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  1. On Fandom, Folly, and the Psychology of Empathy
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  4. Getting married in your 30s is the new normal

Same-sex marriage data goes back to , when it became legal in the UK.

On Fandom, Folly, and the Psychology of Empathy

The UK numbers reflect a growing trend in wealthy Western countries towards getting hitched later. In the rest of Europe, mean age at first marriage is higher then 30 in Germany, France, Spain, and many more of the regions most-developed economies.

Meghan Markle first wedding revealed including bridal gown and details

The US, meanwhile, has seen its median age at first marriage which the United States Census Bureau estimates, rather than releasing a mean , creep up from around 20 for women in the s to Shifting social norms around cohabitation are a factor. And while the royal-to-be has removed all trace of him and their life in California from her social media sites, he still has his Facebook page wide open for public view.

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And when she saw the cast and crew on set she was instantly starstruck. Getty The report suggests that Meghan would not have been successful without Mr Engelson.

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Play slideshow. Never stop dating your spouse. But falling out of love is the end game to falling out of like.


Laugh every day about something. If your spouse falls out of like, falling out of love comes quickly. We had different ideas of fun; he longed for nights out without me, I longed for time as a family.


Trevor Engleson: Everything you need to know about Meghan's first husband, the movie producer

As we approached the end of our marriage, it became clear that what we had was not a relationship to be saved, that we were two very different people whose differences were too great to overcome. So I would want to be as sure as possible that he would continue to choose our relationship and family for years to come.

Even on the days I annoyed him. Even when he was tempted to take a different path. We were missing our own foundations, and once you stacked us on top of each other, the entire floor gave way.

Getting married in your 30s is the new normal

If you want a solid foundation for your marriage, make sure you can stand on your own two feet first. We should have respected and appreciated each other more. We were good friends, made a killer team at trivia tournaments and individually parented well. The dynamic we defaulted to was me managing and him following.

That was exhausting for me and demeaning for him.

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  • Ultimately our marriage broke under the weight of unmet expectations and resentment.