Fiith " sustained chiefly through the Basques, the traditional absolutists and foes of innovation. Hence, also, the partisans of Carlos were called Catliits, and facciosos, or rebels, who harassed the country in guerrilla Gram, j All this passage is a fling al the exclusiire- nessofSpaniards, over the broad shoulders of tbe Alavese curaj.

    Page 4. See note to p. So, many verbs in Sjianish lake an infin. The construction in le dijo al Frances is called pleonastic or rt- dundant. In Spanish it adds strength, roundness, to the phrase. See Cram. Sec Gram. For subj..

    Cómo aplicar el contorno para una cara fina y alargada

    Gram, J J , c. The adjectives complacido and eatlBtecIto are here used as adverbs ; with a self-complatent and saiisfUd air. Here is no other qnein hereaboitls than. Pa 1E 6. Pace 7. Page 8. Vualva V. Oran peraona, elc, the first man viko calUii hitiatsi a tnorlal sat nwrf have been a perssnagr. Fur subj. UD tanto cuanto d,, lalhtr amusing. Page 9, See Gram, j Gram, f Un extranjero de estos, etc. For sobj. See Baiall, p. Page ii. Has jml gent sat.

    Fot Eubj,, Gram. Botines is Ihe present term in Spain, as well as botoa, i. A quien le, Te. I : what do yon Ihmk of th Page Gram, i 7CQ, i. ISO, entre ml, la myseJf in my sleeve. Betiro, for el Buen Ketiro, a large park or grounds on one side of Madrid, formerly containing a. It is now open to the public, is furnished wtlh a drive, and in the summer evenings concerts and theatrical entertainments make it a fashionable resort unequalled in Europe. Como aoyeld. This is the classic pitillo, the cigarette.

    PaGF If it were the other way, we should have had al conejo. Be ha quedado en el aire, is suspended in mid air. See note 10 p. Pace The dimin- utive -ilo is here provocative and piqaant, not possible to render. Bl as que, etc. Page PaOB PaGK iB. Formerly the first was called Jefe politico, but now Gobernador civil. Preciso, si, unavoidably, since. In that way the press is forced to respect the nation and public Bs me ha dado palabra.

    Gentltmm, thai toUl not prevent us from throwing down the gauntlet Page No tenifo iDCon.. I hatie no abjection, Deje V. The blasphemous Janguage odlie text here should be evaded ns above. Jrom which the highest bidder takes the o take. Por los anos, about the year. He intimates that in the olden time he was up to the mark of good society when engaged in the " whisi " of that day, and in the fandango, now so vulgar and out of place.

    The celebralion was tum-Jold, the aulhor snys. Here the noble and distinguished youlh of Madrid were educated. Since the buildings are occupied by Ihe Hospital Militar. Talayera de la Reina of the Queen was so named after the mother of Alfonso XI , and is an old ruinous town situated on a lovely plain nol far from Toledo. Ferdinand, king of Cas- tille and Leon , conquered from the Moors Cordova, Seville, and Gram, j , a.

    Locke, the English metaphysiciaii, ; Bertoldo. An ellipse for IjO que V, guste dar. Page 3a, — These paper strips bound on the corner of a balcony indicate an apartment to lei ; when attached to llie emlre or front of the balcony, they announce a boarding-house with aeconunodations to spare, PaGF,3S. In Southern Spanish houses which usually consist of two floors, the ground floor for summer use.

    The taguan is terminated by an iron open-work door at the court end. Did the assassin eiperience a feeling of faiatness thai compelled hits to seek the supportof the Toali. Acaso is merely the oral sign of an interrogation. When any of the Moors or Jews became Christians, they and their descendants were rated as cristianos nuevos, new Christians or proselytes ; and bmilies intermingling wtlh Ihetn were always considered as more or less tainted. The Spaniards of pure pedi- gree were called also el Tizon de Bspafia, the Brand of Spain, from a pamphlet written by Cardinal Francisco de Mendoia y Bobadilla, bishop of Burgos, addressed to Philip 11, to prove that a great part of the Spanish nobility were tainted with infidel or Jewish blood.

    Jj , n,- Juiciosa 19 here used in its popular sense of quiet, "proper," "good"; — French, sage; German, arlig. Iba ya picando en historia, -mas aim getting to be a fixed faet. Y si pudo callar, etc.. T VamoB, etc. No quiero decir I Baas teaomOBi That is the case, is iif LiOCa, etc.

    Facie Las sombras comenzaban a alargarse cuando el abuelito Mario, su esposa y sus hijas por fin llegaron. Por consiguiente, no llegamos a conocer bien a las hermanastras de mi padre. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 8. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Airman's Odyssey. Three classic adventure stories, reminders of both the romance and the reality of the pioneer Three classic adventure stories, reminders of both the romance and the reality of the pioneer era of aviation: Night Flight; Wind, Sand and Stars; and Flight to Arras.

    Introduction by Richard Bach. View Product. Cosechando esperanza: La historia de Cesar Chavez. When Cesar Chavez led a mile peaceful protest march through California, he ignited a cause When Cesar Chavez led a mile peaceful protest march through California, he ignited a cause and improved the lives of thousands of migrant farmworkers. But he wasn't always a leader.